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  1. I have a bunch of stuff from their first orcs campaign.  Really nice quality, in my opinion.  But I haven't actually assembled/painted any of it yet.  But I do have a project for them now that I'm thinking about it.  And I really do like the look of these.  Did anybody get the dwarves?

  2. It's because of the KS exclusive expansions that I dropped.  In my opinion those expansions are not good value.  At $25 each I would think they are reasonable, but certainly not at $40.  And I actually feel fine with that decision.  Very sorry that I missed Carnival Zombie though.

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  3. I'm a little disheartened that this has started to deliver before Sine Tempore - which was funded almost a year earlier.  But I'm also anxious to play this.  Have to see if my nephew got his delivery yet.

  4. My 3 copies arrived on Saturday - no shipping notice.  Two have already been sold and I'm debating about selling the last one as well.   So...haven't opened anything yet.

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