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  1. Rignes

    Green tinted skin

    All interesting suggestions. Do you apply the Ghoul Skin as a wash to shadow things? I guess it probable depends on the situation most likely. I also have the following from the dungeon dwellers set: 09455 - Troll Hide 09456 - Orc Skin 09460 - Gnoll Pelt I was thinking I might be able to do something with those. Or maybe I can just use this as an excuse to pick up a few more paints. :) The Undead triad looks like it might have colors I could use for that sickly appearance I'm envisioning. EDIT: I just noticed the Undead Triad contains Ghoul Skin. :P
  2. Rignes

    Green tinted skin

    I have a model I'd like to paint for my daughter. It's one she picked out and I thought I'd surprise her. Its a woman with several arms but a snake lower half. It kind of reminds me of a Gorgon type of creature so I was thinking the humanoid flesh should be tinted green slightly. I've never painted skin like that before and I don't think I have colors for it so I was thinking of painting normal Caucasian skin like the Reaper Tanned or Fair skin and shadow and highlight it normally. Then go over it all with a very thin glaze of an appropriate sickly green to tint it the way I want. Does that sound like something that would work?
  3. Rignes

    Citadel Contrast paints

    Didn't mean to change the subject of the thread. Sorry about that. I know I said I was holding off but I will eventually give them a try. To get back on the subject, Vince of Hobby Cheating recently released a long (1 hour 40 min) video on the various uses of Contrast Paints. When I do get around to trying them I at least want to be informed. Besides, by then all the painters who are actually good will have worked out all of the kinks and I can just ride on their coattails! :) Here is a link to his video. https://youtu.be/jla40wPw7_U I haven't watched it all yet but so far it's been informative. I found it interesting that you do not need to use the official primers. I've watched other painters say you do but he gets good results without.
  4. Rignes

    Citadel Contrast paints

    I read somewhere on these forums (it might have been you) that the Fair, Tanned, and Dark skinned triads work together. As in you can overlap into the other triads for deeper shadows or lighter highlights. As in, if I am getting this right, if you are using the Tanned Triad (9043 - Tanned Shadow, 9044 - Tanned Skin, and 9045 - Tanned Highlight) you can tip up into 9046 - Fair Shadow for a lighter highlight or down into 9042 - Dark Highlight for a deeper shadow. I've not put this into practice yet to know how well it works but it makes sense. It's kind of like the entire line of 9040 - 9048 are designed to work together where you can pick any one to be your mid-tone then move up/down depending on how you want to highlight or shadow. Regarding the Contrast Paints, everything I read says they are designed to work best Wraithbone and Grey Seer as base coats. I've seen videos of people trying them on other similar colored primers and base colors but they didn't seem to work as well. Again, not put this into practice since I'm not going to try them until the buzz dies down.
  5. Rignes

    Citadel Contrast paints

    I bought the flesh triads and they seem to work well. I really like the Tanned Skin triad. I kind of wish the shadow was a little darker for the fair skin triad though. I haven't tried the dark skin triad yet. I recently picked up Reikland Fleshshade from Citadel (obviously) that I want to try out too. Flesh and Eye vex me the most out of everything so far.
  6. Rignes

    Mansions of Madness - Ghost

    So, I've been thinking about this. I didn't get this tip until I varnished them with a gloss varnish and followed it by two thin coats of the Army Painter anti-glare matte spray. Can you glaze over the matte spray? I'm afraid to touch it and make it worse so I'm inclined to just put this tip in my back pocket for later use.
  7. Rignes

    Citadel Contrast paints

    This is exactly why I'm not even trying to check them out until the buzz wears off. Heck, I'm still figuring out how to paint things with traditional paints!
  8. Rignes

    Mansions of Madness - Ghost

    Thanks for the tip. I'll give it a try next time.
  9. Rignes

    Mansions of Madness - Ghost

    I wanted to go with a glowing kind of look. I hate how close up pics bring out the dusty look of a dry brush but it looks good to me at arms length. :)
  10. The project continues.
  11. Rignes

    Mansions of Madness - Cultists

    Thanks. I hate looking at the eyes up close too. They look like a hot mess to me. At least they look better at arm's length which is really how close they will be during game play anyway.
  12. Rignes

    Mansions of Madness - Cultists

    The project continues. I've only been painting about 5 months in my spare time so tabletop standard is my goal. So nothing special here. Got lots of practice with eyes though. Next up: Hunting Horrors and Ghosts.
  13. Well, sure enough there they are. I could have sworn they weren't there when I looked last but that was a while ago. Most likely I just somehow managed to over look it. Thanks for the info though.
  14. What was the price range for the last kickstarter? I discovered Reaper after Bones 4 closed and the prices per tier weren't displayed.
  15. Rignes

    Drow Nipple Pink Substitute

    That's funny. So, I found it's n Paintrack and the closest match according to the app is Createx Opaque Lilac. Just in case anyone has an urgent need to paint some Drow Nipples but can't make it to Reapercon...