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  1. A bit more information about the new adventures:


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    The WitchBorn CorporationCreatorabout 10 hours ago

    Kenny, excellent question. The two new adventures are built for cooperative or solo play. You’ll create your war clan, a band of 8 adventurers who start broke, unskilled, and 0 level.

    In Field of Screams, your war clan is tasked with tracking down a criminal and bringing them back to justice in Asylum. There is an overgrown field of long grass so thick its like wading against a current. Each round, your warriors take turns, initially moving across the field and dragging the prisoner along. Three things get in your way.

    First, are random events. (This is where the app comes in). You may run into the scarecrows, WitchBorn centaurs, Blood Runners, Jotunn, and strangers—some friendly—some not! As a solo player, you shouldn’t read ahead in the app but just read the boxed text, make decisions, and then let the GM notes tell you how to resolve the situation.

    Second, the prisoner takes random actions on their turn, trying to escape, cause problems, or even help. And I should mention there are multiple possibilities for who the prisoners can be, including characters you’ve met in previous adventures.

    And worst of all, it is plains wyvern mating season (see update 4). These beasts are incredibly tough flesh eaters that are drawn to motion and sound. Just moving through the field can attract them and, worse ,disturbances like fighting WitchBorn or even just conversing with a friendly NPC can draw wyvern to you. These wyvern are trying to find meaty morsels as offerings to their queen! (It is mating season).

    Each of your warriors acts independently, fighting, moving, shepherding the prisoner, and more. You decide how to get your crew safely across the field—but it is lethal—and sometimes even extreme caution cannot save you!

    If you succeed, your war clan earns gold and treasure to improve your warriors. They also earn experience which we call Shadow, and they may level up and improve an ability score or earn a new skill. The next time you play this or another adventure everything is random again but you’re also a little tougher and smarter.

    Seven Sleeping Kings is completely different adventure. It is a dungeon crawl where you warriors explore a lost Dwarven kingdom and encounter a harrowing amount of WitchBorn, Children of the Moon, and more along the way.

    Earlier adventures have options for solo play as well.


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  2. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/fieldofscreams/field-of-screams?ref=user_menu


    Just wanted to throw this one out there.  Witchborn is a rather cool tabletop minis game, but there is also a companion app for each scenario with a lot of variety that allows you to play that scenario many times, but each one can be a very different experience.  Your warband will also evolve over time.  I discovered the game at GenCon in 2017 and have really enjoyed it every time I've played.  Plus, Cory is really cool and responsive.  I haven't checked this out yet, but you can also play the game on Roll20.


    Did I mention that they use Reaper Bones minis?



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  3. I pledged for the base set too.  I really like the game (even though I've only played once), and I love that it can accommodate ship to ship, ship to land and all land combats.  We had a blast the one time we played.  Just need to find more time to play.  So many games, so little time.

  4. Well, looks like Hasbro is doing their own version of a kickstarter for a new release of one of the all-time classics.  I don't know if their site for the crowdfunding would be considered as a commercial site, but I'm sure it will be easy enough to find.  I'm in!

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  5. I still just can't seem to get myself interested in this game for some reason.  A friend of mine said I should back it, but nothing is grabbing me in the slightest.  I'm actually more tempted to just sell the original stuff.

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  6. I'm watching, but just not very excited about this for some reason.  We had fun with the original game, but only played it a few times.  Don't really want to throw more money into a game I'll probably never play.

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