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  1. I got the miniature done, talk about touch and go there for a while.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6abfiH_Bygc So I finished this miniature. Video will be uploaded once I edit it. This isn't finished yet but I wanted to go ahead and get the post up on here. This is the Crimson Herald, a Reaper Bones Black figure. I didn't have a color scheme going into this big bad boy. Sadly the photos REALLY don't do it justice and I do have a video I am getting ready to post to youtube. This whole thing was like a Bob Ross Saved it moment for me. I grabbed paint throwing all caution to the wind and was like "ITTTTSSSSS FIIII
  3. Thanks for the subscription. I plan on getting more videos up soon.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVPYLjS3PIU Decided to take a whack at painting this metal miniature and doing some basing on it.
  5. https://youtu.be/vW1sXkTCfiQ I'm back, btw better video going on now. Photos from left to right, bare bones, base paint, adding to the base paint, almost done. Not pictured is the final result. I just haven't got around to taking a photo of it but it is in the video. I covered all of the paints i used which were all reaper colors, what i did, and why. Fun fact on image 5394 I ran an experiment to see what would work better. Doing naga green with pale lichen first, or waiting until after i did a black wash. As far as I can tell i
  6. I like your plague doctor. I think i am going to have to get one now just to try out that effect on it!
  7. Great job on the mini by the way. Also sorry asked about the paints you used then realized you already mentioned. So modded this message to remove my question.
  8. For this miniature I wanted a not pure black and red miniature. It's sort of my go to and wanted to change it up a little. From start to finish I have included images. I did take more images than these but I wanted to not have a mile long post. Besides ill have a video up soon for this. Why blue? Because I thought the blue would greatly contrast against my usual colors of black and red. It also posed a challenge on how to do it AND make it look good when finished. The last photo doesn't do it justice to be fair.
  9. I believe I used 29802 MSP HD Bright Red for the vibrant red on the back of the cape. I used a darker shade of red on the front to create contrast.
  10. Thank you, im thinking tonight im going to start working on some skeletons :D
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSRmrapt8f8&feature=youtu.be Hey guys, me again. This time I am back with a anti paladin I did after a few weeks off to pursue some other things I needed to get done. I really like how the colors turned out on this one. I was intending for a black suit of armor, but I ended up giving him a sort of Dracula red armor by accident. Only thing I feel i could of done different or improved on was to use less red and more of another color. However I don't have a clue what that other color would of been to be honest. The photos
  12. I like the idea of this. I can see in a D&D campaign the players not even looking at the stems of the mushrooms. Suddenly surprise mushroom men attack! These look great and your sister did a great job painting them. Also interesting use of sculpting clay.
  13. Dude that's awesome i love the color choice!
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QzWwEryYc3Q So one of my campaign encounters calls for a skeleton playing a violin. I had a few ideas on how I could go about accomplishing this. Modifying a skeleton miniature to hold a violin. Then I found this mini. I really wish they had a version that wasn't metal for this miniature though. The mini in question is supposed to be the boss of an encounter the players run into which leads into bigger plots later. In short though its supposed to be dripping a black ichor from the eyes to make it scarier and to emphasis the point "this is
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