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  1. Der Schimmelreiter

    DUST 1:35 Axis -- Help Tracing

    Many thanks to you all. I am starting to make some progress and have got four or five of the discontinued miniatures. The main difficulties are Helmut 1/35 and Tina Baumann 1/35. Also, I am trying to find the DUST Axis sketchbook. Can anyone help?
  2. Der Schimmelreiter

    DUST 1:35 Axis -- Help Tracing

    I hope you'll excuse me for putting this here -- I was advised on Cool Mini or Not that you might be able to help me. I was fascinated by the Axis 1:35 kits as a teenager and am very sad the vast majority have been discontinued -- a fine example of Sod's Law, as I deliberately stopped looking at them to concentrate on my studies and saving up funds, and now, when I have the funds, they are gone. If my memory serves me there were Raketentruppen, a 1:35 Luther and Jagdluther, Bergeluther and pilots, Sigrid von Thaler and Manfred, Helmut and Bianca,Grenadiers, anti-walker crew, an Afrika Korps officer with Hyena and more.. Do you perhaps know if any of the discontinued Axis 1:35 kits unassembled and unpainted survive? I have obtained Manfred, and may (with a heavy emphasis on the hypothetical) have traced a few more across the world, but I would gratefully