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  1. I'm so undecided.  Currently at Bloodnamed and could do this.....

    Already have the AGoAC box,  so have 2 lances. Select 2 additional lance packs for a total of 4. That will also give me 2 omnis - plus another 3 for the pledge level. That gives me a star. Plus the clan box. And then I could use my last 2 selections for 2 more stars. Balanced groups, but not even close to balanced power. 


    So I think I'm going to bump up to Star Colonel, get both Comstar packs, 6 lances and 4 stars.... and maybe just add a couple more.

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  2. 3 hours ago, ced1106 said:

    How are the miniatures?


    Diemension Games just started their Dawn of Madness KS, with a 24-hour window to get the free expansion. $150+ for the game with miniatures, though. :mellow:

    The quality of the miniatures is pretty comparable with most other board game minis.  Our complaint is that some look too similar to others so we confuse which is which.  However, that shouldn't be a concern with Dawn of Madness since each sculpt is unique (so far).  Maybe Talae has a different opinion.

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  3. 8 hours ago, Talae said:

    This might be me too. I do enjoy the game and it is a good single player game, but I have other games to scratch that itch. I wonder how much all of what I have is worth compared to what I paid...

    I'm not sure, but I think you might be able to make a little profit.  All of my stuff is still sealed except for the core game, so that should help.

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  4. Now I NEED to see this mystery goal.  They put a teaser up on youtube that shows it as something BIG.  And I'm not disappointed with the Haqqislam reinforcement pack.  Nice stuff.  Probably that one and JSA for me.

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  5. I backed one of their previous projects (gothic city, I believe) and there was a stream of updates and releases.  I haven't had a chance to print anything yet, but all the parts have been released.  My only (minor) complaint was that everything was sent through kickstarter messages when the files became available.

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  6. 21 hours ago, rubegon said:


    Same here - doing Platinum and planning on maybe 2 reinforcement packs mostly to get cool minis to paint.  I’m also thinking of getting one of the Infinity starter sets to dip a toe into the Infinity main game - Red Veil or Coldfront maybe.  If I do that now, that will help me decide which packs to add on.


    I see Haqqislam is coming in one of the upcoming unlocks now.


    Yes, and Haqqislam is actually the one I'm most excited about.  But I have a feeling one of my friends will love JSA.

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  7. 51 minutes ago, Balgin Stondraeg said:

    I know it's been a long time but the rest of my rewards all turned up in the post today. It seems we might finally be seeing the end of this campaign's fulfilment soon.

    Yes, my stretch goals finally showed up yesterday too.  I'll be so glad to put this thing behind me.

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  8. 51 minutes ago, rubegon said:


    HaqqIslam might get added before the end.  They seem to be working through the factions now.


    I’m assuming the mechanics they use in Infinity are going to be translated over to the new format.  Would you recommend any of the unlocked packs from a gameplay/lore perspective?  Some of them look pretty cool, but maybe I shouldn’t just choose based on that!


    The mechanics in Defiance are pretty much taken from their Aristeia game (a 2 player arena battle more or less).  Infinity itself is a much more complicated system.  As far as the reinforcement packs, I'd only recommend them if you're truly interested in playing Infinity itself (or just want the models for painting).  Otherwise, all the cards are included in the core game or the Outcast expansion and you can simply proxy other miniatures.  Infinity models are not cheap, but the reinforcement packs are running about 50% off MSRP.


    For me, I'm likely to spend quite a bit on this campaign.  Just haven't decided how much yet.

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  9. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/blacklistgames/hour-of-need?ref=user_menu



    Hour of Need is a cooperative game of comic book action inspired by the costumed heroes that many of us grew up with. Using the Modular Deck System (MDS), also featured in Street Masters, Brook City, and Altar Quest, the game features incredibly modular gameplay using several different types of decks. Hero decks, villain decks, and issue decks can all be mixed and matched to create countless combinations of unique play experiences.



    Each hero in Hour of Need is represented by a highly-detailed miniature, as well as each villain and their associated lackeys.


    Hero Decks

    Each hero in Hour of Need is defined by their unique deck of cards, representing their crime-fighting abilities. While each hero has their own playstyle, all hero decks share something in common in the form of heroic feats which make certain cards multi-purpose—do you want to play a card for its ability, or keep it in your hand to use its “toughness” heroic feat icon to protect yourself from damage? Managing your hand is crucial in avoiding crises!


    Villain Decks

    Villain decks are the primary opposition in Hour of Need. During the villain turn, each player draws a villain card and resolves its icons—these will spawn minions in scheme panels, trigger special villain abilities, or spawn perils & lackeys on the map. Additionally, villain cards feature “Showdown” effects that are resolved whenever a villain is attacked by a hero—if the heroes can first reveal the villain!


    Issue Decks and Issue Boards

    Like any good comic book series, Hour of Need tells its stories through issues—issue decks, in this case. Each issue deck is accompanied by an issue board that sets the scene for the conflict. The issue deck details the overall story and special rules for the game. Whether the heroes are attempting to thwart a bank robbery or prevent advanced weaponry from being stolen, the issue deck will provide the villain with their overall goal, which the heroes must prevent in order to win!


    Issue Guides

    The issue guide provides all the narrative and rules clarifications for each issue in the game. Players can choose to play a more story-based experience by reading each story point as its cue effects are triggered.


    Hero Dice

    Heroes must fight and solve their way through their enemies’ various machinations. Hero dice are used to resolve each fight and solve action, while focus tokens are used to mitigate these rolls.



    Tokens are used to track various game elements, such as how much damage a character has suffered, how much justice has been dealt to a problem, as well as where minions and bystanders appear on the board. Additionally, each issue introduces unique tokens to add another level of thematic immersion.



    Check out the beta rulebook HERE!

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