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  1. I feel like the non-announcement of the ship's price needed to be compensated with another reveal or teaser (other than Santa and the muscle mutant) to keep the momentum going, but maybe they believe that the other cards up their sleeve are enough to make up for this wall that we seem to have hit.
  2. I don't go for big minis, so I'm not going to buy the ship anyway, but I was looking forward to the announcement of the ship's price to give the Kickstarter a shot in the arm. I feel like we have been stuck ever since the announcement of the busts.
  3. I just finished popping my popcorn before I read the Kickstarter comments.
  4. Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings was wonderful. His Hobbit was not.
  5. 5 days to go, and, so far, I'm in for $128: Player Characters ($22) Catfolk ($6) Dreadmere Personas ($8) Boulderkin ($8) Elves ($12) Zombies x2 ($10) Dragonfolk ($10) Townsfolk ($20) Krateryx, Shadow Dragon ($12) Dwarf King's Crypt ($20) The big monster and scenery pieces in the Expansions and Add-Ons are impressive but not practical enough for gaming. The PCs at my table have never encountered a huge-sized dragon. By the time that they do, the dragons should be at retail. I'm buying the Krateryx, Shadow Dragon now just in case the retail version doesn't come in smoke gray translucent. I'm buying the Dwarf King's Crypt because I need the undead dwarves for the Forge of Fury in Tales from the Yawning Portal. The Core Set and the Expansions have small-sized and medium-sized miniatures that I need in multiples (Celestial Stag, Briarlings, Blighted Dryad, Giant Weasel in Featured Creatures; Leucrotta in Greek Odyssey; Slithe Harpooner and Slithe Baron in Dark Depths), but I'm not an eBay re-seller, and I can't buy multiples of a $20 to $50 set for a couple of small-sized and medium-sized miniatures that I will use frequently plus a bunch of large-sized and huge-sized extras that I will only use occasionally, if at all. I will be waiting with great anticipation for retail on those!
  6. Based on anecdotal evidence from searches of Bones minis: If the character is a ranger, a mage, an elf, or a druid, the character is more likely to be female. If the character is a fighter in heavy armor, a halfling, a dwarf, or a barbarian, the character is more likely to be male.
  7. I like the concept of "Encounters" in Bones 5, so, from now on, my suggestions will be encounters that also fill gaps in the Bestiary or Monster Manual. First, the Mad Mage's Mansion, which would provide players with the animated objects from the 5e Monster Manual plus "counts-as" versions of two unique characters: Animated Armor Animated Halberd Broom of Animated Attack Clockwork Effigy of a Fool (Pidlwick II from Curse of Strahd) Guardian Portrait Flying Sword Mad Mage (Mad Mage of Mount Baratok - aka Mordenkainen - from Curse of Strahd) Rug of Smothering This encounter would have Fantasia/The Sorcerer's Apprentice vibes, but darker, full of animated objects run rampant: Baroque plate armor brought to herky-jerky life by eldritch flame, limbs disjointed and fingers curled Wicker brooms with magically sprouted arms that mindlessly yet purposefully goosestep about on straw legs An antique picture frame from which emerges a faceless, sinister shape with grasping hands Filigreed halberds and swords that hurtle by with a whoosh An oriental rug that rears up to bear hug and suffocate its prey In the midst of the chaos would be the Mad Mage - arms waving and hands gesticulating like a mad conductor or puppeteer - and his assistant, a gnome-sized or halfling-sized fool made of cogs, gears, and springs that has an evil grin.
  8. I don't have any use for terrain, but I need those undead dwarves.
  9. That’s a useful update and will be an instant add to my box. The current zombies in Bones are kind of puny compared to other models. These are a welcome replacement.
  10. I really wanted multiples of the Blights, but their grouping makes that...difficult.
  11. Second the wereraven, skeletons, royal NPCs, and ettercap.
  12. It's just not Beholder-y enough without the eye-stalks. I assumed that they removed the eye-stalks and replaced them with horns due to copyright reasons, but the Eye Beast has eye-stalks and is still for sale, and the Eye of the Deep has eye-stalks too. It's not that I don't like the the Dark Watcher. It just feels like a lesser Beholderkin
  13. Somebody in here said that they're announcing the price of the ship on Monday. I had today off from work, and I go back to work tomorrow, so I was totally thinking that today was Sunday. Bad brain.
  14. I'm depending on tomorrow's reveal for the price of the ship because, right now, $45K until the next unlock feels sooo faaaaaar awaaaaaaaaay.
  15. The Eye of the Deep looks so good, but I have no use for that type of monster. I wish that Reaper would do a regular not-Beholder. I don't feel like the Dark Watcher from Bones IV fills that niche.
  16. I wonder what the likelihood is of the miniatures in the "encounters" being broken out for individual sale at retail. Like, I don't have a use for the whole troll encounter, but I could use the goats and shepherd. I don't have a use for the whole spider encounter, but I could use the spiders and the halfling. I don't have a use for the whole skeleton encounter, but I could use the mounted skeleton. Etc., etc. Didn't they break the minis out of Dragons Don't Share for individual sale at retail? Zombie T-Rex is definitely a staple for Tomb of Annihilation.
  17. Somebody moved my original post here from elsewhere, so now I look like I came into the "enthusiasm" thread to complain. That wasn't my intent.
  18. I need basic monsters that I can use to run "out-of-the-box" adventures on game night. Every expansion has one or two basic monsters that I can use and a lot of niche minis that I can't use, which will leave me waiting for retail on everything but select pieces from the core set and add ons.
  19. Past minotaurs have been appropriately large-sized for D&D. I don't know what size minotaurs are in other systems. Pics from ReaperCon make the new minotaur look larger than necessary, but not so large as to cross over into huge-sized territory.
  20. I would settle for the weird bat-bird sculpt in Bones Black:
  21. So do ya'll believe that there will be surprises in Part III of the Greek Odyssey Expansion, or have we seen everything already? My Google search says that, apparently, stirges have origins in Greek mythology. I'm going to be big mad if there aren't any stirges.
  22. PSYCHED for the giant eel! C'mooooooooon giant crayfish for Part III!
  23. If the Boulderkin are medium-sized, you can also use them as Galeb Duhr.
  24. I'm in for a few pieces from the Bones 5 Core Set, but multiples of them, and a few pieces from the Bones 5 Options. I need multiples of the Blighted Dryad and Briarlings, Elk, Giant Weasel, and Scarecrow. I can also use one of the Money Lender, Burgermeister, and Noblewoman. Then I need the Elf Rangers, Catfolk, Dreadmere Heroes, Dreadmere Villains, Female NPCs, and the Dark Elves. I will also add the Dragonfolk and Townsfolk. There are two or three pieces from each Expansion that I could also use, but I need multiples of them, and I don't have money to pay for multiple Expansions, so I will have to wait for retail. Everything else, while awesome, is too huge or too random for me to use on game night.
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