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  1. Yes climate is a huge factor. I use a humidifier in my room since I do live in Texas and the air can get quite dry at times. Fortunately I don't live in west Texas where the air is very very dry. The Vallejo seems to work better for me in my current climate so I am pleased so far. :) It just seemed people got offended based off what I my perspective was. I did not possess a confrontational attitude, but I suppose from my wording and my expectations of what I feel is professional or not ruffled some feathers. People have different standards I suppose and when expressed, they can com
  2. Thanks for the recommendations. I am interested in expanding my brush collection and so far Raphael is doing very well for me but am open to exploring other ones as well :D I really should get an 00 soon and see how I like that brush size and if it helps with smaller details or gives more control, we'll see! ah, the 8402 brushes have a stiffer bristle? I think that would be nice to have, I will definitely check it out. Ah, you can either use a 2nd clean brush or clean your brush in hand then feather out the edge ( at least from what I understand ). A quick refer
  3. Yes you are correct about the inherent nature of chalky-ness with specific colors. My brother bought us a collage of Reaper MSP paints :D (thanks for the SKU#). I recently started using 2 Raphael Kalinsky France 8404 brushes sizes 0 and 2. I have a synthetic brush set that I started with and still use for the work horse stuff. I need to get a size 1 and 00 eventually I think. I use my Raphael brushes for details and the various blending techniques we've discussed previously. I hope this helps. Um yes! I ended up buying the basic Vallejo set last week ( the 16 color one ) and
  4. Did you read my full post? I came to the forum because I was curious and needed some direction in case I was missing the big picture. I own 60 bottles of Reaper paints, they were the first paints I learned on. Also, specific problems include chalky details and finish, up hill battle to effectively use feathering (they dry incredibly fast, even with retarder or glaze medium), wet blending poses a struggle due to the thin nature of the paint (also adds to the fast drying time of the paint). No paint is without its flaws, but for me, once I tried doing more "advanced" techniques, it seemed that m
  5. It's late and I can't reply to all the comments, I will try to when I can though. I just want to clarify that I am indeed not a troll, and sorry if it came across that way. I actually own 60 bottles of Reaper paints that my brother got for both of us when we wanted to start painting miniatures. I have used their paints quite a lot and didn't feel the need to purchase another brand... until I developed a bit more in my painting and started trying to do different techniques. As I kept practicing these techniques, I got better, but it felt like I was fighting against the paint and I googled reas
  6. Thank you, but I have browsed these before. They are well done but not of the caliber that I am interested in. I would love to see a painter of very high caliber use a decent amount of reaper paints painting a bust, or a very detailed model, but alas I can't seem to find that. Someone akin to Ben Komets, Sergio Salvo, Sam Lens (the list goes on) EDIT- P.S. Artists that are not necessarily associated within the Reaper Bones eco system
  7. Hello everyone... I am quite curious about something and that something is: There seems to be a lack of Reaper representation within the professional painter community. I follow a number of painters and I rarely ever see them use Reaper paints of any line. I wonder why? I have even actively searched for professional painters that use Reaper paints and have come up short, or their paint jobs aren't really what I would call professional ( not to sound mean or anything ). I know most painters use a variety of paint lines but in my own research, it seems Vallejo is the most common denominator am
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