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  1. its not unreasonable, and i'd like the animal set reaper just has released expansions more by area themes like a farm expansion, a savanah expansion, a jungle expansion, a forest expansion, a water expansion also i don't expect repeat of some they already did like boars and goats and the pack is optional on the camel
  2. been wanting animals for a few kickstarters now, seems like a big ask for one expansion but would see a chunk released per themed expansions
  3. i plan to use belly of the beast as a mimic dungeon might have to work a bit on it though
  4. its 128 because you still have to buy the max of 130
  5. they only have one, and it only comes in a box set this is why i hate box sets...
  6. yes, more swarms (crabs, crows, jellyfishes, piranhas, scorpions, snakes, wasps, worms) though i like them at medium, i use multiple at once to represent the size some more stuff that might be generally useful: animals (large bats, buge bears, chimps, small eels, elephants, large goat/ram, kangaroos, large lizards, monkeys, opossums, large owls, pangolins, porcupines, large ravens, rays, rhinoceros, octopi/squids, tigers, tortoise/turtles, large vulture) animated objects/mimics and matching props (anvils, boats, books/bookshelves, boulders, brooms, candelabras, carpets, carts, chairs, coffins, doors, fountains, frames, haystacks, ladders, mirrors, ovens, pillars, silverware swarms, statues, tables, weapon swarms, wells) barghests giant bugs (huge beetles, huge centipedes, large cockroaches, huge crabs/hermit crabs, large praying mantis, huge wasps) couatl (medium & large) dinosaurs (brontosaurus, elasmosaurus, pachycephalosaurus, protoceratops, pteranodon, quetzalcoatlus, spinosaurus, stegosaurus) dragons to fit on a 2 inches base elementals (ice, lightning) plant monsters undeads of non-humans more specific: wood giants [basically large elves] leshys [plantfolks from pathfinder] linnorm, sea serpent [alternatives to more dragons of similar sizes] humanoid slimes
  7. not yet, but i would want them to be released individually since steam and smoke share a sculpt
  8. the pathfinder goblins seems to be looking like the first framework product worth it though
  9. i want little friendly plantfolks well friendly is optional
  10. pretty sure the bones white molds cannot be used for any other material the big pieces in white are still pretty good like goremaw and many of the dragons
  11. pretty sure all 3 lines will continue existing og bones seems optimal for large minis black for small ones coming from kickstarter (mass) and usa for small in-house batches
  12. i received mine, otherwise no way i'd have thrown money in for another ks sad to see yours didn't get to you
  13. more dwarf, elf, gnome and halfling npcs would be nice
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