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  1. go ask for them in Bones You'd Like to See, should be the best place to ask
  2. at least the classic chimera would be nice (dragonless)
  3. yep, nice product but way past the price range i want the line to "fail" and just be reduced to a premium price not 4 times the price of other wizkids minis
  4. the hand spell were large in older editions, must come from there
  5. drake and large salamanders? i'm in for two
  6. just for a better chance at these some houndfolks birdfolks drakes wurms coatl dire beasts fairy swarm fish swarm wasp swarm more warforged (including small ones) ice, lightning, lava, mud elementals nagas
  7. some terrain pieces stumps fungi cacti and other plants corpses broken barrels, crates, and jars and mimics, lots of different kinds to match the terrain pieces reaper makes
  8. not a fan of packaging stuff as kits i'd be really happy if everything gets released as individual too as for your question mostly everything gets released for retails eventually
  9. i'd say 6 makes a good group for most encounters but you may want 6 melee and 6 ranged +leader
  10. depends on what type of game you want most basic would be a mostly human world add a few undeads, beasts and monster and you got plenty of stuff for many games
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