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  1. I know this is thread necromancy, but I was wondering the same thing so asked Reaper. This was their response: "They are different formulas, but all would work fine as black or white paints. The Solid ones use the HD base so have better coverage (though coverage for white and black usually isn't a huge issue anyway), and the Dragon white/black have a small amount of gloss to them. You won't really notice the differences unless you buy all three and try them side by side though." I asked about Pure Black/White as well, though they didn't specifically address those.
  2. Excellent, thanks for the info! I never thought of flipping the base over; that's a great idea. I'll order ahead then.
  3. Apologies if this has been answered somewhere - I couldn't find it anywhere on the forum. I am looking to purchase Goremaw and use him as a Purple Worm for D&D. It looks like such an awesome piece! Purple Worms are sized gargantuan in D&D, meaning they require a 4" base. Can anyone who has a Goremaw let me know how wide the base of the model is? I would be looking to base it on the 100mm base, which is 96mm at the top. I want to see if it would fit on this base without any overhang. I'm sure it has no problems standing on it's own without a base, but I'd like it based for continuity with the rest of my (small, but growing) mini collection. :) Any help is greatly appreciated!
  4. I also don't see the paints from the two new Dungeon Dwellers Paint Sets listed in the spreadsheet. https://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/09974/sku-down/09974#detail/09974_ColorSwatches https://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/09975/sku-down/09975#detail/09975_ColorSwatches 9455 Troll Hide 9456 Orc Skin 9457 Goblin Skin 9458 Kobold Scale 9459 Ogre Skin 9460 Gnoll Pelt 9461 Vampiric Mist 9462 Succubus Kiss 9463 Eldritch Purple 9464 Cursed Gold M METAL 9465 Skeleton Key M METAL 9466 Dungeon Grey I noticed you have "(NMM)" listed beside all of the metallic paints. I thought NMM stood for non-metallic metal. Is this a mistake, or am I missing something?
  5. What great timing. I was looking for something exactly like this. Thanks for this! I received 09604 - Snowdrift White as part of my Reaper Christmas Special loot bag. Also found 09601 - Ashen Rose, 09602 - Bruise Purple and 09603 - Black Indigo elsewhere on the forum. Don't have any swatches for you, I'm afraid.
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