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  1. I know that most of you do not know this but Warlord is actually about 3 year right if I remember correctly. So the game is honestly not that new. I think the story is that the game was held up in customs.
  2. My bigets problem is the idea that a Skeeter can defensively shoot Naomi if she is under whater, under a bridge, on the other side of a forest covered mountain. That seems a bit over powered. Also the reading of Ranked states that Defensive shot does not allow the Overlors crosbowmen to be shot but rather the units in front of them only. Is this still correct or did that change due to the change in Defensive shot?
  3. I forgot to mention that in tha offical errata they stat that Defensive shot does not require LoS. this statment means that it can hit a scry shooter, someone who is ranked and anything else with defensive shot. How Lame
  4. That is what I am screaming but I want an offical Reaper person to make the call.
  5. I have decided to create my own Errata that should be a little more balanced. MTC Warlord Errata & Clarifications E) indicates Errata, which are official changes to rule text or mechanics. C) indicates clarifications to existing rules and text. M) Indicates changes I made General Mechanics: E) Models with Movement Special Abilities (Burrow, Flyer, etc) may begin the game with those abilities active unless scenario special rules state otherwise. E) Flying Models are in Line of Sight to all Models on the battlefield unless terrain situations agreed upon prior to play cause an exception. C) Equipment that upgrades Movement effects both air and ground movement. E) When returning "Defensive" attacks, a Model must choose to return either Defensive Strikes, Defensive Magic, or Defensive Shots. A Model cannot return more than one kind of Defensive Attack per activation. C) A Totem of Battle is Equipment, not a Model. C) You can activate a Troop and take no actions - this counts as the troops activation. E) If a model declares a Movement Action against a model that has multiple Discipline-check-causing abilities, the attacker takes each test separately. Any failed test results in the loss of the declared movement action, though the model may use another Movement action (if available) to try again. Special Abilities: C) SA: Reach cancels the effects of an enemy model's SA: First Strike. E) The Elf Faction Ability Feathered Sky allows Elves to volley using "number of attacks" (as per the Elf Volley Chart on page 110) in place of the normal "minimum of Five Models" requirement. M) SA: Flyer - The Mov listed on the datacard is the model's movement when in Flight. When a model with Flyer is not in Flight, its Mov is calculated using the following formula. 4 + # of legs the model has. Ex: 4 legs = 8 MOV and 2 legs = 6 MOV. C) Warmaster only allows a model to return multiple Melee Defensive Strikes. C) Skills stack unless they specifically say otherwise. C) Special Abilities that require an Invoke Special Ability action will specifically say they require it. C) The SA: Runner bonus is added at the end of a double move. C) Powers/effects that allow you to do something during anyone else's Activation all explicitly say so. E) Cross Death’s River does not require you to end the move within coherency. C) Non-corporeal models can’t end their movement under terrain unless they have SA: Burrow E) Mercy applies only to offensive melee combat. C) Pain tokens are only received when a model is slain, not stunned. C) SA: Tactician grants no option to "bury," it simply increases adds another card to the initiative deck. E) In any End Phase the bonus card(s) granted by SA: Tactician may be removed from the Draw Deck for the upcoming turn or placed back into the Draw Deck if previously removed (assuming the Model with Tactician is still in play). M) A model with SA: Spy may choose to bury one card for its troop instead of passing. E) A model with SA:360 may choose one base side to become a "rear base side" for purposes of gaining a Reach bonus. The chosen base side does not count as a rear base side for enemy models. C) SA: Tough only works the next time the model’s troop activates. The check is made before the model takes an action, so a Cleric in the troop can cast bandage before the stunned models take their Tough check. Melee Combat: E) When models on Super bases attack, having any portion of its base against any portion of the target's base counts as Valid Base Contact. E) Page 62, how to Resolve Close Combat, step F: remove "valid front side" from the paragraph. Defenders may strike back against a model touching any corner or any non-rear side. Ranged Combat: C) Blowthrough is simply a line (no width) M) Defensive Shot does require LoS, range, and all cover bonuses appy. E) On page 66, the final portion or How Cover Works should read if the terrain Cover Type is larger than a Models Base Size Value, then it blocks line of sight rather than provide any cover. C) The Base Size and Cover Values only refer to calculating if an object obstructs line of sight Discipline: C) There are 3 ways to retreat: fail a Discipline check while shaken & out of cohesion, effected by a Fear/Scare/etc spell while shaken & out of cohesion, or failing a roll to leave close combat while shaken. M) A Discipline check must be made when the Leader of a Troop is killed. Models with the Ronin SA ignore this roll. E) All Alone doesn't apply to Solos. C) After a Regroup, a leader's troop maximums are still observed but the 4:1 ratio of non-elites to elites is no longer required. C) A Fearless Model that fails its second Discipline Check to attempt to disengage from Close Combat does not Retreat, it is just remains engaged. C) When a target’s SA requires a Discipline check to engage, the checks are performed at the time the action is declared. If the Model fails its check, then it does not move from its position and the declared Action is lost. Spell Casting: C) All Spectral Minions are all part of their own troop. No card is added to the initiative deck, as they always activate right before the End Phase. E) An AoE spell that cannot affect the friendly Model will not cause that Model to become Shaken. A Casting Model is always considered friendly to itself. C) Warcry affects ANY MODEL in the Area of Effect, not just Reven models E) If a spellcasting model with SA: Defensive magic is the direct (the declared target) or indirect (caught in the area of effect) target it may perform Defensive Magic. E) Dispel vs. Area of Effect Spells: the Model with the Dispel Spell rolls d10 adds its CP +2 (casting on a friendly model bonus). If the total is 10 or higher, the entire Spell is dispelled. (normal Non-Attack Spell Resolution) E) Dispel vs. single-target Spells: the Model with the Dispel rolls d10 and adds its CP. If the total is equal to or higher than the attacking Model's MD, the spell is dispelled. (normal Attack Spell Resolution) C) A Dispelled spell is considered successful - Familiars do not return it to the casting Model’s list of unused spells. C) Dispel may be used to neutralize lingering effects (such as Shaken tokens) caused by spells. This is resolved using the Non-Attack Spell Resolution steps. E) The +2 bonus for casting non-attack spells on friendly models does not apply to Innate Spells with a fixed Casting Power (such as Warcry). Fighting Company Composition: C) The Razig's Revenge army, posted in the Downloads section of WarlordHQ, is an official roster. C) Only the models indicated on the list on page 112 have their Unique/Adept status changed. C) Only one leader per troop. Data Card Corrections: E) Prince Danithal has SA: Mage 2/4. E) Necropolis Point Costs: Elsabeth (81), Azarphan (79), Naomi (208), Malek (40), Syphrilla (90), Gauntfield (61), Nivar (57), Warriors (17), Archers (24), Breakers (20), Harvesters (19), Crypt Bats (49), Banshee (45). Revised point costs will be published in the Necropolis Faction Book. E) Skeletal Breakers are Discipline 4, not Discipline 9.
