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  1. I've only got two of the missing paints, 09477, and 09480, but I'll see what I can do. So, Reaper double released the HD paints for the Bones line, and changed the SKUs? How common are those double labeled versions, and what are the chances anyone could/would get them over the later Bones released versions?
  2. There seems to be an issue with the latest update with the recently released Bones paints. There are no entries for 9467 (Crimson Red), 9469 (Fireball Orange), 9470 (Golden Yellow), 9471 (Bright Turquoise), 9473 (Gem Purple), 9474 (Caucasian Flesh), 9475 (Maiden Flesh), 9477 (Witchcraft Purple), 9478 (Solid White), or 9480 (Blue Flame). Additionally, there two 9482 entries, one Twilight Purple, the other Suntan Flesh (the correct color); and two 9483 entries, one Pale Saffron, the other Twilight Purple (the correct color). And 89555 is incorrectly named "Bright" Bronze, when it should be "Brigh".
  3. Sadly, I can confirm that the Mirlinton version of the Spectral Dragon II does not come with the female magic user that the Grenadier version has. I will also note that, at least for the two versions of that dragon I have, that the side halves of the dragon do not quite fit together perfectly, and will require a bit of work to fit together cleanly.
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