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  1. Fencig

    Juliana, Herbalist

    no idea about MSP open, but according to the rules for the 2019 reaper forum contest (here) ,it is not a Diorama https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/84724-7th-annual-reaper-forums-large-model-challenge-rules-and-discussion-2019/ could always add a little Dog and make it one though
  2. Fencig

    Juliana, Herbalist

    the pic is actually pretty high rez, you can click on it, then expand it twice with your mouse , click on the integrated + symbol. It fills up my entire screen and she looks even more amazing close-up,............. fantastic diorama
  3. well I've read all the replies, thank you, and will make a decision here soon. bigger problem is I haven't touched my brushes/hobby since this incident. Really need to fix my model and put it behind me, but it's not easy 100+ degree foretasted temperatures should help push me back toward the bench
  4. Fencig

    Who doesn't love the Owlbear? 44001

    he is actually out of stock at Reaper, and even hard to find on e-bay unless your willing to pay ridiculous amount. 30 minutes, wow, and i thought I painted mine fast
  5. Thanks to everyone, wish i had known sooner but at least i know now. What Doug described makes sense, once it leaves the can anything can happen I guess it could have been much worse , this time i was only sealing 1 , usually i do batches of 5 to 6 , that would have been even worse. Werkrobot, I don't think this paint job is save-able, it's not just dull it actually turned gray. I will be re-painting and trying to capture the look i had before, which was almost a happy accident of dry-brushing which yielded this renaissance type impressionistic highlighting of metallics over Black base. Just wanted ot barf when it was ruined, but at least it's just 1 and the last one too. will be ordering a mix of Reaper sealers
  6. I've been using this stuff for a long time now, read on the forum that it was safe and I used it on many , many models, no problems at all. Then, on a model of Count Lorenth that i put a ton of work into, even a conversion, + a paint job i was so happy with, disaster! I used the clear matt in the same way as before, one coat, waited 10 to 15 minutes to dry, second coat. When i got the mini inside and looked at it closely, it was ruined. Silver metal was now gray, Brass and Copper turned Brown, even the grass on the base turned White. A sickly grayish film over everything else. The only variation was the humidity, we never have it here but Saturday morning was very humid. Anyone ever hear or see something like this? I cannot gamble anymore with this garbage, so need an alternative. I am perfectly happy using a brush on matt sealer from Reaper if need be as long as it's safe and i don't have to go thru this again. Any help appreciated,.
  7. Fencig

    Grenadier Copper Dragon

    never seen this model but it is awesome and I'm sure a lot of that is the colors you chose and quality painting , would grab it in a second if i ever saw it on a shelf somewhere a slightly higher resolution pic would be nice too, around 1400 x 1000 would allow us to admire it even more
  8. Fencig

    Lizardmen group on swamp base

    nicest versions of these models I've ever seen
  9. Fencig

    Attic Whisperer

    that is creepy as heck, the only thing i could think to put there, maybe off to the side a little, an empty Bassinet with cobwebs on it.
  10. Fencig

    Iron Mountain Orcs

    thanks, finally getting to the point, both in my painting and picture manipulation (cropping / re-sizing) where I can click on my pics after posting them, enlarge them with the + key, and not cringe.
  11. Fencig

    Iron Mountain Orcs

    it seems like readers enjoy posts with interesting combination of models, and since it's actually easier than posting them individually, here's another little group of Orcs (my 2nd one actually). Like the first, a combo of Reaper and Wizkinds. This time they're flipped , wizkids Orc's are on foot, Reaper are mounted (tricky, i know ; ) + i did a Rocky mountain shale type terrain versus grass . The terrain is chipped and flaked stone hand fitted to 3 of the bases, Not an easy set to photograph as the White Wolf tends to wash out , but a newly added Scrim to my photo box helped a lot. Really need a new camera to take it to then ext level, will have to wait for funds as i blow most of it on new minis :) Not much Grew on Iron Mountain. No one was sure what the Orc's lived on when the passes iced over and it became impossible to raid local farms and steal livestock. Some said they grew fungus and fish in the deep caverns and caves below the mountain. Other more macabre theories had them breeding captive Dwarves for food. Whatever it was, it didn't appear to hinder them. They were short and stocky , yes, but immensely strong and their Wargs were fast and powerful. It was a Dark Night indeed when they descended from Iron Mountain looking for a change in their regular diet. This figure sits really low and I held off on finishing it for a long time. Eventually decided it needed some real elevation, so that is Sandstone i attempted to integrate into an "upheaval rock" type of look. Came close , really needed more Black rubble around base of Sandstone to pull it off. Nonetheless, my breaking of the stone to fit came out well and required minimal trimming of plastic base Best pic of the White Wolf, i can see now i need to still add pupils but pretty happy with the look overall. White Fur is not easy to paint The Reaper models are cool because you get a choice of 2 weapons, so you can buy 2 and make them a little different. Excellent model by the way, the detail is just killer. Really deep cuts and sculpting on the fur Wizkds Orc's, I painted these a long time ago, came back and did some more work on them, but not a huge fan of the models. Even at $5./pair there are better choices. They are unique though and really don't look like anyone else's products, so points for that better shot of Brown Wolf. This is straight from Reaper web-site, i wanted to see if I could do it since it's rather complex combo on the fur and I'm happy with it . Also gives me a more likely success and inspires me to try something even more difficult like the White one another angle thanks for looking Fencig
  12. Fencig

    07015: Jalarak Leadbarrels, Dwarf Brewmaster

    cool mini and beautifully painted
  13. that's great, you just don't see that many Hobgoblin minis and i really like the colors you chose for this one. Not familiar with DDM? looks like these were released quite a while back though?
  14. Fencig

    Kev!'s Redoubt Enterprises BB40 #6

    what? that chicken died no more than 1 week ago , ........still good :)
  15. Fencig

    Kev!'s Redoubt Enterprises BB40 #4

    if you consider that a typical middle ages battle could kill 10K to 100K men, lots to cry about ;)