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  1. I hope next month we see a normal size figure/figures as I'd really like to understand how this material is going to effect the bulk of the minis going forward. I still think the greater detail is worth the drawbacks even for these medium creatures, perhaps they just need a step up in quality control as gouges from sprue cutting is certainly preventable and in truth has little to do with the material itself.
  2. Ant

    Catfolk feet?

    I generally don't like the idea of criticizing someone's work but I really want to see more Catfolk and I agree that I was disappointed by the Harris sculpts. Which is all to say I'm commenting here in hopes that if those minis did not sell well I'm making it clear it's not because people don't want to see more Catfolk... I loved the original Catfolk that were in bones 4 and the upcoming barbarian looks nice.
  3. I would not expect that to be common. I've been testing the durability by hand, you can clearly tell the material isn't as resilient as normal bones, but it's not nearly as fragile as something like a GW plastic mini. The material feels very similar (durability wise) to what a lot of the bigger board game companies are putting out, CMON or Monolith as examples. It should survive a couple drops and normal wear and tear but if you wanted to break it you could easily find a way to.
  4. Well to be honest correct size isn't as important to me as shape. I can have a smaller giant or re-base the occasional mini to keep up with scale creep. I'm more concerned with bases that are shaped like an 8 (or whatever) I don't understand how those are useful to anyone. They look jarring on top of a standard base and it's difficult to match the texture if you want to make the mini "flush." I generally have to re-base my reaper figures but would honestly prefer to keep a textured base.
  5. Just got my owlbear in the mail today and I was so pleasantly surprised by the quality I decided to finally take the leap and register just to talk about it (long time lurker). I'm glad to see I'm not the only one excited by the base. I've never been particularly impressed with the "broccoli" bases most bones have so its nice to see a figure with the base already separate. That said, its also probably the first base I will keep as its round, sits flat, and most important its actually the correct size for D&D (why can't they all be like this?). As for the figure itself I really like the harder plastic which allows the detail to show though. I'm curious, is Bones Black even still PVC? Probably going to have to revisit what primers and paints work best. Anyone tried plastic glue on it?
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