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  1. I'm really happy to have finally gotten my mini's from Bones 4. A lot of them turned out nice and I'm surprised on how big some of them are. It's been a fun ride getting them. With that said, I'm a bit disappointed in Baba Yaga's Hut. I've seen a number of people who didn't like how the legs came glued, not seperate and I feel like I'm now the majority of those people. The problem with Baba Yaga's Hut is that it's hard to get to stand up properly. The lack of support causes it to fall easily and I believe its because of the feet itself. It also didn't come with a stand, so I know t
  2. Hello. I'm wondering if Bones 4 has shipped yet? I'm curious because I heard it was suppose to happen sometime in Feburary, but I've not gotten a update on my emails for a while, so I'm wondering whats going on currently.
  3. I just got my Rock Troll in the mail and I was surprised on how fast delivery was. I love the model and the base that came with it (It was tricky to attach, but glue did the trick just fine) and how cheap it was! I also brought the Owl Bear last month and was greatly pleased with it as well. I'm really hyped for what else gets released. I'm also hyped to see if you'll have some form of a certain famous eyeball monster along the line.
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