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  1. SO Good! what everyone else has said, ditto That pig though looks like he's in on a little secret, maybe he's not what's for Dinner after all?
  2. love the group photo, very nicely painted and a cohesive look to the color pallet are they all Otherworld? I just bought my first minis from them recently, such high quality. Thanks for sharing
  3. wicked, .........waiting for those flowers to wilt any second
  4. I like it just the way it is. The Purple skin is quite good, unique take on a storm giant. Overall, the whole model is well balanced and pleasing to look at. I think it might be some of your best work IMHO
  5. Really good, very "Oceany" vibe to them. love the bright colors and smooth Blending
  6. i like it better than the original by far, awesome glow effect
  7. that's awesome, looks great can't imagine how hard it was to get those beads in there, more like grains of sand!
  8. Stability/ability to stand didn't appear to be a priority in the very early stuff from the 80's. It's a cool little Dragon though
  9. Really nice, impressive you got that depth of color and contrast with washes. Typically something like this requires 20 coats of layering, which i refuse to do 🙂
  10. I wish so too, would love to see the full set together painted so well as this one. I love the old stuff best , (although some of the new metal is really nice too)
  11. lovely paint, so many blues Sculpt is a little odd, who makes Ildraedis?
  12. Encounter at Ash Mountain The Viscounty has received reports from miners up in the Ash Mountains of strange lights and sounds coming from the abandoned Slag Fortress. Your party is being sent to investigate, but you are confident it's a waste of time. The Fire Giants were driven out long ago, when your grandfather was a boy. Oh well, you are getting paid and maybe some goblins have taken up camp there, a quick mop-up and then back home. Your confidence is contagious, the Viscount is sending his favorite nephew to get some experience. He is only a boy but looks impressive in his newly forged and intricately worked plate, enameled in blue. After a long journey up, you get there at dusk on the 5th day. The main gate is a complete ruin. so you circle around. At last, after a long search, a Postern door that still looks passable. You wonder, what kind of powerful magic could have brought down these massive Granite blocks and sundered the thick Oak door, perhaps only the Wizard knows. To your horror, what's left of the door is thrown open with a violent crash, No it CAN'T be You do not feel welcomed let's hope that rogue you hired is as good as his bragging Gunther the Fire Giant 02647 by Jason Wiebe The Wizard Arakus 03958 by Bobby Jackson Kain Swiftblade 02025 by Sandra Garrity Half-Elf Rogue, Darnath 03062 Bobby Jackson Sir Rathan 77385 by Bobby Jackson
  13. yeah that's a fun one, your looks great. The Earthy reds and metal go together very well with the White horse hair
  14. the free hand and textures , just stunning, really beautiful
  15. i agree the sculpting style is unique, it' got a light, playful feel to it which is refreshing change from today's " power fill-in the-blank" craze. Your colors and textures really brought her to life
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