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  1. My friend ended up backing, but just for $1 so he could get the Celtic and Viking add-ons in the pledge manager. Those things he (and I since we eventually will again game together a lot) has a use for. But no real use for The Frost.
  2. I REALLY prefer Archvillain's stuff for March (even though I dropped because I don't need those gothic/religious rats), and I suspect another maker I support will put out a nice "army" set at some point. Nothing in this set really enticed me at all.
  3. I was tempted to get the stl files, but the price seems high to me so I'm safe. Wish you a very successful campaign though!
  4. I just got a notice from Fedex. Looks like my stuff should be delivered in a week or so.
  5. A friend of mine jumped in right away. I've played several of their games and always have a great time. Tiny Epic Galaxies is probably my favorite, but this looks like a blast.
  6. Very nice and creepy beastie. Really like what you did for the whole thing. I've never managed to get metallics to look that smooth. Great job!
  7. Yes, that does seem reasonable for resin. But I'm really into just printing my own these days. Thingiverse, Patreon, and MyMiniactory are my friends. LOL
  8. Thinking this will be a hard pass for me. Last Zcide I backed was Green Horde and that's still in the sealed shipping box. But I do have a fondness for old west games.
  9. There's some nice stuff here, but the digital files seem on the expensive side to me.
  10. Kind of reminds me of the characters in the Too Many Bones board game.
  11. Did anyone receive a shipping notice, or did they just show up? Mine should be coming too.
  12. Yeah, a friend of mine is backing Gridwars. I'm thinking that we'll just check out the app that comes with that and make a decision on Bloodfields after that.
  13. Did anyone end up backing this? I have my resin printer now and the minis look great and the game looks like fun. I'm mostly curious about the mobile app. Sounds like it could have some nice features, but I can't find it anywhere so I'm guessing it's a private release. Any info would be very much appreciated.
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