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  1. more dwarf, elf, gnome and halfling npcs would be nice
  2. that giant and the tarrasque sculpt did me in, guess i'll be working some overtime
  3. it looks nice but so expensive especially with that shipping
  4. looking at 3rd edition, they were medium too
  5. why do you have so many tabs open?! your basket goes to the right so that space is used
  6. you don't have to have stuff missing they give stuff randomly on orders at times
  7. they don't always send a new mini but they always at least replace the part or refund it their service is great
  8. this, if they wanted to make the pledge manager into a second kickstarter it makes no sense but i'm up for it if we're made aware of it
  9. we could use more smaller dragons and big ones always sell it would be quite successful
  10. yeah the chibis definitely slowed down the kickstarter and set of stuff everybody has
  11. i want more swarms: fishes crows seagulls wasps rabbits and a dire chicken to be silly
  12. pretty sure reaper got surprised by how things got slow really fast, they had to react quickly
  13. i want the deep ones, the dragon and the tortoise! isn't that merrow with the goblins and stirges?
  14. wizkids won't make anything better than this one anyway
  15. these are the characters from the cartoon right?
  16. go ask for them in Bones You'd Like to See, should be the best place to ask
  17. at least the classic chimera would be nice (dragonless)
  18. yep, nice product but way past the price range i want the line to "fail" and just be reduced to a premium price not 4 times the price of other wizkids minis
  19. framework should fail, way too expensive
  20. the hand spell were large in older editions, must come from there
  21. drake and large salamanders? i'm in for two
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