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  1. Here's my tentative purchase history per month, for a total of $501 plus shipping: November ($125) - Core Set ($120) - Core Set Extras: Zombies ($5) December ($50) - Expansion Packs: Dungeon Dwellers ($50) January ($50) - Expansion Packs: Greek Odyssey ($50) February ($50) - Expansion Packs: Fan Favorites ($50) March ($42) - Add-On Options: Dragonfolk ($10) - Add-On Options: Townsfolk ($20) - Add-On Options: Storm Giant ($12) April ($42) - Add-On Options: Valfuryx ($14) - Add-On Options: Aganzarax ($14) - Add-On Options: Shavynra the Slayer ($14) May ($42) - Add-On Options: Krateryx, Shadow Dragon ($14) - Add-On Options: Kalanzar the Wicked ($14) - Add-On Options: Ildraedis the Devourer ($14) June ($50) - Add-On Options: Troll Bridge Encounter ($18) - Add-On Options: The Spiders of Emrith Kul ($14) - Add-On Options: Encounter at Gallowgard ($18) July ($50) - Add-On Options: The Dwarf King's Crypt ($20) - Add-On Options: Charnel Pit of the Ghoul Queen ($16) - Add-On Options: Shadows of Ravenhome ($14)
  2. I feel like the female Landsknecht in the Fan Favorite Expansion will be one of the most underrated best miniatures in this Kickstarter.
  3. Hey, Kickstarter veterans: When you add extra funds after the Kickstarter has concluded, how often is your card charged for the extra funds? Once per add? Once per month? All at the end, when the Pledge Manager closes? I'm trying to plan a monthly "purchase" list through the Pledge Manager.
  4. Suggestions for a Plane of Faerie (Feywild) Expansion: Blink Dog Boggle Darklings Darkling Darkling Elder Dryad Eladrin Fomorian (Huge) Hags Annis (Large) Bheur Green Night Sea Korred Pixie Quickling Red Cap Sprite Yeth Hound (Large)
  5. Looking forward to Ghoul Nipple Green in the new paint set.
  6. I can't tell 100% from the pic, but...are the ghouls topless?
  7. I like the idea of the translucent blue for the Sirens.
  8. Do you think that the Chronoscope holdouts will jump in now to contribute toward the unlock, or do you think that will they wait until after the set unlocks and reveals a cohesive theme?
  9. A new expansion series. My OCD brain is now screaming, "THEY BETTER UNLOCK BRINEWINDS III AND THE RED DRAGON!"
  10. Does anybody remember the pictures from ReaperCon of the female bandit minis? They looked like the mini in cloak and cowl from the Female NPCs add-on, but one was drawing her bow and one had a sword and a shield. Did I hallucinate those, or were they real?
  11. If what you named were in Daimyo Expansion, I would have added Daimyo Expansion to the Pledge Manager in a heartbeat. Daimyo' Expansion's a pass for me, though. I don't need all of the dinosaurs and weird undead.
  12. I think your list is missing that alligator/crocodile/lizard person with the spear, the skeleton with the bow, and the werewolf alpha in the ReaperCon pics...or have they been confirmed as not part of Bones 5? Edit: Nevermind! I see them now!
  13. I hope Part III of Brinewind gives more swashbuckler types to us. Currently, the Bones range is light on them - especially male ones.
  14. In D&D fluff, blue dragons burrow under the sandy dunes of the deserts in which they make their lairs.
  15. I want the Halloween additions to the Core Set, but I don't want to buy the whole Core Set. ANGRY FACE.
  16. One of my favorite subtle things about Greek Odyssey is how the bases of the minis appear to be themed together
  17. I feel like the first three movies in the Alien franchise are good, even the much-maligned Alien 3. I haven't seen Alien: Resurrection or any of the Prometheus movies.
  18. For being the official brand for D&D 5e, which is what I play, I'm not attracted to WizKids offerings. I don't like the modern aesthetic and excessive detail at all. Everything feels too flashy and too "busy." I like Reaper's simple, classic styles.
  19. Historically, has Reaper been more of a company for hobbyists that has only recently started to attract more gamers through the introduction of cheap, plastic minis? It's interesting how varied folks needs are here.
  20. Back to the Twitch, I do have to give props to the paint woman and the beard man for being generally affable and likable enough to keep that stream from becoming an angry mob.
  21. I, personally, would like more flat, static pawns that get the point across.
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