  6. Here is number one with a bullet... E) SA: Flyer - The Mov listed on the datacard is the model's movement when in Flight. When a model with Flyer is not in Flight, its Mov is considered 3 and uses the normal ground based terrain movement cost modifiers. I know around here that The Flyer SA is considered a disadvantage now that you have to pay points for to have the privalage of being boned with. So has Reaper seen a sudden drop in sales of the Warlord figs with Flyer? Here is another one that has caused a few people who were waiting for their armies to come out to quit the game before they bought a single fig, Not only costing reaper sales but preventing them all together. C) Defensive Shot does not require LoS, only range. So if I read this right Naomi can be hiding underwhater, under a bridge, and on the other side of a mountain and the Gobolin Skeeters can still hit her with defensive shot? Also the Overlord Crossbowmen can still be hit if they are behind another unit like the Knights. So if all this is right, the SA Defensive Shot negaites two other SA's enough to make them not worht it. Bad call guys. I know three overlord players, that were waiting on the crossbowmen before they bought a single fig, that read that rules clarification and quit before they bought a single fig. "I will wait till Warlord 2.0 is printed in a few years and look at it then. They are changing the rules too fast without thinking things thru." Yet again a rule that lost reaper money. I thought that the rules were suppost to encourage people to play the game and buy Reaper products. Please retract these 2 Ruleings.
  7. It seems like the +2 cp bonus applies to almost every non attack spell that does not involve targeting an opposing figure. If I follow this line of thinking, when you cast a spell like undieing host the +2 bonus applies to the spell. I have 2 arguments however. First, This is an extremely thin line of reasoning in the rules and thus should not be correct. Second, The undieing host spell is not exacitly a fair chart in the back of the book for how much it costs. Seriously I would only consider having Moandain try and cast it and he has an 8 cp. Anyways I would like to hear what the officail call on this one is just to satisfy my curiosity.
  8. ok I got my bases but they are the wrong ones. I have heard Horror storied of the reaper packing people. I Need the 1 by 2 inch slotted cav stands. I understand that you might be out of them and that is ok but I want the real stands for the Death Riders. If this can not be don I will sadly return the defective product to your birmingham store.
  9. OK I first must say that I play Necropolis and love that a lot of my new figs are being released. The game is great but there are still problems. So here we go. 1) Reaper needs to stop paying for any new figs for any army until all figs in the basic book are completed and available for sale. I feel sorry for all Reptus, Overlord, and Dark spawn players out there that can not have all of their toys. I know most sculptors do not want to make Reptus. 2) Please put the right bases with the figs. My Death Riders come with the wrong base in them. They have a Giant base instead of the Cavalry base they are suppose to have. In the Nefsokar The Walking Avatar is packaged with a standard base instead of the Large that it is suppose to have. I realize that it does say on page 47 "Warlord Models are typically packaged with the correct base size included, and the correct base size is printed on the Model's Data Card." But I mean come on people you can at least get the bases right. This is completely unacceptable. If Reaper is willing to send me the correct bases in exchange for the wrong ones I will do that, but I have already bought the fig I see no reason for me to have to buy the correct base separately. 3) The Errata is not posted on the warlord web page in the correct section. I know that a lot of old GW players will not allow the errata until it is posted in the right area. This is simple to fix just put a link to the Errata in the area. 4) The Flyer Errata is too nerfed. I understand that flight is powerful but the point cost gave it balance. 3 inches is way too low for walking. It should be where if you fly high you ignore terrain, and if you fly low you must pay all terrain costs. I know it sounds like I am being too harsh but I do love this game and I want it to be around for a long time.
  10. Any Idea what Draining Touch does? I mean Right now it is undefined and useless
  11. Hi all, Just to let others know that there will be a game in Birmingham Al at 8:30pm, located at Legion (AKA Empire) 979-0999. All are welcome to come and watch me get my behind kicked. There are 4 players that are participating. (Necorpolis X 2, Mercinary, and Nefsokar.) I just would like to see a few players there and have some fun.
  12. OK there are 2 spells that need to have something added to them. Teleport, and Part, need to read at the end that they can not move any figure off the battle map. The idea that I can teleport or Part a figure off the map to instantly kill it does not contribute to quality of your game.
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