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  1. It's weird, but I feel like the miniature I want the most is the female halfling in the Dungeon Dwellers expansion. Do ya'll know how many female halflings are in Bones right now? None. Do ya'll know who really, really wants to play a female halfling in my next campaign? My wife. That little miniature will help a lot in the spring.
  2. Ghosts of Saltmarsh introduced a Sahuagin subtype with a sword, a subtype with a warhammer, a subtype with a glaive, and a subtype with a quarterstaff. It's too many different subtypes to track in a combat when you have two miniatures to represent them, but I know it's a long shot to expect Reaper to meet the need for one specific adventure.
  3. I hope that the next "underwater" expansions give us a large-sized crayfish, a large-sized eel, a large-sized hermit crab, a large-sized octopus, and/or a large-sized sea slug. They would all fill gaps in the Monster Manual/published adventures. Sahuagin with slashing weapons and bludgeoning weapons would also be awesome. A boy can dreeeeeeeeeam.
  4. I'm a gamer, not a hobbyist. I don't paint minis. I don't convert minis. My biggest need is "what-you-see-is-what-you-get" minis for the monsters, creatures, and NPCs that you find in rulebooks like the Monster Manual for D&D. I need something that I can pull out of the package, plunk down on the table, and have my players recognize right away. I feel like Reaper's biggest advantage is that Reaper has the capacity to release minis much, much more quickly than WizKids, which releases minis at a glacial pace (I feel like we will be on the 7th edition of D&D before WizKids releases even 1/4 of the Monster Manual for 5th edition). I also feel like Reaper's aesthetic isn't as much "cartoony" as "classic" and prefer that aesthetic to WizKids, which I feel like is much too modern for my tastes.
  5. I would love more Tiik/Slithe/Sahuagin too! Ghosts of Saltmarsh introduced a plethora of new subtypes of Sahuagin, and using one Tiik miniature to represent them is next to impossible.
  6. I have seen pics of a Tiik Warrior that was converted into one, and it's awesome, but I'm not a hobbyist. I don't even paint my miniatures. I just want something that I can pull out of the package and plunk onto the table.
  7. It's kind of an obscure monster, but it's also a major encounter in the starter set for D&D 5e. The official miniatures go for $25 to $35, due to rarity, and no major miniatures company makes a generic one yet. From the Forgotten Realms wiki: "Nothics were the result of a curse befalling wizards who delved too deep into arcane knowledge. Once transformed, the nothic held no discernible memory of its former self, except for a faint notion that there might be a way to reverse its condition." And, even if you don't play D&D 5e, what DM wouldn't want to terrorize a party of adventurers with a one-eyed horror driven mad by dark secrets?
  8. I hope that the next expansion to the Core Set gives us gribbly monsters like a Nothic or Stirges. I know that they aren't as "Ooh! Ah!" exciting as dragons and giants, but they are core monsters in introductory adventures of D&D 5e, and neither are available in Bones.
  9. A shadow dragon in smoke gray translucent is awesome, but I was really hoping to see a new model!
  10. Yeah, that one's closer to huge-sized, if not gargantuan-sized.
  11. I'm pumped for the spider and halfling expansion. To my knowledge, the only large-sized spider that Reaper has in Bones is the Giant Spider by Gene Van Horne, and that large-sized spider is a little on the small side. The Vermin: Spiders by Kevin Williams are medium-sized and the Cave Spider by Kevin Williams is huge-sized. Two updated large-sized spiders fill a need. Plus, MOAR HALFLINGS. I, too, hope that the set will be broken up down the road, though, so I can collect multiple spiders without having to buy multiple terrain pieces.
  12. I don't want to read 165+ pages to find the answer to my question, so I'm going to ask: Do we know how many "maps" the Kickstarter has?
  13. What is the wingy boi in the background of the Storm Giant pic? My hope is a not-aarakocra or a wereraven, but it's probably a harpy, right?
  14. I haven't jumped in yet, but I'm leaning towards a Core Set and a Townsfolk add-on. There isn't anything from Daimyo that I can use in my games except for the Oni, and I can wait for that mini to go into regular production. There are quite a few miniatures from Dungeon Dwellers that I could use, but there are also quite a few duplicates that I have received as promotional minis already, so I hope that there will eventually be an option to pick and choose from Dungeon Dwellers. I'm excited to see what monsters the Greek expansion and "aquatic" expansion unlock - especially if they have aquatic humanoid monsters like a greater variety of sahuagin or kuo-toa.
  15. That not-an-aboleth mini is rad. I wish there were an expansion of just aberrations. A not-a-nothic mini would double their Kickstarter instantly.
  16. Female half-dragon with a two-handed sword. Male half-dragon with a two-handed sword.
  17. A female human barbarian with a two-handed axe. A female halfling rogue with a crossbow. A giff (medium-sized anthropomorphic hippopotamus?) with a pistol and sword or a musket.
  18. I'm hoping that the name of this Kickstarter is a reference to the Baldur's Gate video game.
  19. Some male and female human-like swashbucklers with a rapier and buckler, rapier and cloak, rapier and dagger, or two rapiers would be rad. Most of Reaper's swashbuckler miniatures are old Sandra Garrity sculpts or confined to the Pathfinder range.
  20. Excited for the Hornslasher. I hope that will fill the "giant lizard gap" in the Bones range to go along with the "giant frogs gap" that was filled in June.
  21. Kobold w/ Dagger Kobold w/ Sling Winged Kobold w/ Dagger Winged Kobold w/ Rock Hobgoblin w/ Greatsword (Bobby Jackson) Orc w/ Leather, Greataxe Orc Priest w/ Mail, Shield, Spear Orc Chief w/ Mail, Greataxe, Spear Orog w/ Plate, Greataxe Updated Regular Chthon or "not-Grick" in Medium New Alpha Chthon or "not-Grick" in Large "Not-Nothic"
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