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  1. I'm excited about a plastic skeleton knight on horseback, more than anything.
  2. I use Squogs for Bullywugs, although Squogs are on the small side. I use Deep Ones for Kuo-Toas.
  3. Does this work? If so, Chris Palmer from this forum did.
  4. The new genies are rad. I'm psyched that they are armed what-you-see-is-what-you-get for 5e. I hope that they will be produced in size large and not size huge. The giveaway efreeti seemed too big. Why would they do a dao, an efreeti, and a marid but not a djinn, though?
  5. Now would be an awesome time for 7 people to pledge for Core Sets.
  6. Thanks, ya'll! The eBay seller said the miniatures were from the Kickstarters, which is also why they didn't come in official packaging. For a moment, though, I was concerned I had run into a bootlegger or something. My concerns are relieved!
  7. Hey, ya'll! I prefer the off-white Bones plastic to the gray Bones plastic (not Bones Black, but the gray Bones plastic), so I have been trying to gather as many miniatures from Bones 1 to Bones 3 as I can before they switch to gray. Recently, I made a purchase on eBay, but, instead of the miniatures being off-white, the miniatures are more pure white. I have never seen Bones in pure white plastic, and I was wondering if any historians knew when Bones miniatures were pure white. Thanks!
  8. Surprisingly enough, that's a quite usable miniature. Standard Giff are armed with swords, muskets, pistols, and fragmentation grenades. That miniature appears to be armed with a sword, a pistol, and you could count the barrel of gunpowder as a fragmentation grenade. I hope that he and the other not-Giff will be made into Bones.
  9. I feel like this part of the Kickstarter has become agonizingly slow. I hope something jolts people awake tomorrow.
  10. I’m psyched for the Leucrotta more than anything else. An adventure I want to run has them as an encounter, and I had no idea what to use to represent them.
  11. I assume that the Storm Giant and Cloud Giant are meant to be analogous to the male and female statues in the Greek Odyssey expansion.
  12. Lots of people have been spamming the comments of the Kickstarter with their wish lists for minis. Does Reaper pull the ideas for the "fan favorites" minis from the "Bones You'd Like to See" thread on the forum, or do they pull them from the comments of the Kickstarter?
  13. I was preparing an adventure for game night, and I realized there aren't any Ettercap or Ettercap equivalents in Bones. I feel like that's odd for a staple monster. I hope that this spider mania might lead to one.
  14. Historically, have expansions ever crossed maps, or have they remained confined to one map? There are six unlocks left for this map. 2/3 of them must be Greek Odyssey and Dark Depths, right?
  15. I, too, wish that the spider were smaller. I can use medium-sized and large-sized spiders in my games. I have never needed a huge-sized or gargantuan-sized spider.
  16. Is shipfaced what you get when you drink too much grog and pledge for this expansion?
  17. What do ya'll think "everyone's favorite subterranean antagonists" in the next unlock for the Core Set will be? Grimlocks? Kuo-toa?
  18. I'm excited about everybody else's excitement and the potentially high price point! That should unlock a lot of new minis!
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