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  1. *jibber jabber blubber splurt* (that's my mind being blown from all this building momentum)


    Just sayin'.....


    It's going to be one fun ride for the final week. I was an evil enabler at my game last night. Think I convinced a couple people to throw in a few hundred bucks at least. Muahahahaha.... Now, I don't really NEED to eat for the next few weeks, right?

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  2. I did it! It took me 4 days, but I've finally done it! I have just read every single post on this thread. Gotta tell you that it was quite a feat considering that almost 40 pages have been added since I started. Ok, so now that I'm all caught up (with this thread)... What's the big deal?


    Alright, I'm kidding. This is awesome, and I'm so glad I saw the KS page a couple weeks ago. I'm in for Vampire and some extras (to be determined later) at this moment, but I think I might have to find a bit more funding.


    Buglips, you are a riot - and you could probably start one. Thanks for all the entertainment. And thanks to everyone else for all the great stuff that's been discussed here.


    And one more thought before I go back to kind of lurking. Clockwork Dragons Rule! I'm gonna call mine "Ben".

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  3. If a troop loses its leader, do the remaining figures have to take discipline checks? Played my first game yesterday and my opponent and I both thought this should be the case - at the very least for figures that would be out of cohesion once the leader was killed. Also, this would make Shaken a much more threatening circumstance.


    If there is already a thread about this, please just point me in the right direction.



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