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  1. Painting Miniatures

    Angel of Shadows 77364

    For this miniature I wanted a not pure black and red miniature. It's sort of my go to and wanted to change it up a little. From start to finish I have included images. I did take more images than these but I wanted to not have a mile long post. Besides ill have a video up soon for this. Why blue? Because I thought the blue would greatly contrast against my usual colors of black and red. It also posed a challenge on how to do it AND make it look good when finished. The last photo doesn't do it justice to be fair.
  2. Painting Miniatures

    Reaper Bones Anti Paladin 89032

    I believe I used 29802 MSP HD Bright Red for the vibrant red on the back of the cape. I used a darker shade of red on the front to create contrast.
  3. Painting Miniatures

    Reaper Bones Anti Paladin 89032

    Thank you, im thinking tonight im going to start working on some skeletons :D
  4. Painting Miniatures

    Reaper Bones Anti Paladin 89032

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSRmrapt8f8&feature=youtu.be Hey guys, me again. This time I am back with a anti paladin I did after a few weeks off to pursue some other things I needed to get done. I really like how the colors turned out on this one. I was intending for a black suit of armor, but I ended up giving him a sort of Dracula red armor by accident. Only thing I feel i could of done different or improved on was to use less red and more of another color. However I don't have a clue what that other color would of been to be honest. The photos show the progression, black armor, painted with red. I wanted to give the appearance of black armor caked in the blood of his enemys, while making the cape clearly blood stained on the front where it made sense to be but not on the back. The shield I was aiming for the look of it and the sword being made out of bone but also caked in the well you know I don't need to keep saying it. I feel like the base of the mini could of done with a better paint job but again I wasn't sure the color to use so I went with green grass since I feel like that would make the most sense.
  5. Painting Miniatures

    Two more mushroom guys

    I like the idea of this. I can see in a D&D campaign the players not even looking at the stems of the mushrooms. Suddenly surprise mushroom men attack! These look great and your sister did a great job painting them. Also interesting use of sculpting clay.
  6. Painting Miniatures

    RP Challenge 77239: Skeleton Guardian Spearman

    Dude that's awesome i love the color choice!
  7. Painting Miniatures

    Standard and Musician 14291 Reaper Bones

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QzWwEryYc3Q So one of my campaign encounters calls for a skeleton playing a violin. I had a few ideas on how I could go about accomplishing this. Modifying a skeleton miniature to hold a violin. Then I found this mini. I really wish they had a version that wasn't metal for this miniature though. The mini in question is supposed to be the boss of an encounter the players run into which leads into bigger plots later. In short though its supposed to be dripping a black ichor from the eyes to make it scarier and to emphasis the point "this is a powerful enemy" and not just some random skeleton bard. The actual painting went along the lines of White base coat, followed by coloring the violin and leather straps brown, the metal armor black, i did a wash of brown followed by a black to give contrasting colors of dirt and mold. I also added a small amount of a lighter blue as a wash to the violin and bow to make it contrast ever so slightly from the rest of the mini and to hopefully give it a sort of magical look. That last part didn't succeed like I had hoped but it was a good lesson in what does and what does not work. I know the base needs something else to make it pop. This mini isn't "finished" yet for that very reason but im not sure how i want to finish the base of the mini. Probably some dirt. because dirt is always a good choice for a graveyard. I really should change my name to the "painting horror minis channel" because its an unintentional theme.
  8. Painting Miniatures

    Painting Red Scaled Kobolds Reaper Bones 77010

    ah kk shouldn't be an issue then it literally is just for painting.So it should be good then.
  9. Painting Miniatures

    Painting Red Scaled Kobolds Reaper Bones 77010

    it would be a youtube video specifically for the painting of the minis in question. :)
  10. Painting Miniatures

    Painting Red Scaled Kobolds Reaper Bones 77010

    I decided to paint my kobolds I've been holding onto. I did the paint on them in about 4 hours which is pretty good for 6 miniatures I think! Also am I allowed to link to a video I made where I painted them? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfPTEszqwXg
  11. Painting Miniatures

    Horror Paint on Townsfolk: Undertaker 77143

    Ah fair enough, I just thought you were quoting a movie or something.
  12. Painting Miniatures

    WyrmGear 77177 Steampunk Dragon

    Ya that was the second I put the wash on the wings. My brain was screaming $25 mini! argh! Ultimately though the wash did really improve the look. Glad I did it but i was freaking out for a bit there as that was around 6 hours into painting and the very last thing i wanted to do was start over on the wings! :P
  13. Painting Miniatures

    WyrmGear 77177 Steampunk Dragon

    Thank you, I wasn't sure how that was going to turn out. When it was wet the entire time I was resisting the urge to wipe it off because I was deathly afraid it would ruin the wings. Glad that I didn't because it turned out good but in the moment I was really nervous.
  14. Painting Miniatures

    Horror Paint on Townsfolk: Undertaker 77143

    I am curious what that is from.
  15. Painting Miniatures

    WyrmGear 77177 Steampunk Dragon

    whoo this one took me 10 hours, likely because I am still new at this. Now, I know I could of just painted it as this pretty copper dragon and been happy with that. But this miniature is intended for a random encounter in a D&D campaign where the party encounters the dragon broken up into several dozen pieces then is encouraged to take it home with them and start trying to repair it. Thus the less than perfect paint job, the dirt so on so forth as the pieces are supposed to be dirty. I thought the wings turned out interesting with the black wash.