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  1. Ardeus

    Cyrine - Zombicide

    Well done! I really like how this turned out!
  2. Ardeus

    03135 B'thuhl, Bathalain Pirate

    I really like the leather look you’ve done. Great job!
  3. Ardeus

    More Assembly line painting...

    Great work! I like how well they look together.
  4. Ardeus

    Especially the wizard!

    Very cool! Epic base!
  5. Ardeus

    Sarah Blitzer

    Great job!
  6. Ardeus

    Ardeus Encounters Ebonwrath (77102)

    Thanks for the comments everyone. I really appreciate your kind words. I'm not 100% sure, but I felt like the base took just as long as the dragon. As this was my first time with a large figure, it took me a bit longer to get used to painting it. Also the purple/black to green blend took me sometime to figure out how to do. The base took a while to design, and I sculpted the tree and the log which also took a fair amount of time. All-in-all it was a lot of fun. Thanks for your comments.
  7. Ardeus

    Ardeus Encounters The Forumites

    So Cute!!! She is just adorable.
  8. Ardeus

    03884 Komodo Dragon by Glitterwolf

    Great job @Glitterwolf! I love the coloring of the figure. The blues really pop, and add to the realism. Komodo dragons are one of my favorite animals. I love seeing them at the zoo, and this looks very realistic. Well done!
  9. Ardeus

    77344 - Ice Troll - Different paint scheme.

    I really like the colors. Great job!
  10. Ardeus

    02643: Diedra Dark Willow

    I really like the contrast of the dark sleeves against the color of the shirt.
  11. Ardeus

    Knuckleduster Jesse James and a Pinkerton

    I really like these. Well done!
  12. Ardeus

    Ardeus Encounters The Colossal Skeleton (77116)

    Thanks for the kind words everyone. I really appreciate it. I really have been enjoying the Reaper Toolbox videos. I feel that I've been learning quite a bit from them.
  13. Hahaha, I didn't even notice that. I had just copied the description from the reapermini website.
  14. Ardeus

    Ardeus Encounters the Rhino (77587)

    Thanks @Darsc Zacal! I agree, I hadn't seem many painted either. My dad had purchased this figure for me, and I ended up enjoying painting it more that I expected. With the addition of war chief Mumlak from the lost valley expansion, I have been thinking that it could be cool to do a whole lycanthrope village.
  15. Ardeus

    Ardeus Encounters The Learn-To-Paint Kits

    Thanks for the warm welcome, @Citrine!