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  1. ffg's system is fun you only need one of the core books to play, but will get restricted mostly to a theme 2 dice sets works pretty well if you need to play with minis the legion core set, while not cheap, includes a pretty nice amount of generic rebels and stormtroopers for an age of rebellion game
  2. I remember buying the bones 4 giant leeches, they seem to have disappeared from the shop (not out of stock just gone) what is up with that?
  3. a new try would be nice or just distributing the old ones through the pledge manager
  4. You can stick them on 4" bases and they would look right (they stick out a lot of the 3") I will
  5. Interresting, anybody knows if the publisher is any good?
  6. was there a problem with the shop in ontario? the reply seems to have disappeared
  7. wow, thanks this one seems really good
  8. I used to order from reaper directly but all my latest purchases got slapped with extra custom fees with bad exchange rates this gets expensive fast anybody got a shop that carries reaper products in Canada? my local shop only has some leftovers which I already pretty much got through
  9. only thing that could stop me is shipping costs
  10. waiting for those bases in the pledge manager and/or a better exchange rate to pay my shipping any word on bases other than they'll be added at some point?
  11. I'd really like to see quite a few aarakocras angels ape (medium) centaurs clockwork spider couatl crab (small) deer (medium) ghosts (non-humans) giffs goat (large) horse hyenas (medium & large) kenkus kuo-toas nothics octopus (small) owl (large) pixies salamanders sphinx (male) tiger (large) tortles vultures (medium & large) warforgeds wasp (medium) weretigers zombies (non-humans) zombies (gnoll)
  12. Living spells Clockwork creatures Nightwalkers (or giant shadow monsters to avoid copyrights) Non-human ghosts, skeleton and zombies Chitines/Draegloth (Spiderfolk) Undead Gnoll Salamanders Larger lizardfolks Half-Giants and stuff I always say Animal Giant insects Dinosaurs Other types of elementals Coaltl Beastfolk Drakes Warforged Shardminds
  13. You need the same email as used in the kickstarter to get kickstarter prices (answered before I read your full post)
  14. more lycanthropes would be nice except wererats (we have enough of those for a while) more werewolves, werebears, wereboars, weretiger
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