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  1. ThatGuy

    Artis Opus - Series D: Brush Set

    Its def. not Goat. I was wrong originally. I have ton more research into goat and its pretty still, wouldnt work well. Rabbit and Badger are the front runners imo. They have explicitly denied badger while conveniently not mentioning rabbit despite it being named in same comment thread.
  2. ThatGuy

    Artis Opus - Series D: Brush Set

    Corrected. Thanks.
  3. ThatGuy

    Artis Opus - Series D: Brush Set

    Edit: meter is triggered by the 2nd part. Dont care about there hair claims
  4. ThatGuy

    Black Rose Wars

    I guess I thought the Medusa figure they scaled it against would be bigger so the Chrono would be biggger. Still a great sculpt and cant wait to paint.
  5. ThatGuy

    Artis Opus - Series D: Brush Set

    removed thanks
  6. ThatGuy

    Artis Opus - Series D: Brush Set

  7. ThatGuy

    Artis Opus - Series D: Brush Set

    I am gonna snag a few in a R&co order sometime soon. Will report edit: Rumor is they may be rebranded Rosemary&Co Badger hair SMOOSHING BRUSH They look really nice. Prob gonna snag those instead of hog ones or in addition to.
  8. ThatGuy

    Artis Opus - Series D: Brush Set

    Them: "It absolutely isnt boar hair!" Me: *puts on tin foil hat*
  9. ThatGuy

    Black Rose Wars

    Got mine. Chrono was a little smaller then I imagined
  10. New Artis Opus Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/artis-opus/artis-opus-series-d-brush-set/description Another re-branded overpriced set I am guessing. This is a dry brush set, hence the D. Interesting thing is it comes with a dampening pad claiming keeping a damp dry brush does a better job. They also are being super shady on what the hair used is for some reason. Can check it in the comments.
  11. Thanks for doing the math. I think shipping is too high. Its in the US only. You just need a bubble wrap envelope basically, and ship it standard mail. Thats how my rosemary's have shipped to me from the UK or wherever to the US.
  12. ThatGuy

    Munchkin Dungeon by CMON

    I have always found CMON to be on point with their KSers and deliveries. They have also corrected issues, reshipping minis to me I received broken. That said HATE was the last CMON I backed, I just have not liked what they are offering as of late, but that's more due to taste in games. There bad rep is basically 100% from how they do business, they make a KS, and offer tons of exclusive content in stretch goals. Thing about CMON though, is Exclusive means exclusive. They never sell or reoffer any of it, sans conventions. This creates an after market for the exclusives that makes completionist (and i have been one before) that wants EVERYTHING to pay 100s on EBAY. Some people love this, it creates a FOMO (Fear of missing out) effect on their KS which gets more people in. It also hurts there ability to do retail business. They have actually been taking steps to correct this the last year, even offering some Blood Rage exclusives redesigned to skirt their exclusive policy. They also communicate about once every 3mo if you are lucky after funding, but they are pretty good about delivery in my experience.
  13. Well . . . . he is gonna make a killing . . . . . Edit: and thats each set sorted and bagged individually, I cut it off trying to cover contact info Edit 2: : Think the part of my comment: Had anything to do with his new plans to launch the next big brush line.
  14. Yea, and I think KS is loose on their definition because they get a cut . . . . . edit: I wasn't clear there. KS is loose in their definition of what is allowed on KSer. As you guys in here highlighted you cant just buy something and resell it. Things like this, which I think are against the spirit of KS, they allow I think because it generates them revenue. Hah, I snagged a few talking points or was better able to articulate them from this thread. I didn't mention any communities by name as I didn't want the confrontational nature of what I was doing associated with it. Hopefully I get a quote soon . . . . . .
  15. Hi I am the Brendan guy on those comments. If I used scam in messages, I guess I mispoke. I was quite triggered by the KS when I stumbled on it. I should of said he is taking advantage of people. What got me was all the comments were from people looking to get into the hobby, one I really love and love encouraging people to get into. This guy is paying less then 4$ a set from a chinese supplier. He is gonna make a killing off this assuming he delivers. If it was a half way decent project I would of moved on. But its not, he is pretending a set of nylon brushes are this great start into mini painting. A size 3, 4, 5, and 6 brush?? Alot of you are to nice. This guy isnt not dumb, he is taking advantage of people looking to get into this hobby. If he did it off KS fine, but KS is for funding new idea and helping bring things to fruition. This is not that. He payed for a sample production of his ghost brushes, will collect money, will send some to china to have brushes that are always made the same way and shipped all over dipped in white paint and the word "ghost" pressed into them. Imagine the people investing in these brushes and then paints, minis, who knows what else only to have them curl a few hours in. Anyways, just made this to air my position. I am sure it didnt come across but I wanted to help/warn new painters. Happy Painting. Edit: Final thought, what makes me the most mad is how he repeatedly says he "designed" and my "design" if you are looking for deception find those post and words in his project. He designed nothing. I am to lazy to go back through Ali Baba but several suppliers offer the exact same design.