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  1. This is a topic I've wanted to get into and try out myself but, to be honest, it's a bit daunting. Perhaps we can eventually collect into info to have a pinned message linking to resources. The problem I run into is that for OSL all of the things I find already are starting at an intermediate or advanced level. It would be nice if there was an equivalent of "OSL for Dummy's" tutorial for those of us who have zero foundation. Essentially, an ultra beginner resource to get us off the ground before we go for the more advanced stuff.
  2. This is a relatively recent topic for me too. Here is my understanding of it (someone correct me if I'm wrong). There are two types of inks. There are dye inks and pigment inks. Dye inks get their color from dyes that are dissolved into a liquid. The other type is pigment based which uses pigments suspended in a medium like regular paints. The dye ones will reactivate, the acrylic ones shouldn't. Think of Acrylic Inks like super highly pigmented very thin acrylic paint. I'm not sure if that's actually what they are but it works in my mind. Liquitex Acrylics Ink and Daler Rowley FW inks do not reactivate in my brief experiments. I regularly use white FW ink through my airbrush to zenithal highlight and I've never once had a reactivation issue. To be safe, I let it sit overnight after application to allow it to fully cure before proceeding.
  3. Yes, this is an excellent post. I actually had to read it a couple of times before some things clicked and I think I could read it through a few more times and get more yet out of it.
  4. Luckily i was able to get the Redstone Triad I had in my Wishlist off of Amazon. Hopefully it will arrive in good condition. I always get direct from Reaper if I can because I never know how long it's been sitting in a warehouse or under what conditions. I know they would do their best to replace the paints. I've had nothing but good experiences with Reapers support. But they can't replace something they don't make anymore. Let me reiterate, I don't fault them for making changes to their line. This happens with any company. Some warning would have been nice, but really, I wouldn't get too down on them. I still love their figures, their paints, and especially the community.
  5. Same here. My FLGS has limited space, so they carry GW and Vallejo. They used to carry Reaper figures, but stopped to carry more GW, Nulzurs and Wizkids.
  6. Yeah, I totally get it. Ultimately, Reaper is a company (a great company too let me say) but there are tons of logistics when it comes to managing one. Sometimes hard decisions must be made. They can't keep making very color they ever made for ever and ever, especially if it isn't selling well. The only thing is I wish there was some warning so we could have had a chance to order what we want before it is gone. Having paints quietly drop off the web site is kind of jarring. I had some stuff in my Wishlist I was going to order soon but can't now. I would have pulled the trigger earlier if I had known. Before we jump to judgments lets wait until the statement comes out.
  7. Thanks everyone for all the info. Now I've got some experimenting to do. :)
  8. I want to stick with Acrylic Inks. ie pigment vs dissolved dye. That brings up the next question I guess. What kind of inks are the Inktensity line? I've heard really good things about them. Are they pigment or dye inks?
  9. That's pretty close to the colors I was thinking of. I already have a bottle of white Daler-Rowney ink I've messed with a little. If you had to choose between Scale75 and DR which would it be and why?
  10. So, I'm starting to experiment with inks. I was wondering what you would consider the core "must have" colors. I have an idea in my head of what might be good to gave but I want to see others suggest without influencing your answers. Thanks.
  11. Finally finished the Dwarf Bodyguard!
  12. This is me experimenting with a mix of Reaper, Citadels Contrast Paint and under shading. As usual, my goal is Table Top standard. I just bought Zombicide so I have tons of things to paint so I need to speed up my game. :)
  13. So, was this posted on the main ReaperMini.com page or somewhere else? Just so I can know where to look for the future.
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