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  1. zip_zap_rap

    New Previews!

    These human sized promos aren't very enticing. Definitely a downshift from the first three months. I wonder if it is calculated based on Bones 4 hangover.
  2. zip_zap_rap

    Stone Troll

    Finished up my Bones Black Stone Troll. The skin texture looks great on the table, less so close up like this. Maybe lean back in your chair? ;)
  3. zip_zap_rap

    February Bones Black Promotional Mini - Rock Troll

    Finished this guy yesterday. The textured effect on the skin doesn't hold up this close, but it looks nice on the table. All told, even with the production issues I think this is a solid miniature and a great promo offering. Several of my Bones 4 minis have similar gaps, and warped bases which is frustrating. Also I tested snapping something off a sprue rather then using clipper and it replicated the gouge on the side of the mini. I suspect this means that with increase quality control Bones Black could be great.
  4. zip_zap_rap

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Got my order. Popped open Argent.......very bad first impression. This thing is going to require a lot of work getting it to fit together. Sad.
  5. zip_zap_rap

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Backer from Toronto. Just got my UPS tracking number.
  6. zip_zap_rap

    February Bones Black Promotional Mini - Rock Troll

    He's got a serious lean going on.
  7. zip_zap_rap

    February Bones Black Promotional Mini - Rock Troll

    I've been collecting/painting minis since the late 80s, I understand what is a regular occurrence. My concern isn't that these mini are not acceptable, rather I've noticed a negative change between Bones vs Bones Black in this very small sample size. I'm not saying the sky is falling. I am saying. "Hey maybe this is an edge case, but maybe this very new process, and very new material, has an annoying bug. If so, it might be worth checking in on." It's entirely possible my experience is an edge case. That would be awesome, but please don't dismiss my experience. In the past month I've put together the follow large scale Reaper minis. Fire Giant Jailer and the Fire Giant with two handed sword. Temple Dragon Hill Giant Earth Elemental 2 x Owlbear Rock Troll Each bones black figure took more time to prep then the 4 bones models together. In comparison I also prepped a Shambling Mound from the pre-primed WizKids line, that was more inline with the bones black figures in terms of the amount of flash/mold lines, removal and gap filling required.
  8. zip_zap_rap

    February Bones Black Promotional Mini - Rock Troll

    I've attached the images I sent to CS. I can't speak to the nature of the missing bit. I tried the water trick but the result wasn't great. The bend in the right leg was pretty significant, like the top of the foot had been bent towards the leg. I opted to fill the hole, which is no big deal, but the base had to be replaced which is fine. Mostly I was just taken aback by the dismissive response from CS. As for the QA issues my concern would be if this is something that needs to be checked in on. I've only been collecting Reaper for a short time, probably spent ~$500 mostly on larger Bones monsters. The Owlbear and Troll have had significantly more pronounced mold lines and the Troll had this weird notch taken out of the side. I would hate for this to be a trend Love the sculpt though and the price point is great.
  9. zip_zap_rap

    February Bones Black Promotional Mini - Rock Troll

    Got my Troll and I'm pretty disappointed with the quality control. The legs are so warped there is no way they'll fit into the base, also there is a significant gouge out of the mini on the seam line. CS response was, paraphrased, "yeah that happens....try filling it." So bad QA, poor CS.