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  1. Anybody that didn't get the Gambler's Chest is going to be kicking themselves...hard.  I'm guessing the price will be $275 when the pledge manager opens again.  It was $200 last time, wasn't it?


    I await The KING!

  2. 17 hours ago, Knight of the Dinner Table said:

    It's not going as fast as they thought it would? Another add-on ... this time KS exclusive. Might tip me over the line to drop out.


    Probably the best thing for backers is that this thing doesn't go very fast.  I think Hate really underperformed from their expectations, so they ended up making the stretch goal gaps narrower than they normally do toward the end.  If I remember correctly.

  3. 19 hours ago, Talae said:

    I thought this looked great from the images and the video, but it sounds like I need to go watch some gameplay videos.


    I would definitely recommend watching some game play before you decide.  To me, it's an interesting idea with really lackluster mechanics.  For how they are billing this as a dreamscape, anything should be possible.  But as Ced described, it's more of a "I need this color, but only have other colors.  Guess I'll just end my turn" kind of thing.


    Oh, and Aku-Chan...yes, it was the library encounter.  Zzzzzzzz....

  4. There is already a thread for this.


    I dropped this one too.  Watched one of the Rolling Solo scenario play through videos (part 4, I believe) and was pretty much bored through the whole thing.  Yes, there can be a sense of discovery, but the "monster" was a non-factor throughout the entire scenario.

  5. You'll have lots of fun printing these, I'm sure.  I already bought a bunch of other stuff, so I might try to resist.

    Just now, Clearman said:

    I'm on the fence about this one.  I missed their previous Kickstarter, but have bought some at retail and they are very nice models.  But the buy-in prices are a bit on the high side compared to other STL based projects that I have backed.  That is probably the one thing that is keeping me from pulling the trigger.

    I don't know that I agree.  There is a pretty large number of unique parts for the price.  But if you wouldn't use many of the parts, then I would definitely agree.

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