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  1. I finished them just in time for our first session of the campaign yesterday! I added some basing to Gon'Tarr - some Army Painter grass tufts. I also sealed him, and learned that brush on sealer has a tendency to bubble. I tried popping them as I was going but missed some - which are most obvious on Gon'Tarr's cape. Looks fine in person but stands out in photos, oh well. I'll have to be more careful with the sealer next time. For Joeliyn, I used some Amethyst Purple to mix some intermediate shades to create layers on her cloak. I added some purple in her hair to
  2. My husband and I just started playing in a Curse of Strahd campaign for DnD 5e yesterday. In prep for the first session, we each picked out a Reaper mini to represent our PCs and I painted them. I barely finished them in time for the session but somehow I got them ready in time! We even got to do our first battle using them, and we survived! It is my first time painting minis for a campaign so I'm glad they at least survived session 1 haha. They were both painted with all Reaper paints, though I did use a few GW washes and a texture paint as well. These are the 3rd and 4th min
  3. Our Curse of Strahd adventure starts tomorrow so I'm in a bit of a hurry to try and finish up these minis so we can play day 1 with them! I spent a few hours last night doing highlights on Gon'Tarr. I am happy with him and I think I will call him done at this point (except for sealing and basing.) Didn't really use much in the way of new colors, just mixed a lot of what I had used already to create some lighter/darker shades for giving him some more contrast. The past few painting sessions I've started using a wet palette and a Raphaël Kolinsky sable brush and GOODNESS do thos
  4. Tonight I did a lot of detail work on Joeliyn. I tried to define the eyes a bit more with Nightshade Purple (so much painting over mistakes and trying again). Outlined a lot of the edges on the armor and cape with Dragon Bronze. I also applied several different GW washes to her (Nuln Oil, Agrax Earthshade, Seraphim Sepia, Drakenhof Nightshade, Reikland Fleshshade.) It bugs me when I take pics to share and looking at the minis zoomed in I see so many spots I need to fix, oh well! Once I fix up those spots, I really can't procrastinate from working on the highlights anymore lol.
  5. I've had a few more little sessions to work on base coating Joeliyn~ Marine Teal was added to her cape to bring it into another part of the mini. A few more thin coats of Imperial Purple smoothed out the base color of the cloak. I used Shadowed Stone for the base, as well as gave her armor/sword a first coat in that (which I have since painted over.) The base also got a wash in GW Nuln Oil. The underside of her cloak has been based in Nightshade Purple (I also gave her hair another coat in this as well.) Rosy Shadow was used for her lips. I used Bleached Linen on the flower in her hair,
  6. Latest updates - Gon'Tarr got a bunch of washes! GW Drakenhof Nightshade for his blue tuft. GW Seraphim Sepia for the leather, base, and skills. GW Agrax Earthshade on the staff. GW Nuln Oil on the fur and hair. I tried using the wash medium as well in a mix with Military Green for the skin. His chest also got some Military Green for the nipples. Joeliyn got primed using Reaper's white primer. I also did few quick base coats to start planning out her colors (her cloak still needs some more layers to smooth out the color since I primed white.) I went with Imperial Purple for the cloa
  7. Last night's progress - I painted the skulls on Gon'Tarr. I used Aged Bone for the bone sections and a mix of 3:1 Bone Shadow to Leather Brown for the horns. With that he is fully base coated so I'll be doing some washes next. I also painted over his base with a layer of Agrellan Earth. Learned a lesson from that - I should have painted the base a coordinating color before using the texture paint because the cracks that appear in the texture show the green stuff through them - woops! Have to figure out how to retroactively fix that. I also cleaned up the flash and mold lines
  8. I've gotten lucky and have had a little time to paint for a few days in a row! Usually between work and family I can't fit quite as much hobby time in. Looking at his photos I was posting here, the rough patch of metal around his stomach was bothering me so I smoothed it out some with some liquid green stuff. I also did quite a bit of touching up some mistakes in the base coats I already put down along with adding another coat of primer to all the sections that will be painted light colors. My husband decided on a color for the staff fur bit (Dragon Blue) so I did a
  9. Thanks, @Darcstaar! I got a moment to paint tonight so I added two more base colors - Ebony Flesh for the fur and Antique Gold for the armband. (Plus I reused all the colors from before to touch up all the spots I messed up when painting the fur... lol.) I like how the colors are turning out so far! For the tuft of fur? hair? something under the staff skull I want to paint a pop of color to add some extra interest, but I haven't decided what color yet. I was originally thinking red but I'm still thinking on it, since I do
  10. My husband and I are about to join a campaign to play through the Curse of Strahd adventure for 5e. My husband is playing as a half-orc sorcerer and I am a human fighter. We decided to go with 03879: Gon'Tarr Orc Shaman and 14604: Joeliyn Sister of the Blade as our respective PC minis. They will be the third and fourth minis I have ever painted, the other two being from one of the Learn to Paint kits. My mini hasn't arrived yet but my husband's has so I've made a little progress on him. I cleaned him up, glued to a square base, used some green stuff to smooth out his integrated
  11. I really like the slobber effect! Your color choices are great too. I like it a lot!
  12. Great job with the orb on the staff! The eyes are great too - such a character! Nice work :)
  13. I ordered Raphael 8404 brushes in size 0, 1, and 2 from Blick and they arrived today! I'm excited to try them out and see how they compare to the cheap Amazon brushes I've been using until this point.
  14. Welcome fellow newbie! I also just started painting minis, and started with this kit - the skeleton was my first as well, and I'm just about finished the orc. Nice job!! :)
  15. Trying to get a feeling for when I am done painting a mini, without infinitely finding things to tweak, is tricky! I experimented with adding rust today by stippling Dark Highlights, Redstone, and Rust Brown onto the sword, shoes, and spikes. I did a final pass with Filigree Silver to add some fresh scrapes and brighten up the edges/tips again. I also did a little bit of lining where the armor meets the skin using a mix of Dark Highlights, Ebony Flesh, and water. I painted the base with GW Stirland Mud and brushed some of it up onto the edges of the fur and his boots. I was co
  16. I got a few minutes to paint tonight so I tried weathering the leather. I enhanced some of the sculpted scratches, added a few extra, and tried making the edges look more worn.
  17. I recently watched Toy Story with my toddler and the color scheme immediately made Buzz Lightyear pop in my head! These are neat, I like the cohesive color scheme! The green panels really pop, and neat use of insignia as well. I also really like the glossy look of the visors.
  18. The shading/highlighting on this is so good - the scales really pop! I also love the lava spill on the base - such a neat touch. Amazing job!
  19. This is such an interesting mini! I really like what you've done with it - your creativity with basing a mini that is so horizontal is neat. I like the pops of color with the clothing too!
  20. The slime is such a cool touch! I really like your color choices for this creature too. Great work!
  21. Wow! These critters are so vivid and the little details on them are exquisite. I love them all! So fun to do a group diorama like that. Looking forward to seeing the progress!
  22. @CorallineAlgae @haldir Those are both great Tabaxi mini options - thanks for sharing! I hadn't seen either of those before.
  23. Looking at the July minis list, I got excited to see Tabaxi female rogue! I'm playing one in a campaign. Looking at the model image, it looks really neat but not quite how I imagined my PC. Reaper's Cheetah Girl mini is still probably my closest fit (which I just snagged in my February Reaper order). I'll likely still get the Wizkids one when it comes out though - I picked up the male version a few days back just to have some other Tabaxi mini options.
  24. Ah, what a neat idea to give them different colored bases for tabletop use! (I'm new to the hobby and to DnD so I hadn't seen that yet.) Nice work!
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