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  1. The add-ons for stl files seem too expensive to me. I like the idea, but I'll pass.
  2. The game rules for Dark Souls were just plain bad. Without house ruling a bunch of things it was exceptionally monotonous. Plus, they changed the planned availability of some of the add-ons after the pledge manager closed. So if you were intending to pick it up at retail you were just out of luck. Not to mention the several years delay to get everything shipped. I think it was close to 3 years from the time the base game shipped to when the rest of the stuff was sent - with stretch goals being almost the last thing done, as I recall. Only retailers were treated worse, I believe.
  3. I haven't followed them much either, but Dark Souls was bad enough to leave a permanent negative impression. And the boards for this one look like it could function similarly, so I'm going to stay away.
  4. Mine has arrived too. All I did was take everything out of the shipping box so far, but I'll look through it all this weekend. Edit: Well, I only made it through a couple of the boxes this weekend. But I found that I'm missing the Coral Beach character from the core game, so you can be sure that I'm going to make sure everything else is correct.
  5. This could get to be a long list. So I'll work from newest to oldest March to Hell Rome - stl files fulfilling Field of Screams - due October 21 Blood & Plunder: Raise the Black - due October 21 Star Scrappers: Battledrill - core stl's done. Stretch goals pending. Townbuilder Unlimited - mostly done Blacklist Miniatures: Fantasy 1 - on the boat (I think) HD Bases by Secret Weapon - base stock on a boat and waiting to get into port Tanares Adventures - Wave 1 is waiting for a container, but things seem to be progressing nicely. Infinity Defiance - Wave 1 shipping Time of Legends 1.5 - going into production Battletech: Clan Invasion - Wave 1 done, wave 2 pending War Mage Diary - late, but should be shipping in the next 2 months Gangfight Skirmish - way late, but supposedly being printed Various Mierce Miniatures projects - way late, but still chugging along Kingdom Death 1.5 - will get the rest when it's done Siege of the Citadel - expected today GNL mats - dead and gone Myth: Journeyman - renewed life. No idea when to expect the missing stuff Teramyyd: Earthsphere - theoretically still going, but haven't heard anything in a long time Imbrian Arts - No chance this is going to be completed.
  6. I'm finally about to get my core set - with the add-ons in a couple weeks I hear. I'll be glad to have this done finally.
  7. I immediately thought of Flying Pig and Son of Flying Pig from Kids in the Hall. Showing my age a bit....
  8. Finally got my delivery yesterday. Haven't had time to even open the box yet, but hopefully tonight.
  9. My friend ended up backing, but just for $1 so he could get the Celtic and Viking add-ons in the pledge manager. Those things he (and I since we eventually will again game together a lot) has a use for. But no real use for The Frost.
  10. I REALLY prefer Archvillain's stuff for March (even though I dropped because I don't need those gothic/religious rats), and I suspect another maker I support will put out a nice "army" set at some point. Nothing in this set really enticed me at all.
  11. I was tempted to get the stl files, but the price seems high to me so I'm safe. Wish you a very successful campaign though!
  12. I just got a notice from Fedex. Looks like my stuff should be delivered in a week or so.
  13. A friend of mine jumped in right away. I've played several of their games and always have a great time. Tiny Epic Galaxies is probably my favorite, but this looks like a blast.
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