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  1. One of the things that I thought was fun with Bones IV was seeing how many pounds everyone’s shipments weighed. When I got my notice today it said 24 pounds, and I thought that seemed rather small for what I ordered. Then I saw the next email with another 32 pounds for a total just over 56 pounds between the two packages. When I told my wife she said that my bones order weighed about as much as our seven-year-old! 😆 I was looking forward to two hopeful deliveries this month one came two weeks earlier than expected (My wife had our third child last week - mom and baby are both doing well)! My Bones V should be here next week. For what it’s worth for anyone trying to keep track of how things are moving, I was wave 1, two ships (1 reg 1 gitd), fairly large order - only a couple items I didn’t order and a few duplicates, first locked-in at order 259. Very excited that they are adding cannons to the 5.5 PM.
  2. Justin just announced on stream. Everything is in, unloaded, and staged. They are going to start pulling orders in about 10 minutes. He said they will be going “full octane”!!!
  3. The stream has started on Twitch for anyone who would like to watch. They have updated the status on the container tracker:
  4. Yay!!! I hope it is the right one, has everything, and that they are able to start on it soon (hopefully not soon tm - hahaha).
  5. It does. I’m hesitant to post it as I don’t want to mislead the causal viewer of the forums. However, this is the name of the article and, for me, when googling it, it shows the days in the summary on Google: Long Beach terminals step up to clear clogging rail containers. I will say that we are long past the average mentioned in the article. Granted the article was written 11 June 2021, so things may have changed. Also, this is a third party writing about the situation, there could be many factors leading to specific delays for Reaper. @AussieAusborn, I agree awesome pictures. Also thanks to @Chris Palmer for your pictures as well. Thanks to any others who have posted pictures that I may be forgetting.
  6. You are correct. Kickstarter update 122 stated that the container has been in Long Beach since May 10th. Update 123 said that the last container is just waiting to be put on a rail car. I read some really interesting articles from JOC dot COM (Journal of Commerce) talking about what created the Long Beach terminal backlog, why it is causing massive delays, and what they are doing about it. (They have had to add acres of land to store all of these containers, can one imagine the cost of California Real Estate just to house shipping containers awaiting transport - ouch!) I am waiting and hoping. I am also really excited for a Ghost Pirate ship. 🙂
  7. They mentioned in Update 123 that the second container is in Long Beach awaiting shipment to DFW. I too am anxiously awaiting word on the final container. Very excited to finally have the figures! Edit: meant to include the quote for the update
  8. If the link @TGP sent doesn’t work for some reason, this is the one that I have: https://discord.gg/reapermini
  9. I’m hoping that I’m helping @Reaper_Jon by posting his comments here as well. Jon mentioned that UPS didn’t like how they were doing the regular ships and that is what is causing the delay.
  10. @Reaper_Jon mentioned over on discord that they have been skipping the orders with the regular pirate ship. That could be why some people have not yet received notice for shipments. Edit: here are a couple more of his comments I found helpful/interesting. I hope this helps others!
  11. Just in case anyone missed it, they mentioned on Reaper Live last night that they do not plan to begin processing fulfillment before June 1st. So, at a minimum it looks like there are a couple more weeks of waiting. I’m starting to get excited. I have begun 3D printing some docks/boardwalk/catwalk (wasn’t sure the correct term and the internet is giving me a lot of different answers) to build a little port/harbor/pier(similar problem as the first term) for the pirate ship and the city of Brinewind.
  12. Here’s a picture from the pre-launch thread that was taken from one of the Reaper Live shows. link: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/86871-pre-launch-bones-5-excitement-thread/ I think combine with what @Maledrakh shared it should hopefully give you an idea of size.
  13. I backed another Kickstarter that ended the day before Bones V ended. They got the information back last Friday (and it was a much smaller Kickstarter), so I imagine that Reaper may not yet have the information, or could be getting it soon(tm). Plus on Reaper Live last week they said that after they do get the information that Kit has to work his magic before the pledge manager will go live for us.
  14. When we had this conversation a while back regarding the size of the giants, my thought was that it didn’t matter too much what the size they are, due to the good points that size varies from person to person and creature to creature. When thinking about the succubi/incubi I thought the same thing at first, but the more this conversation has progressed the more I feel like the same holds true in the opposite direction. If all of the succubi/incubi are larger than an average medium character, then they may not be as appealing for role playing purposes as they would with varying sizes or if they were all medium in scale. From a role playing perspective, since succubi/incubi are, in my opinion, meant to be temptresses/tempters I would imiagine that they would want their size to be similar to that of their victims. While I’m sure that some would be enticed by large sized creatures, I would think other may be frighted by a large creature. Those are just some of my thoughts regarding the current conversation. For the Bones 5 characters I like them (I like all of Bones 5), and I feel that they could be useful at any size, even if they could be more useful at other sizes.
  15. I also like the name Sophie’s Embrace since Sophie is a succubus after all. And it makes me think of the song Brandy and how the sea is what seduces sailors.
  16. I believe it goes straight to them if someone gifted it to you. If you have amazon prime then a free monthly twitch subscription is included with your amazon prime account. If you’d like for the amazon prime subscription to go to Reaper then you’ll have to apply that one to Reaper, and the amazon prime sub has to be re-applied each month.
  17. I backed this project. It gave off a Dreadmere feel to me, so I decided I would back it and print it to attempt to create a town of Dreadmere. I think that this coupled with the houses from the City of Tarok KS will give me a nice setting for Dreadmere. And the figures from the Dreadmere expansion in Bones 4 and the Brinewind expansion from Bones 5 should give me people to populate the town. Very excited!
  18. I agree, I wish that they would make more females dwarves. I had to edit my original post because I had written it as plural dwarves, but then realized that they had made the comment singular.
  19. Very nice! I really like these. They are each very talented.
  20. Reaper made a comment in the KS comments that we may get a female dwarf elsewhere in the campaign.
  21. Of the dragon minis I have I probably like Argent the best. I realize that there was a lot of controversy over Argent during Bones 4, but I still really like the model. Of the dragons I don’t have, I really like and want a Mal' Drakar (...someday ...someday). I occasionally will take a nap after religious services on Sundays if my wife and kids are also taking naps, but during the week I’m usually too busy to be able to take a nap.
  22. Howdy! That would be awesome! It would also be cool if Reaper was able to expand the Bones 5 countdown/watch party to FLGS so that people who can’t make it to Texas could still meet up with others to celebrate (I realize they are streaming it on Twitch, but it would still be cool).
  23. @TheUncannyAK Welcome to the forums. I also live/work in northern Virginia. The thread is a great place to be. I lurked for Bones 4 and recently joined in the fun as well.
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