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  1. Here’s a picture from the pre-launch thread that was taken from one of the Reaper Live shows. link: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/86871-pre-launch-bones-5-excitement-thread/ I think combine with what @Maledrakh shared it should hopefully give you an idea of size.
  2. I backed another Kickstarter that ended the day before Bones V ended. They got the information back last Friday (and it was a much smaller Kickstarter), so I imagine that Reaper may not yet have the information, or could be getting it soon(tm). Plus on Reaper Live last week they said that after they do get the information that Kit has to work his magic before the pledge manager will go live for us.
  3. When we had this conversation a while back regarding the size of the giants, my thought was that it didn’t matter too much what the size they are, due to the good points that size varies from person to person and creature to creature. When thinking about the succubi/incubi I thought the same thing at first, but the more this conversation has progressed the more I feel like the same holds true in the opposite direction. If all of the succubi/incubi are larger than an average medium character, then they may not be as appealing for role playing purposes as they would with varying sizes or if they were all medium in scale. From a role playing perspective, since succubi/incubi are, in my opinion, meant to be temptresses/tempters I would imiagine that they would want their size to be similar to that of their victims. While I’m sure that some would be enticed by large sized creatures, I would think other may be frighted by a large creature. Those are just some of my thoughts regarding the current conversation. For the Bones 5 characters I like them (I like all of Bones 5), and I feel that they could be useful at any size, even if they could be more useful at other sizes.
  4. I also like the name Sophie’s Embrace since Sophie is a succubus after all. And it makes me think of the song Brandy and how the sea is what seduces sailors.
  5. I believe it goes straight to them if someone gifted it to you. If you have amazon prime then a free monthly twitch subscription is included with your amazon prime account. If you’d like for the amazon prime subscription to go to Reaper then you’ll have to apply that one to Reaper, and the amazon prime sub has to be re-applied each month.
  6. I backed this project. It gave off a Dreadmere feel to me, so I decided I would back it and print it to attempt to create a town of Dreadmere. I think that this coupled with the houses from the City of Tarok KS will give me a nice setting for Dreadmere. And the figures from the Dreadmere expansion in Bones 4 and the Brinewind expansion from Bones 5 should give me people to populate the town. Very excited!
  7. I agree, I wish that they would make more females dwarves. I had to edit my original post because I had written it as plural dwarves, but then realized that they had made the comment singular.
  8. Very nice! I really like these. They are each very talented.
  9. Reaper made a comment in the KS comments that we may get a female dwarf elsewhere in the campaign.
  10. Of the dragon minis I have I probably like Argent the best. I realize that there was a lot of controversy over Argent during Bones 4, but I still really like the model. Of the dragons I don’t have, I really like and want a Mal' Drakar (...someday ...someday). I occasionally will take a nap after religious services on Sundays if my wife and kids are also taking naps, but during the week I’m usually too busy to be able to take a nap.
  11. Howdy! That would be awesome! It would also be cool if Reaper was able to expand the Bones 5 countdown/watch party to FLGS so that people who can’t make it to Texas could still meet up with others to celebrate (I realize they are streaming it on Twitch, but it would still be cool).
  12. @TheUncannyAK Welcome to the forums. I also live/work in northern Virginia. The thread is a great place to be. I lurked for Bones 4 and recently joined in the fun as well.
  13. In elementary school we had a game on our school’s Mac 2 computers called “Rescue in the outback”. It was very fun to play. It was similar to Oregon trail but set in the Australian outback. It was great, but I haven’t been able to find a copy now that I’m an adult.
  14. They posted an interview with Bobby Jackson and Julie Guthrie to YouTube. At at the 6:30 mark Bobby makes a comment about having Jason and some argonauts in the Greek Odyssey expansion, to which Ron alludes to it being a part of the expansion. They also reference having a Golden Fleece. link: https://youtu.be/n3Ltq5R3Y6U
  15. This made me wonder if taking the dark elf queen from Bones 4 could make the spider into a drider, maybe even a Lloth miniature based on how big it would be. I did some picture editing to see what it could look like. (my wife may kill me if I end up ordering two of these, since she doesn’t want me to get even one. Haha!)
  16. Yay! I finally caught up! (Now that I’m past my work deadline) I’m pretty excited about the ship. When talking about the size, it reminded me of the USS Constellation which is docked in the harbor in Baltimore (which @Chris Palmer and @Smokestack may know about as they are from Maryland). It is a pretty cool ship. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Constellation_(1854) As for a name I think it may be fun to call it the RMS (Reaper Miniatures Ship) Bones Mk V. especially if it ends up being a ghost ship with a skeleton pirate crew. For Bones 4 I didn’t end up getting dreadmere because I was really turned off by the bonesack. So much so that I didn’t consider the other figures in the set. When it finally came out and I saw how cool all of the figures ended up being I immediately regretted not getting it. I ended up buying it when Reaper put it on their website for $120, almost triple the Kickstarter price. Because of that my wife decided that this go around we’ll just get one of everything (by dividing it up as monthly payments over the life of the pledge manager). However, @TaleSpinner you did such an amazing job on your spider my wife took one look at it and said, “NOPE! You’re not getting that one. It looks too real and too creepy. I’m not letting you get that and display it.” Hahaha! Well done sir, well done! I, too, am excited and gitty. Following this thread was so much fun for bones 4. I’m excited to be on the ride again.
  17. Happy Bones 5 everyone! I’m way behind on this thread (page 126). I have a deadline on 10/15 which is really bogging down my catching up ability. Anyways, I saw this comment as I was taking a break and wanted to mention that I noticed with some of the comments a theme of one person liking a model(s) that other find not as appealing or different. I just wanted to say that I thought the Samurai goblins are super cool! Very much looking forward to them and I think it is neat that there are models that appeal more to some than to others.
  18. Welcome to the forums! Good job on your minis. I like white hair on the first one. It makes me think that he’s a grizzled veteran who has seen many battles. As as a side note, are those University of Utah water cups? If so, that’s pretty cool. I went to the U.
  19. Well done! I really like how this turned out!
  20. I really like the leather look you’ve done. Great job!
  21. Great work! I like how well they look together.
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