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  1. Proper sculpting tools in hand, I decided to pick up my little skeletal friend again, today. Todays work, is what kinda prompted me to post. I'm wondering if I'm beefing this dude up too much, before clothes/detailing, and also if there is some sort of magic trick to getting a tail to be an even thickness all over. I'm still fiddling with it... Thoughts? (apologies for the poor lighting on some of these pictures)
  2. Uh, hello everyone! While I am not new to art, I am new to sculpting, and what a different animal this seems to be, so far. I've been quietly surfing these forums, gleaning lots of tips and ideas from the many skilled artisans here, and I'm ready to start sharing, at last. :) I had some spare copper wire, so I practiced making a few armatures... Then I applied a chunk of greenstuff for a torso, to work off of later. (I feel like I may have done too much, but time will tell, I suppose?) (this first set of photos is from 12/11.. I put thin
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