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    Help Identifying Old D&D Metal Miniatures

    Late in the day (as I recently came upon this on t'internet - but did you ID all the Asgards? You have a couple of rare ones there! There is the zombie (bottom right in one pic) and also the running hornhead (very rare! 2 left of the female Troll). Great basis for an Asgard collection. There is now also an Asgard Miniatures Collectors Facebook group. Happy days! I'm in the middle of writing a book about Asgard - which will have the most comprehensive identification guide yet produced (if all goes to plan). They made over 500 large scale minis plus a few hundred 15mms. The sculptors went on to be world renowned in both the gaming industry and in the wider art world (check out what Nick Bibby does now!). I recently managed to get in touch with a chap called stan Pochron (up to now an unidentified sculptor) and found out that John Blanche actually sculpted a mini for them - the Trunkhand Tuskoid from the Creatures of Chaos range. Lots of Asgards are still made by Viking Forge in the US and Alternative Armies in the UK. A lot of folk aren't aware of the sheer range of sci-fi, western Gunfighters and Historicals they produced. They also pioneered big minis - the dragon and Giant by Nick Bibby were amongst the biggest sculpts done in the late 70's.