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  1. I pledged $1 for now, but the pricing is a bit steep.  I need to find time to watch some gameplay, but I know my group would play it.  We really enjoy Mercs: Recon despite it's flaws.  This would be even better if it was up to 5 players though.  

  2. I'm watching for now, but I do love the ship designs he comes up with.  I have everything from the first 3 projects and have barely scratched the surface of printing it all.  Just don't know where I would store this beast.

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  3. Oooh...centaur.  Would be awesome for our Witchborn games.


    A picture of my man cave would give anyone pause about just getting rid of a speaker or something.  More like "just get rid of that stack of games".

    I have my FDM printer, but miniatures just don't print nearly as well as they do on a resin one.

    Besides, I love my Polk Audio speakers.

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