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  1. its a quick sketch, but i was thinking something like this
  2. doesn't need to be complicated right? make it clear and include water this would be a great piece
  3. look regularly when the kickstarter is shipped for the leftovers they usually are cheaper than retail i got a lot of bones 4 this way
  4. i think a male lion is coming from lost odyssey but we need females more than males but yeah animals of all kind i'd like to see a giant owl and new sets of familiars
  5. goes on the fire giant with the chain if i remember well
  6. i like your ideas i doubt the numbers but like 4 smalls, 3 mediums, and 1 large would be nice swarm too
  7. gonna keep this one simple 2-inch versions of existing dragons horses (no rider)
  8. they'll probably sell their remaining boxes one the kickstarter is fullfilled i got a good chunk of bones 4 this way even though 5 was my first kickstarter i wouldn't expect bones 6 before september
  9. gnoll witherlings are definitely a great addition to the line (non human undeads are always nice for worldbuilding) and so is more of low level monsters (can't go wrong with more goblinoids) the white dragon is going to be the smaller gargantuan i think
  10. the list is way too long but must contain some good ideas Compsognathus Swarm Fairy Swarm (Clear) Fish Swarm (Clear water) Flower Swarm Huge Naga Huge Stag Beetle Huge/Gargantuan Quetzalcoatlus Jellyfish Swarm (Clear) Large Antlion Large Assassin Vine Large Basilisk Large Bat Large Dragons (Various) Large Fire/Lava Golem (Clear) Large Hag Large Horse Large/Huge Cactus Monster Large/Huge Centipede Large/Huge Dragon Ghost (Clear) Large/Huge Elf Giant Large/Huge Lobster Large/Huge Mummy Large/Huge
  11. here's an optimal topic to put this in https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/76562-bones-youd-like-to-see-thread-4/page/60/
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