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  1. I really like this! I especially like the leather waist pouches, the vials, and the eyes. This is a fun mini sculpt! Your color palette really suits it.
  2. Hi! I'm brand new to the hobby and stumbled across the forums, so I thought I'd share my first WIP photos. I started playing in my first DnD campaign in December and the other players painted their own player character minis, which made me want one of my own (and one for my husband, who also plays in the same campaign.) I snagged the two LTPKs then started watching all the videos I could find on mini painting. I have no background in art/painting so it has been refreshing to give it a shot! However I am also in the rabbit hole now of wanting all the colors, basing supplies, tools.... lol. The minis in this kit are: 77018 Skeleton Archer 77042 Orc Marauder 77148 Mangu Timur I pretty much followed the book for how to paint the skeleton archer. The main differences being that I ordered the kit of Citadel washes after seeing so much praise for them, and I used a few slightly different paint shades (like dragon bronze for the metal bits instead of blade steel.) I still need to base him (cover that mold line between his feet!) but otherwise I'm pretty happy with him for being my first mini - he could use some weathering and higher contrast, but I sealed him before learning about weathering and the benefits of exaggerated contrast. My current WIP is the orc. I still have to do some highlighting passes because I don't think I've got enough contrast in the skin yet. I need to highlight the metal as well (haven't done that yet.) I'd like to attempt some weathering on the leather to make it look more worn, and try my hand at rust on the metal bits. I'm pretty happy with how my attempt at making the shield look wooden turned out (thanks YouTube!) I also found an oval base I might try to base him on since it fits his wide pose, but he'll be pretty big for using on a standard tabletop grid. Haven't touched the Mangu Timur model yet! I also need to get a better setup for photos, I was having trouble getting decent shots of these guys. I appreciate your thoughts on my work so far, thank you! I'm excited to join in.
  3. Funko Pops, fantasy novels, and babywearing implements (wraps/carriers.) I need a better way to display the Pops - some steps or something so they are easier to see in the back. Also some of my Sailor Scouts are having trouble standing up, lol.
  4. This is great! I'm painting this one now (from the learn to paint kit) and it is cool to see another take on it. I found a Citadel oval base at my local game store that will fit this guy but it just feels so big when thinking about using him on a grid, would definitely take up at least 2 squares.
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