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  1. A decent meat and potatoes paint job I think in the end :-D I've been giving leather some cuts and damage lately, I like the character it gives things. I've been thinking lately that I'll try incorporating 1 element of detail to each thing. Maybe on the next one; but for example, on the bow, I painted in the grip. cloak, some interior. I think it could be interesting to the eye if each large object at least had freehand.
  2. There's a lot of these out there! Here's another. I didn't get the bronze armor as I wanted it, it turned out more like hard leather but in the end I still thought he was eye catching :-) Cool model, very paladin-like pose.
  3. I was aiming for a level between 'tabletop' and 'display', kind of painting for time efficiency while also trying to get a pretty nice looking end result. In the end, she might lack particular details which one might write home about but overall I think she has a clean and pleasant look. Not sure how efficient 8 or so hours is....... hmmm.... I'm thinking to scrap a whole level of detailing, maybe just ONE highlight for each color, but to just vary my colors more, maybe that will cut down on time while also giving the impression of having more detail..... (missed a spot on her sword-arm elbow!
  4. I'll second the compliments on the metals. I'll be keeping that in mind, how your highlighted the darker bronze metallic there with the lighter silver. At least I'm assuming that's what you did and I think it works out really well as opposed to highlighting by mixing non metallics in.
  5. Congrats to everyone! It's great having something to shoot for, gets the brushes going! Much enjoyed being a part of it :-D
  6. Nice and tightly painted!
  7. The whole thing took maybe 8 hours. The freehand was pretty quick, I find that I can be kind of loose and it is more the combination of things that give an effect. Like, the dress is only two greens, then the designs are only a few colors of dots and dashes, but when combined they look complex :-D
  8. Thanks! Yeah, you know, just takes a tiny brush and some carpal tunnel syndrome :-D I'm glad you pointed the attribution out, rightfully changed it to Bobby Jackson and I'm redirecting my hugs :-P
  9. These are all great and they tie in to each other really smoothly color-palette wise :-)
  10. I'm going to reach out and give Bobby Jackson a big virtual hug! As I was finishing up painting this sculpt, the word 'Grace' kept coming to mind. The model had this life and emotion in it, her face had a... I don't know, compassionate, sad yet jaded look. She is smiling but not with a happiness. Her gesture in holding the shawl, the slight curve of her hip, it just all felt very subtle and sublime to me. I found it an emotionally complex model; Reaper models are always wonderfully characterful yet the unusual non-combat related emotion in it caught me off guard. I think she expresses the per
  11. Great painting and the tone of the bones is perfect, including that barbarian really shows how epic the thing is!
  12. I think with the axe to fade the light more gradually, might help. And also finishing the light effect on the axe bolts etc, I sometimes find that for our brain to regognize certain effects, it needs some context to reinforce what is seeing, in this case to reinforce that as a reflection of a light source.
  13. Awesome! ok, glad i can get the whole model up :-) many thanks.
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