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  1. I like the dragon, wizard, and knight, but I feel like there must be an industry-wide conspiracy to always sculpt barbarian-esque characters as two-weapon fighters instead of great weapon fighters.
  2. The blue would make an excellent guard drake, and the green would make an excellent ambush drake. I would buy them both in a two-pack already.
  3. I love how pragmatic this Kickstarter is. It's like "We're going to give you every basic creature/PC that you need to DM your games, right out of the box, standard equipped for the most popular systems, and we're going to give you lots of them." I can use every single thing in this Kickstarter, and I love that I don't have to pay for 1/3 weird stuff that I won't use to get the 2/3 stuff that I need.
  4. Oh my goodness! A gnoll armed with a spear! A kobold armed with a sling! An orc armed with a greataxe! A troglodyte armed with claws! So many WYSIWYG basic monsters for 5e!
  5. A version of Dagon has existed in the Forgotten Realms since 3.5 edition. He is a demon lord on the 89th layer of the Abyss. https://forgottenrealms.fandom.com/wiki/Dagon
  6. Secrets of Sokol Keep is a fun, one-off adventure for low level characters with a haunted lighthouse and a cult to Dagon, though.
  7. You can do all of that for free! You only need the paid subscription if you want to do fancy stuff like have dynamic lighting for your maps and import/export digital character sheets, which isn't even what you want to do anyway!
  8. I use Roll20.net for all of my online gaming. It's simple enough to learn, and the free version has everything that I need to upload maps and push tokens around.
  9. Umber Hulks may be copyrighted, but Burrowing Behemoths don't appear to be! https://www.reapermini.com/search/bones black/latest/44058
  10. I'm more excited to see a finished version of this model than anything else!
  11. That haunted picture is ace. I wish that Reaper would make something like that, but with a more vaguely defined, "shadowy" figure to use as a Guardian Portrait in D&D 5e.
  12. The current face reminds me of when Beetlejuice turns into a giant snake in Beetlejuice, so, even though the current face is different from the 5e artwork, I was still creeped out, and Neogi need to be creepy.
  13. This is an awesome model that fills a major gap in the marketplace for RPG miniatures. I would definitely buy a three-pack of two small-sized Neogi and a medium-sized Neogi Master. JUST SAYING.
  14. GRICK and GRICK ALPHA! SAHUAGINS JACKALWARES FINALLY ...but still no Nothic. What the heck, Wizkids?
  15. What is that Lashanna Larkmoor miniature? I can't find her for sale on the site. Is she exclusive to this offer?
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