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  1. leolson79

    ReaperCon: Reaper U Class Schedule

    Clearly he was not. Well, maybe some of the other new kids will see my post and avoid the same frustration.
  2. leolson79

    ReaperCon: Reaper U Class Schedule

    It appears that I am unable to register for anything. Every class has a green button next to it that says "Purchase tickets to register." Clicking on it takes me to the con admissions page. However, I have my weekend badge already purchased, and confirmed that it's listed when I click on "Your Orders," so I'm pretty sure Growtix knows I have my badge. I understand that registering isn't the same as purchasing, but I'm concerned that "can't register" will turn into "can't purchase" when they go live with sales. Anyone else seeing this? Any idea what might be going on? EDIT: Never mind, I figured it out. Need to click on "My Schedules" and then hit "Manage Schedule" for my badge, then it let me in. Don't mind the newb.
  3. leolson79

    ReaperCon 2019 tickets

    Thanks for the replies, y'all! I will keep my eyes glued to the website.
  4. leolson79

    ReaperCon 2019 tickets

    Hi, y'all. I'm looking forward to going to my first ReaperCon this year, and I'm looking for information on when tickets go on sale. I'm used to events like GenCon, where badge registration opens 8 months before the con actually happens. Unfortunately, ReaperCon.com hasn't been terribly helpful, since it's still got 2018 dates. Anybody know when tickets go on sale and when we can start booking hotel rooms? Thanks! Lee