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  1. Everything that people said about the new material is true - awesome details but nowhere near as durable as white plastic Bones. I immediately dropped one of my giant frogs while opening the package and broke two of his little toes. :(
  2. Nice! Does anybody know what the Dark Watcher is supposed to be? Is it a less copyright infringing Beholder or maybe something smaller like a Spectator?
  3. Has anybody read anything on Reaper's social media or seen anything in Reaper's YouTube videos about if they will continue this release strategy into July? There are a lot more individual minis from the Kickstarter that I'm itching to buy.
  4. I ordered so many giant frogs and hivewardens. I have been needing them for Dungeon of the Mad Mage.
  5. That's a bummer to hear. Those models fill a big gap in the currently available Bones models, as far as what D&D players need to represent core monsters in the Monster Manual.
  6. Large size: Giant Crayfish Giant Hermit Crab Giant Slug Giant Eel Medium size: Swarm of Snakes
  7. I really like the design of the kobolds. I hope that, one day, we get that design with a dagger and a sling.
  8. I know that standard equipment changes from edition to edition, but I'm struggling to find standardly equipped mooks for D&D 5e. Hence: Female Dark Elf w/ Mail, Sword, Hand Crossbow (Bobby Jackson sculpt) Female Dark Elf Priestess w/ Mail, Scourge (Bobby Jackson sculpt) Female Dark Elf Wizard w/ Staff (Bobby Jackson sculpt) Male and Female Dark Elf Elite w/ Leather, Shield, Sword (Bobby Jackson sculpt) Gnoll w/ Hide, Shield, Spear Gnoll w/ Hide, Bow Gnoll Chief w/ Mail, Glaive Gnoll Shaman w/ Hide, Claws Goggler w/ Shield, Spear Goggler Chief w/ Scepter Goggler Shaman w/ Pincer Staff Kobold w/ Dagger Kobold w/ Sling Winged Kobold w/ Rock Lizardfolk Chief w/ Trident (Gene Van Horne Sculpt) Lizardfolk Shaman w/ Claws (Gene Van Horne Sculpt) Male and Female Deep Orc w/ Plate, Greataxe Male and Female Orc w/ Hide, Greataxe Male and Female Orc Shaman w/ Mail, Shield, Spear Male Orc Chief w/ Mail, Greataxe
  9. Does anybody have any info on who sculpted this mini? The online store doesn't say.
  10. 77352: Demi-Lich by Julie Guthrie but in translucent green 77636: Death Shroud by Julie Guthrie but in translucent purple Female Bugbear w/ Morningstar, Shield (Tre Manor sculpt) Female Fire Giant w/ Greatsword (Chris Lewis sculpt) Female Frost Giant w/ Greataxe (Bobby Jackson sculpt) Female Goblin w/ Sword, Shield (Bobby Jackson sculpt) Female Goblin w/ Bow (Bobby Jackson sculpt) Female Hobgoblin w/ Sword, Shield (Bobby Jackson sculpt) Giant Vulture Male Cloud Giant w/ Staff Male Hobgoblin w/ Bow (Bobby Jackson sculpt) Male and Female Cloud Giants w/ Morningstar Male and Female Hobgoblins w/ Greatsword (Bobby Jackson sculpt) Male and Female Storm Giants w/ Greatsword Male and Female Vampire Spawn Nothic "counts as" Stirge "counts as" Swarm of Centipedes Orc Skeleton w/ Sword, Shield (Bob Ridolfi sculpt)
  11. Needle Blight, Twig Blight, and Vine Blight equivalents in Bones would be great. Suggestions: Needle Blight = 03882: Blighted Dryad by Ben Siens Twig Blights = 03865: Briarlings by Ben Siens Vine Blight = ???, but a third sculpt by Ben Siens would make them look nice and cohesive A Swarm of Ravens in Bones would be great too. Suggestion: 03479: Murder of Crows by Julie Guthrie A wolfpack of regular-sized wolves in Bones would also be great. Suggestion: 02830: Wolf Pack by Geoff Valley A Shambling Mound equivalent in Bones would be great too.
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