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  1. I simply can't justify the price regardless of how nice the minis look.  So I'm going to have to give this one a pass.  I do hope the project does well though.  Could be fun to watch.

    Ok, so maybe....

  2. 22 hours ago, Jasper_the_2nd said:

    Should have been a KS message. Mine came the evening of Feb 17th.

    I don't believe the link to survey monkey is unique (it asks for name and primary email), so if any one wants it just PM me.  


    The KS message was only for people that pledged high enough during the live campaign.  Those of us that upgraded during the pledge manager are supposed to wait for an email rather than a KS message.  I don't want to risk messing something up.


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  3. 11 hours ago, WhiteWulfe said:

    Good to know. I'll take a look in a bit then, doubly so if it's open for a little while. 

    They've stated that the pledge manager will be open until March 18th.  We'll see.


    I'd love to go with the all-in pledge, but I simply can't swing that.  Ok, I could...but I shouldn't.  I have to answer to somebody else these days.

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  4. The pledge manager is open.  Existing pledgers should wait for the email.  Late backers can go out to Gamefound and sign up.


    I already got the email, but I'm limiting myself to a maximum of 4 reinforcement packs.


    So here's my dilemma.  I already have Operation: Icefront, Operation: Red Veil, Operation: Wildfire, the JSA army box, and the "Beyond" boxes for Icestorm and Red Veil.  Do I expand on the stuff I already have, or do I go into something new?  I think the Onyx and Morat packs are a given since they fit the theme of the main Defiance game, but so many other choices....

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  5. 2 hours ago, Chrome said:

    On Monday, pushed a new KS Update #175. The first half is a reminder about getting your missing printed materials. The 2nd included this:


    So they are definitely running another KS for future products. This is disappointing, but not surprising, since KS seems to be their corporate publishing plan.


    Given Myth's horrible history with KS I can't really imagine this will go well. :down: They're going to need some truly amazing stuff to convince me to back again.

    But remember that the Myth property was acquired by Ulisses Spiele.  Completely different people running the show now.  And they have a history of delivering on their Kickstarter projects.  Mostly RPG stuff, I think, but also a card game.  Not sure if there has been anything else.  The Dark Eye and Torg Eternity are the two biggest that I know about.

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  6. 4 hours ago, WhiteWulfe said:

    At the moment it's Feb 9th (time unspecified), but with the delay there seems to be an air of hope in the comments about a possible extention, although nothing official has been mentioned so far. 


    I also agree, it would be nice if add-ons got their surveys so we could use the credit. 


    I'm also absolutely nuts and thinking for second wind I might add in another two Star Colonels, but that just seems beyond silly.  Sure would get me all my mechs, plus enough elementals for everyone though... >.>;;;  it was a quick idea, probably won't follow through on it though, since it's a tad too crazy ::P:

    Isn't crazy what we do best around here?  I'd do that myself if it was entirely my decision (but it's not).  

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  7. Yes, I'm hoping that they get the surveys out to the add-on Star Colonel pledgers too.  I'd think about doing a 2nd Star Colonel pledge too, but I think ultimately that's just going to be overkill.  But I think I will go back to my pledge and make sure I have all the Wave 1 stuff prioritized (after considering the $75 credit - which will likely just add more mechs) and then add the few other Wave 2 items whenever I get the credit.

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  8. I keep going back and forth on what I want to get.  The army deals are great value, but do I need hundreds of more miniatures that I highly doubt I'll ever get around to painting?  And yes, I definitely understand need is not really a consideration.  So...do I want to spend money on hundreds of miniatures that will likely get packed away for years/forever?  I better decide quickly.

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