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  1. i need to find some one that can take her off my hand and cast ..right now i lack the funds to do it my self .. every thing i need is far far expansive where i am at ..
  2. oh looks what thing thinggy on the shield
  3. i bake the sculpt only went i have to sculpey will stick to the baked parts just not as good. , is just that some detail are not that easy to sculpt went the layer of clay are tine. as you hit hard surface right away . and there are time you need the sculpt harden to do more work .. so i leave backing till i finish what i can do then i bake it it still conciser " bake between stages" just that careful planing is needed
  4. some fool have stolen her cookie and now she is very piss
  5. ok here an update boobed, lion clothed , ready for head.
  6. update fat no, big emm ya getting there
  7. well i not good with name.. any way that the photo you guys get for now
  8. tell that to the poor fool who is trying to date her done next is option stuff then clean up hair there a crack at the wire attachment point
  9. the good doctor have just remove a fail mutation arm.... one more hand to go then she is done after that are optional stuff
  10. ok here how i smooth them sculpey ..clay shapers, now i use lub with it a little vaseline and some tamiya x-20a thinner. and x-20 tinner too that one work like a solvent so too much of it will wash down your careful with it .as for the sharp edge on the boots that not layer work that that part are done with needle, art blade and the like i finish all the lower body be for i even bake it .. as for the anatomy " figure drawing & anatomy for the artist" is the one i use (the only one i found at my local book store ) , then i do have a huge stack of ImagineFX magazine lot of nice drawing in there .. and i use real photo reference of hot chicks of cos sine i am sculpting hot chick i better looks at the hots one hope that helps
  11. update i switch out the head .. well i made a mold and push out a fimo copy to work with
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