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  1. tht's really beautiful , colors are superb
  2. i think his instincts were good, cancer surgery and treatment at a certain point as you age becomes more of an ordeal than a treatment. May he rest in peace, and i'm sorry for your loss
  3. I just realized i never followed up on how this turned out for me, and everything went really well. I had some payment problems, but they were because of Mastercard, and my Visa worked fine. This is what i got, not all of it but a good representation. Of course they are not exactly like the originals in terms of packaging, a mix of boxes and blisters, The Fire Giant doesn't come in the priginal box, but that's undertsandeable considering the printing company that made the original boxes probably closed 30 years ago. I think the boxes are still nice. An added bonus, these are White metal, not lead The White Dragon, originally sold as White Dragon II 9603 does not come with the cowering female sacrifice victim, but that is evident on their web-site and if you have to have it you'll be paying 2 to 4 times as much for an original on the bay. They also announced another kickstarter, and they're bringing back one I have wanted for a while, the Golden War Dragon with mounted Wizard
  4. that link looks like the contest is still open, Woobox homepage doesn't even have a search function, pretty awful overall
  5. it is quite a PITA to do, for me it's been old GW LOTR figures commemorating the movies, the original metal stuff from 20 years ago. Very pricey, even with paint slopped all over it. One Ogre the paint was easily 3mm thick. I'm close though, a few more of the box sets, and i have a few duplicates of single figures i will sell to recoup. Interestingly, the plastic later releases of the same models sell for much less, although it's obvious the detail isn't quite there as they are injected molded on a sprue I think my favorite thing GW did was their hybrid stuff. Large models of winged-things had all metal bodies but very robust plastic wings on a large sturdy peg that registered in a hole in the body
  6. thanks guys, i knew you guys would know, and no surprise Ral Partha has something. It's not perfect but the the Ral Partha 01-025 executioner set , the girl is almost perfect, certainly closer than anything else. at least she's mostly clothed, which makes posting the finished scene here a lot easier 😉 01-164 Elf Anti-Hero with Slave, the slave might work, even though she's not kneeling. I'll think about it yeah those would get me banned LOL, i think they're from the old Slave auction set? armored would be ok, but would need to be male, and most of the kneeling men in that category are bending the knee to some king or potentate, like the Dark Sword minis Don't see anything on Copplestone, or Brother Vinni , they typically remove links, but please feel free to PM me thanks again
  7. looking for an Elf, male or Female, kneeling, hands tied behind back, preferably head bowed. Looked everywhere, searched every term like prisoner, captive, slave, etc. Found this one ebay , but the style is just way off, more Japanime than classic fantasy nimiel any suggestions?
  8. Same here. I've bought so much metal over the last year, the weight is starting to break apart the dresser drawers that they sit in. It has also taken so much of my time to find, bid, receive, evaluate, strip of old paint (where applicable) that my actual painting has come full stop. the small makers will always be either metal or 3D print. I just bought my first printed yesterday, simply because it was a subject matter that no one else makes. you can choose your scale, and they warn detail is lost when you go all the way down to 28mm, but we'll see. I can handle the detail, but hopefully i won't be sanding all the Ghosting/ ripple-texture out of them for days on end. In this sense , i think printing is useful, some things/subject-matter just won't be sculpted for various reasons.
  9. wonderful, I love the Ochre colored ones these are the original Ral Partha? I have the set that came after these, but not these Edit, i see you tagged these, and they're Reaper bones. entirety of all Reaper, or ALL-all?
  10. thanks, vaguely remember seeing this, where they pick one figure and everyone paints the same thing? A little too rigid of a format for me, but i'm glad they're still doing a contest
  11. well hopefully the molds stay tip-top shape, then there is always hope. I mean who would have thought, after decades, that the original Grenadier Giant's club series would be re-cast and sold by the folks at Merliton, but they did it, and in white metal to boot. I love the metal, despite all the issues of challenging fitment of the multi-parts, fragility, cost, prone to chipping if handled, etc. They are the pinnacle of detail and offer the promise of the kind of draw jobbing paints you see from the pro's, results that i dream about, but have never come close to :) the other attraction for me is just childhood nostalgia I will say the newest plastic is very good, i bought the Drow Queen on her throne 44090 Bones Black, that i would love to do in a diorama . This thing sells for 8 bucks, probably $30. if they did it in metal
  12. i think he's great, the Green is noteworthy. Where are these contests held? i don't see anything on the forum under " exchanges and contests"
  13. wow, you had a great year, excellent paints all around, love the bright colors and especially the set of females with the Succubus and Dalila
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