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  1. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/titanforgeminis/gridwars?ref=section-homepage-view-more-recommendations-p1 I removed a link to their Patreon that was in the content below. Welcome to GRIDWARS: Age of Cyberpunk! Join us in the cyber creation of the next-generation future tabletop wargame! This game can be entirely printed on your home 3D printer! By joining the campaign you can get almost 100 pre-supported STL models of unique sci-fi characters for all your gaming needs! You also get the complete GRIDWARS rules and all the accessories to put those miniatures straight into the action! This campaign has a strict "no waiting & no delays" guarantee! You can download the entire core content required to play right after Kickstarter processing! All sci-fi genres in one place: cyberpunk, marines, aliens, post-apo, science-fantasy, and more! After this campaign ends, Cyber Forge will be featuring additional GRIDWARS content and miniatures for you to expand your playable character range! Beneath you can see everything you get to print for just 29€! And there are even more freebies coming with each stretch goal we unlock in this campaign! Reinforce your sci-fi collection with a ton of cyberpunk characters, mechs, and buildings!
  2. I just can't get into this project for some reason. I like the game system and concept, but I'm just feeling "meh" about these files. There is an undersea patreon this month though that definitely has my attention.
  3. Everything received. Now I just need to figure out where to put it all. LOTS of stuff.
  4. Yeah, I don't see Patreon going away anytime soon. For a lot of creators that is a great source of ongoing monthly income and it's only growing as 3d printing becomes more and more popular. Sadly, I'm not backing this project simply because I got so much variety from the first one and this one just isn't grabbing me.
  5. Good price on the early bird, but overall I'm not excited by them. And I do have "20" other dragons already.
  6. I really like the models, but I don't think I have a need for them. Going to ponder it for a bit.
  7. Mine hasn't shipped yet either. No hurry really since I do have "20" other miniatures to assemble and paint.
  8. That just might get me to pledge. Watching for now.
  9. Really nice, but I have a friend pledging on this one. I'm safe. :-)
  10. Thanks for the heads-up. Still no word on mine (although I last checked a few days ago), but hopefully it's coming in short order.
  11. Yep...that was a spendy endeavor. I bought most of the minis, but none of the terrain from their store.
  12. Yeah, I still have A LOT of stuff outstanding from Mierce. I did receive more in November though, so at least there is progress. And some of the other stuff I requested in metal, so I know that slows things down even more. But ultimately I think I'm done supporting them in the future. There are plenty of good digital sculptors out there and I do have a resin printer that costs much less to operate. I've actually considered asking Rob if they would simply provide stl files instead of the physical models and I'll call it good.
  13. Yep. I have looked and purchased from MMF and I've found lots of things on Thingiverse. And now I'm thinking that Lost Kingdom will be my first Patreon. It seems that if I become a patron AND use the discount code on the KS page I can save 40%. This could be dangerous.
  14. REALLY wish I had gotten in on the previous stl file kickstarter. I'm in on this one for sure though! Sadly, I can't afford more than a few of the previous files at the current prices. Even with the temporary 20% discount.
  15. Just the 1.6 pack for me since I already ordered everything else...that I know about.
  16. Kind of have a GW feel to them, and I'm not sure that's a good thing.
  17. I'm in. Just started printing in resin and the machine makes incredible models! These should be even more impressive.
  18. Mine arrived yesterday too. It's always fun when the stretch goal box is bigger than the original game box (or at least it feels bigger to me). I haven't opened anything yet. Getting my Elegoo Saturn printer set up and running.
  19. Yeah, I won't have anything to do with Steamforged ever again. Dark Souls was THAT bad to me.
  20. Nice stuff. I'm waiting on my Elegoo Saturn. Supposedly it shipped from China last week. But my friend pledged on this, so I'll let him have this one. :-)
  21. I may jump in on this. I received an email the other day to confirm my address for Altar Quest, so should be showing up soon.
  22. I received my wave 1 stuff too. But I really don't understand the point of the $15 pilot add-on decks. They don't contain any real gameplay content. Certainly not what I expected them to be. They're really just art cards with some character background info on the other side. Other than that, awesome stuff!
  23. Yeah, I'm kind of regretting not going for more too. But I did get one of the BIG models. We'll see soon, I hope.
  24. Now this could be very hard to resist.
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