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  1. gnoll witherlings are definitely a great addition to the line (non human undeads are always nice for worldbuilding) and so is more of low level monsters (can't go wrong with more goblinoids) the white dragon is going to be the smaller gargantuan i think
  2. the list is way too long but must contain some good ideas Compsognathus Swarm Fairy Swarm (Clear) Fish Swarm (Clear water) Flower Swarm Huge Naga Huge Stag Beetle Huge/Gargantuan Quetzalcoatlus Jellyfish Swarm (Clear) Large Antlion Large Assassin Vine Large Basilisk Large Bat Large Dragons (Various) Large Fire/Lava Golem (Clear) Large Hag Large Horse Large/Huge Cactus Monster Large/Huge Centipede Large/Huge Dragon Ghost (Clear) Large/Huge Elf Giant Large/Huge Lobster Large/Huge Mummy Large/Huge Ruin Elemental Large Kelpie Large Male Sphinx Large Owl Large Pachycephalosaurus Large Praying Mantis Large Pteranodon Large Raven Large Rhinoceros Large Slug Large Tiger Large Undead Fetus Large Vulture Large Walrus Large Wasp (Clear Wings) Maggot Swarm Medium Birdfolks Medium Bugbear Zombie Medium Chain Devil Medium Demon Dwarf Medium Elf Ghost (Clear) Medium Fire Dwarves (Clear) Medium Gnoll Zombie Medium/Huge Lizard Medium/Large Albatross Medium/Large Angels Medium/Large Ants Medium/Large Antfolks Medium/Large Bargest Medium/Large Couatl Medium/Large/Huge Drakes Medium/Large/Huge Fairy Dragon Medium/Large/Huge Topiary/Plant Creatures Medium/Large Ice Elementals (Clear) Medium/Large Krenshar Medium/Large Lava Elemental (Clear) Medium/Large Lightning Elementals (Clear) Medium/Large Poison Elemental (Clear) Medium/Large Salamander (Clear) Medium/Large Smoke/Fog Elementals (Clear) Medium/Large Squid Medium Maggot Undead Medium Mandrakes Medium Orc Ghost (Clear) Medium Protoceratops Medium Seal Medium Selkie Medium Snakefolk Zombie Medium Toad Medium Turtle Small Goblin Skeleton Small Halfling Ghost (Clear) Small/Huge Crabs Small Kobold Zombie Small/Large Lizardfolk Small/Medium Dimorphodon/Dorygnathus Small/Medium/Large Warforged Small/Medium/Large/Huge Animated Objects Small/Medium/Large/Huge Clockworks Small Octopus Small Will-O'-The-Wisp (Clear) Wasp Swarm Weapon Twister
  3. here's an optimal topic to put this in https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/76562-bones-youd-like-to-see-thread-4/page/60/
  4. Well maybe I'm also in an optimal area? I'm located within 30 minutes away from Montreal and from the frontier or maybe my local shop just receives its orders on just the right day?
  5. wave 13 made its way to canada, so the states should easily have them by now
  6. fedex says they're still waiting mine
  7. none of the Christmas paints i have received were damaged but maybe shipping to Canada is slightly faster?
  8. ffg's system is fun you only need one of the core books to play, but will get restricted mostly to a theme 2 dice sets works pretty well if you need to play with minis the legion core set, while not cheap, includes a pretty nice amount of generic rebels and stormtroopers for an age of rebellion game
  9. I remember buying the bones 4 giant leeches, they seem to have disappeared from the shop (not out of stock just gone) what is up with that?
  10. a new try would be nice or just distributing the old ones through the pledge manager
  11. You can stick them on 4" bases and they would look right (they stick out a lot of the 3") I will
  12. Interresting, anybody knows if the publisher is any good?
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