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  1. animated objects/mimics hound archon/weredog, various beastfolk/werebeasts assassin vines azer cockatrice couatl barbed devil, bearded devil, chain devil bracchiosaurus, elasmosaurus, compsognatus (swarm), pterodactyl/quetzalcoatlus, stegosaurus, pachycephalosaurus, dilophosaurus elementals (lightning, ice, ...) formian hippogriff, pegasus, nightmare (clear) blackscale/large lizardfolk oozes of all sizes giant owl, giant raven salamanders male sphinx, ram head sphinx stirge badger, elephant, rhinoceros, hyena, lizards giant ants, bees/wasps, praying mantis, centipedes
  2. I'd like to see more enormous models that aren't dragons examples primordials/elementals fiends animals/dinosaurs/bugs constructs oozes and a few mythological creatures missing from the bones lines coaltl pegasus classic chimera
  3. most animals, vermins and familiars 03691: Ice Dragon Hatchling 03574: Barbed Devil 03532: Rift Blights 03001: Phoenix 03423: Cerberus 03172: Hippocampus 03092: Axebeak 02716: Demonic Lasher 02631: Cockatrice 02065: Greycloud and more monsters, always more monsters