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  1. Does anyone know how to register two people for the same class on the same account? I ordered two passes, one for my hubby and I, but it was all on one purchase, one account. Will I just need to wait until tickets go on sale and put two in the cart? Thanks! Laura
  2. I think your NMM looks great. I haven't tried it yet, and if I can get results that good right off the bat I'll be thrilled. :-) Really nice mini!
  3. I added a little putty into the slot footprints before gluing him in; I covered the telltales with rubble. If you look really closely in person, you can sort of see the gaps. If I had to do it again, I think I'd ditch the base it comes with, Dremel off the tab bottoms on the feet, and base him a little more upright.
  4. Love the colors...the lavendar against the neutral is really working!
  5. I love this! So much personality. And honestly, I wouldn't have known that was a pipe cleaner if you hadn't said; it looks pretty vine-like in the pic. Very nice!
  6. Thanks, everyone! I appreciate the comments. He was a bit of work to prep but a lot of fun to paint. I wanted to try the base that came with it, since it's definitely a tabletop figure, but I might do a bit more with it eventually; it seems a little plain.
  7. I decided to go with a sapphire troll! He won't last long, I'm afraid, walking around in a world with our greedy loot-crazed bunch. This guy makes me want to do an entire Terry Pratchett troll series: Ruby, Detritus, Mister Shine, even Chrysoprase in his suit. Happy painting, Laura
  8. I love this! What a great use of poured-resin water. The narrative aspect of it is probably my favorite element; there's real tension and ambiguity here and I want to know what happens. The only thing I'm not 100% keen on are the two reeds sticking up behind the dock. I see why they're there; they do balance the composition and give a pleasing downward line toward the figure in the water, but...maybe not quite enough? Or too much? They are working, but for me, just barely. Love the whole freshwater pool feel, too. Did you tint the resin at all, or is it just picking up the colors of all the vegetation? Great job!
  9. Many thanks for all the tips! I We're flying in from Seattle to ReaperCon this year- Texas is our original stomping ground and we're meeting up with all our old DFW friends, making a big week of it- and I will definitely look forward to seeing James Wappel. I've seen some of his videos, but haven't dug into his oil technique yet. I have a friend who does portrait and figure work primarily in egg tempera; man oh man is it beautiful on canvas: https://www.dominiquemedici.com/
  10. ...mind blown. I'm a 2D artist tinkering with mini work, and I've had some issues working with game colors. Whereas glazes with traditional oils or watercolor are a snap, glazing with game color acrylic has been a little frustrating for me, even with any number of different pro mediums. I'm still working at it because I've seen the awesome results folks can achieve, but still. I may very well try some watercolor on my next display project. I prime well and seal them anyway; it's worth a shot! Awesome thread.
  11. Another great cat-venturer. This one looks like my cat Ista, who was named after a Lois Bujold character, quite paladin-like. Those green eyes really pop!
  12. Oh he looks so great!! I love this conversion. The colors are awesome, the mushrooms are awesome, the base...all of it's awesome. So original!
  13. Beautiful! I also love the hair. The tones on her cheeks are gorgeous too. Very, very nice.
  14. I finally have some pic-worthy progress! The past two weeks' worth of work on this little project has been mostly waiting for things to dry; it seems that all I've been able to do is fifteen minutes of sanding and puttying, then put it up for 24 hours. But things are starting to come together. I put a coat of primer on everything yesterday, and then did the big glue-up today. Apologies for the lack of decent angles and the super-unattractive dirty fuschia cutting mat backdrop. I have 2-part epoxy and Milliput curing, so I couldn't really move anything and I needed some sort of temporary background. (The red stuff is regular modeling clay, also a drying prop.) I hope to start airbrushing tomorrow, but if things go as per usual, I'll have another unanticipated round of gluing and drying instead. [sigh] Eventually, painting will happen. Cheers, Laura
  15. Oh, those are nice! I hadn't actually come across the second one, the keg mimic...that's awesome.
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