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    Couple questions from a newb

    Thanks, @Humansquish ! That clarifies everything quite well! And I was just reading the quick play file on warlord.miniaturegameworks.com (I assume it is the latest) and it does say Also Ranger looks to be the only ability for pre-battle. At least from me searching the special abilities list. Thanks again!
  2. I picked up the rule books recently and have been trying out things using paper counters just to learn. First, is there a more recent errata list? I have the second printing November 2010 of the Warlord 2E book. So far all the errata that I have seen here looks to have been fixed. Forgive me if the following have been answered elsewhere but my searches have not turned up any answers. In the Pre-Battle Phase, when your suit is drawn do you do every pre-battle action available to your army or do you do a single troop’s pre-battle actions then draw the next card to see what side is next? There is no troop cohesion rule (must be within x” of another figure in the troop), correct? I see a Discipline Check but nothing else as far as cohesion goes. Does this mean a troop can be spread across the table without penalty? Personally, I am all for no troop cohesion rules in a skirmish battle game. Terrain that is larger than 1” but less than 2”, what size is that? I’ve been thinking size 2 but wanted to be sure. For a combat action, if I have 3 archers I assume I may move all 3 to where I want them to be and then I can declare the Combat action? Or, do I state what I am going to do, i.e. move then shoot, at the beginning of the troop activation? TIA! Michael