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  1. I'm not looking....I'm not loo.....Ohhhh shiny!
  2. I'm waiting on Super Fantasy Brawl and JoA 1.5, but that will be it for me from Mythic. I'm out for anything else unless they clean up their act a lot.
  3. I'll take a look at this. Guess I should think more about a resin printer.
  4. Not surprised at all by the additional delay. And honestly, I have TONS of content that I haven't even opened yet, so I'm not concerned. When we do get everything, I have no doubt it will be awesome. Plus, he did say the pinups could be coming ahead of the rest of wave 3. I'm good with that. And as for the virtual tabletop, I'll definitely be checking that out soon!
  5. I'm watching for now. Will dig into it more later.
  6. Feudal Asia? Oh my....I will probably have to back this.
  7. I ended up pledging in the last 10 minutes. So did a friend of mine. Already getting Altar Quest, so why not.
  8. I might need to watch for this one.
  9. Congratulations to them! It's awesome. And I liked Adam's post.
  10. I was crazy busy and missed it. Hope I can late pledge
  11. I'm resisting for now. Haven't even printed anything from the Clorehaven project yet.
  12. Such outdated information. They've completed a whole bunch of stuff successfully. And I've had no problem with their quality for the price. That being said, I have no interest in the game.
  13. I just cancelled my pledge. It just wasn't resonating with me like I thought it would.
  14. Another resin printer to consider would be the phrozen sonic mini. Could print WAY faster. That's one I'm considering.... in addition to others. But for this project, the models just aren't grabbing me. I think I'm safe.
  15. Personally, I'd rather just print the bases with the textures they've created.
  16. It all depends on how they've cut up the parts. Need to know the size of them to determine if they'll fit on the print bed. Could probably ask them if you'll be able to print with the photon.
  17. Think I'm going to be in for this one.
  18. I was restrained. Reopening the pledge manager would sorely test my resolve.
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