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  1. A search of "witch" and I can only find mini's that are from or look like they are from the Wizard of Oz. How about a more modern dark take on them like the picture below.
  2. I would love to see some possessed villagers !! Maybe crawling backwards with head looking up (Grudge style), a villager with their head backwards, maybe one with contorted bone structure ! Creepy !!
  3. Can anyone tell me the height of this mini, and does she come with the rock base? Thanks.
  4. For any Reaper Admin out there.... I think it would be an awesome idea if you had a "WISH LIST" section on your website. I'm adding tons of minis for my future adventures, but it's a pain having to clear my cart to order only the ones I want for my next quest. If you had a "WISH LIST" that we could add our mini's too and pull them form that to our cart, that would be awesome !!
  5. Is it too late to join the kickstarter? I was hoping to do the $15 pledge. I see the Pledge Manager is shut down as of July 2018.
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