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  1. was there a problem with the shop in ontario? the reply seems to have disappeared
  2. wow, thanks this one seems really good
  3. I used to order from reaper directly but all my latest purchases got slapped with extra custom fees with bad exchange rates this gets expensive fast anybody got a shop that carries reaper products in Canada? my local shop only has some leftovers which I already pretty much got through
  4. only thing that could stop me is shipping costs
  5. waiting for those bases in the pledge manager and/or a better exchange rate to pay my shipping any word on bases other than they'll be added at some point?
  6. I'd really like to see quite a few aarakocras angels ape (medium) centaurs clockwork spider couatl crab (small) deer (medium) ghosts (non-humans) giffs goat (large) horse hyenas (medium & large) kenkus kuo-toas nothics octopus (small) owl (large) pixies salamanders sphinx (male) tiger (large) tortles vultures (medium & large) warforgeds wasp (medium) weretigers zombies (non-humans) zombies (gnoll)
  7. Living spells Clockwork creatures Nightwalkers (or giant shadow monsters to avoid copyrights) Non-human ghosts, skeleton and zombies Chitines/Draegloth (Spiderfolk) Undead Gnoll Salamanders Larger lizardfolks Half-Giants and stuff I always say Animal Giant insects Dinosaurs Other types of elementals Coaltl Beastfolk Drakes Warforged Shardminds
  8. You need the same email as used in the kickstarter to get kickstarter prices (answered before I read your full post)
  9. more lycanthropes would be nice except wererats (we have enough of those for a while) more werewolves, werebears, wereboars, weretiger
  10. eberron is coming so more warforged and shifters/lycanthrope would be more than welcome
  11. A bit long Angels Badger Fire Dwarves Cockatrice Couatl Medium and Smaller Demons and Devils Draegloth Drakes Elementals of other elements (ice, lightning, mud...) Elemental Archon/Myrmidons Flying Dinosaurs Non-Human Ghosts and Undeads Gnoll Undeads Horse and Pony Hyena More werebeasts Mephits (I think one in clear white could be very versatile) Mummy Giant (2"-3" base) Nagas Nightmare Nightwalker Nothic Owl Pegasus (even if there's chance its already in the greek expansion) Pixies Salamanders Sphynx (man head, ram head) Stirges Swarms of Fishes Swarms of Flying Insects Swarm of Snakes Tanarukk Tiger Vultures Wasps
  12. Sadly, officially licensed products with similar price range are mostly always going to take a major shop space not that I dislike Wizkids. Reaper's need to buy bases extra might discourage people to try them. Maybe free bases with a certain threshold in the shop? Kits would be nice ex: want lizardfolk: here is a big package with 1 of each for a little less it could really help starting collectors out of a kickstarter
  13. At least put something for scale, the latest pictures are the mini alone
  14. got mine this weekend, so unless they find some more you're out of luck
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