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  1. Only two Elementals to go and I'm all done with painting up this game!
  2. I just tried Krylon Matte Finish 1311and I have to say it's really pretty good IMO. It's not as matte as Dullcote but its pretty close. WAY better than any of the Rustoleum things I've tried.
  3. You must have gotten lucky, shill shows as out of stock for me. I have an order in on Amazon. Should be here in a month or two. With the feast or famine availability of Dullcote I'll probably try to keep well stocked just so I don't run out. It' snot like it goes bad. At least we know they are not canceling it.
  4. I'd say it's a good excuse to work on breaking the habit.
  5. Does Reapercon happen the same dates each year? I've never paid attention because going wasn't really an option before. But if it's life this year it might be able to happen. EDIT: After posting this I thought of asking on the Discord. I guess Labor Day weekend has been the norm for a while but we won't know for sure until it's announced.
  6. Was watching eBay for months for this to come up at a reasonable price. I literally just missed the Bones 4 kickstarter by weeks and found the pledge manager closed so been wanting this for a while.
  7. Thanks! Just a couple more figures to be done to be finished with Descent. Then it's back to Mansions of Madness. We received two more expansions for the game over the holiday. Maybe one of these days I'll paint up some of bones figures I have!
  8. Very nice. What method did you use to attach the claws for the wings? Did you pin them through and clue them? Or did you wrap a paperclip around them and paint it so it blended in? I have one of these too and am curious what you think will work and look best when i get around to painting him. Thanks.
  9. Nothing special or fancy but I think they look pretty nice for the table top.
  10. Whoah! Where did you manage to find 15 cans? Yeah, it doesn't go bad.
  11. I got a reply directly from Rustoleium. Here it is (highlights added by me for emphasis): So, as they say, the rumors of Dullcote's imminent demise has been greatly exaggerated. It's just on back order until around April. Also sounds like they have no plans to discontinue it either.
  12. Lots of great suggestions. I wonder why the rumor that it's being discontinued keeps cropping up. That's why I'm trying to get the official word from Rustoleum on the subject. It sure SEEMS to be gone from everywhere. But perhaps it's a limited run item and there is a gap between batches? I don't know but we'll see if they reply.
  13. Shared on the Reaper Discord: http://rrmodelcraftsman.com/testors-discontinues-popular-lines-of-model-paint/ I haven't confirmed it anywhere else. EDIT: I just went to Rustoleum's website and sent a message asking about the status. I figured I'd try and get it right from the authoritative source. If I actually get a reply I'll post it here for all.
  14. So, we have been having a discussion off and on in the Discord about what spray sealer to use since Dullcote is discontinued. On a tip I was told Rustoleum Universal Dead Flat is nearly identical , in my tests it isn't even close. I've seen satins with less sheen. AK Interactive Ultra Matte is talked about highly by some but I know there was some controversy with an ad campaign they had and I'd like to avoid them if I can. With that being said the question is: What matte sealer is out there that is closest to Dullcote that ISN'T AK Interactive Ultra-Matte? Also, it would be ideal if it was a spray can. Thanks.
  15. That's what I was thinking. But was doubting myself because I keep hearing things. To my mind, as long as there is a primer and a couple of coats of paint on then you should be OK to seal it with whatever you want since the sealant should never actually touch the plastic. And indeed, that's what my experience has been so far.
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