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  1. Here are some traditional fantasy suggestions: -A colony of giant ants (some small workers, a few medium soldiers, a couple of swarms and a big queen) -A band of gargoyles (some regular ones, a spellcaster and a leader) -A band of nordic adventurers / viking raiders -A group of ents / treefolks -A circle of (evil?) druids and druidesses -Some halfling adventurers (not just of the sneaky variety!) -Classic elementals (air, earth, fire and water; maybe in medium, big and huge size) -Classic undead (unarmored skeletons, mummies, zombies...)
  2. Some sort of lobsterfolk would be nice both for classic fantasy and pirate themed adventures. Google "Homarid", they are an old MTG race but they are generic looking (not in a bad way) enough to convey what I mean. A few warriors (two with spears and two unarmed?) and a shaman would be excellent. You know, similar models but with minor differences, like the Bones 5 trolls.
  3. Giant ants! Whoops! Looks like some giant arthropods have taken over this section of the mine! Our group of adventurers will have to clean the colony of pesky insects and kill their queen! And all those encounters can be resolved with just... 6-8 Worker Ants: small (dog sized, 1x1 base) 3-4 Soldier Ants: medium (dwarf sized, 1x1 base) 1 Queen Ant: large (horse sized, 2x2 base) Aaand... Maybe some Ant Swarms and Ant Larvae too? Giant ants can be quite common as a low-mid level series of encounters and appear in D&D, Pathfinder and OSR games. I think they would make for a nice addition to the Reaper catalogue!
  4. Following the pirate theme of Bones 5 I'd love to see some pirates that have parts of their bodies that are those of sea creatures (think Davy Jones' crew from Pirates of the Caribbean). Reaper actually has one and it's pretty cool looking (14566), but I'd love to have an actual crew of these to face off against the pirate PCs. Also following the pirate theme, I think a few "17th century royal navy" inspired minis would be neat (again, think about the ones that tried to capture Jack Sparrow at the beggining of the first film). I think those would add more variety to the range of enemies that pirate PCs could battle against, some sort of law-enforcer sailors.
  5. I was wondering... Will the Rock Troll be available on the UK warehouse tomorrow too? I ask because the Owlbear arrived the 8th of January. I'm not complaining about the delay, it's just that I was thinking about making an order tomorrow and I don't want to miss my chance of getting this awesome mini So... yeah, just wondering if I should wait a bit more before making my order.
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