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  1. I've received 3 different games from Archon.  Had a few broken fingers in the first game set, but they quickly replaced the models.  Everything else has been great.  The 3rd game is just the first wave so far, but there will be another wave coming.  As far as the games themselves, LOAD is rather dull and I'm probably just going to keep the minis.  Vanguard of War is really a lot of fun.  My group has enjoyed it quite a bit.  Haven't tried VoW Zombies yet, but hope to soon.

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  2. Thank you for the replies.  Definitely useful information.  But let me ask this differently.  Are the Star/Lance packs assembled with some kind of theme in mind, or are they effectively a random assortment?  If they are thematic, what battlefield roles are best to address as a beginner?


    And thank you!  That was really helpful!

    Oh, and I'm not ruling out Star Colonel yet.  I did buy the AGoAC box.  Should be delivered in a few days.

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