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  1. just for a better chance at these some houndfolks birdfolks drakes wurms coatl dire beasts fairy swarm fish swarm wasp swarm more warforged (including small ones) ice, lightning, lava, mud elementals nagas
  2. some terrain pieces stumps fungi cacti and other plants corpses broken barrels, crates, and jars and mimics, lots of different kinds to match the terrain pieces reaper makes
  3. not a fan of packaging stuff as kits i'd be really happy if everything gets released as individual too as for your question mostly everything gets released for retails eventually
  4. i'd say 6 makes a good group for most encounters but you may want 6 melee and 6 ranged +leader
  5. depends on what type of game you want most basic would be a mostly human world add a few undeads, beasts and monster and you got plenty of stuff for many games
  6. look at the bones 5 kickstarter page most of them just come from there
  7. there is already a bones kraken, so better chances for a leviathan i guess? would totally go for a leviathan
  8. would go for most of these but you remind me a maglubiyet would be nice
  9. definitely wouldn't back anything before i've received everything pretty sure at this point a fs3 wouldn't have many backers
  10. hope the salamanders are in clear plastic
  11. more non-human undeads missing bugs and animals
  12. lots of people wanted the pledge manager to stay open so they kept it open this summer for a second coming of bones 5
  13. they should at least stop funding more projects before people get their stuff come on we can wait but stop expecting people to be ready to jump on another project while waiting on their pledges from what 5 kickstarters ago
  14. am I the only one bothered by the facts that the encounters hit retail in big packages? like i'd order more dwarf zombies and ghosts but i don't need duplicates of the other pieces
  15. all i can say, is prime using the mini's most used color
  16. in my experience if you stay under 100$ US you're a lot less likely to have custom fees
  17. its a quick sketch, but i was thinking something like this
  18. doesn't need to be complicated right? make it clear and include water this would be a great piece
  19. look regularly when the kickstarter is shipped for the leftovers they usually are cheaper than retail i got a lot of bones 4 this way
  20. i think a male lion is coming from lost odyssey but we need females more than males but yeah animals of all kind i'd like to see a giant owl and new sets of familiars
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