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  1. 2 hours ago, Lidless Eye said:


    Didn't that apply to a good chunk of the supposedly non-Kickstartet exclusive items?

    I think everything else (that wasn't KS exclusive) eventually made it to retail.  Just not that box.

    But I just looked and it appears the elementals actually did make it to retail.  At least it's listed on a couple online shops.

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  2. I love his work and own many of the models he's sculpted for others.  I skipped the first project due to funds, but I might just have to jump in this time.  But a resin 3d printer might trump this.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Gadgetman! said:


    At that size, a fat Delta printer is probably the best because there the bed doesn't move at all. 


    Slicers used to have settings for print speed at different layer height, so that you could get it to print at lower speed when it gets to a specific altitude. That could be used to combat the inertia issues of large prints. I think that type of setting just disappeared as printers became more robust.   

    Cura still allows you to adjust the speeds, I believe.  But I haven't been paying much attention because I have settings pretty much the way I like them.  Just minor tweaks depending on the model I'm printing.

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  4. How does the original game actually play?  I watched a video of a game and it seemed rather dull.  But maybe that was just the people I was watching.  Seemed like a lot of running away, and that just doesn't sound cinematic to me.

  5. Not surprised at all by the additional delay.  And honestly, I have TONS of content that I haven't even opened yet, so I'm not concerned.  When we do get everything, I have no doubt it will be awesome.  Plus, he did say the pinups could be coming ahead of the rest of wave 3.  I'm good with that.


    And as for the virtual tabletop, I'll definitely be checking that out soon!

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