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  1. I wouldn't want to drop those onto a wood or marble table very much. But they sure are pretty.
  2. Just start going through the survey. There is a question asking if you'd prefer to have the $75 credit - either for the store or the pledge manager. I got the same email the other day.
  3. I pledged for 3 for gifts (next year) and shipping added 15 euros. I may bow out to find something more quickly. We'll see.
  4. I rather like this idea. I might have to pledge.
  5. This is just SO...MUCH...STUFF!!! Can't wait!
  6. Gotta say...i like the vehicles more than the minis. But have no idea what I'd do with them.
  7. Right at the top of the project it says all models are pre-supported (except stretch goals). Sounds like that's going to be a problem. And now it gives me pause too.
  8. I'm really digging this project. And the lizardmen add-on looks really nice. Might have to get that too.
  9. Ok, that might get me to change my mind. Maybe.
  10. Yeah, I'm waiting on my Saturn too. Didn't have time to look at adding to my pledge over the weekend, but should be able to tonight. Might need the undead to go with my KoW army. Similar theme, so they should work. Or are they going to be bigger than Mantic models?
  11. I dropped out. Not at all interested in the Cthulhu stuff, I have plenty of similar buildings, and overall the pirates aren't grabbing me. The ships would certainly be cool, but I can just as easily do without them too.
  12. Hey, it's only been about 7 years. And at least a year since he last said anything. He's still not admitting it's done though...... I stand corrected. The last official update was October 2017. The last time he commented was over a year ago. And yet, he was last signed in to kickstarter earlier this month.
  13. I'm interested, but not sure when my resin printer will arrive. I got in on the pre-order for the Elegoo Saturn. Butt yeah.... lots of head gear
  14. I'm starting to think I'll just design something in Tinkercad and print my own simple paint holders.
  15. I pledged on the EB, but I'm not really sold on it yet. Plus, I still need to get a resin printer.
  16. We'll see, but I don't really need more Cthulhu-type stuff.
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