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  1. sure, sounds like fun, but i only want to paint 2 easy parts , no faces :)
  2. she's perfect, the blades look like she just pulled them out of the fire
  3. the skin and the eyes really stand out as excellent work
  4. the depth of the paint and textures are top-notch, very nice
  5. nice job on a very unique model pretty dark story though....................I like it :)
  6. awesome, i have this one waiting in a blister pack , hope it comes out this good
  7. my favorite of the batch you posted, but they're all very good
  8. with LED's , i know pure White D6500 Kelvin color temperature is the best, most Neutral , light. My best results were with a blacked out box, but I've seen excellent pics with other colors too IME, anytime the light i shining directly on the subject you need a scrim to eliminate hot-spots. I use either indirect light/light reflected off another surface, or a cloudy tracing paper to diffuse direct light
  9. you're close, Brighton, Colorado No international - No start
  10. It wasn't my original intention to compare models, but to make it apples to apples, here's 3 different sculpting styles of Ogres and 4 different color pallets.
  11. They're Reaper hill Giants, Golan and Krug
  12. At least i think he has an Oriental flavor to him. This guy came from a friend who printed him for me as a gift. Overall i like it, you can see the printing swirls if you really look very closely, and it can be rather fragile so not suitable for table top gaming IMO, but the detail is great and i like the fact that you get a free base with every print. Size wise he is identical To Reaper Ogre's like Kagunk. I think what i like best is it's such a different style than any of my Reapers or Ral Parthas. Here he is going out on the town with a couple of Reaper Wing-men
  13. He's great! the detail is excellent and you brought it out nicely
  14. Bugbear Picnic - Reaper 03408, 77012 , 77104, 77231, 77233, 77005 It's the Gnoll's turn to Go get Food! Is this them? Oh No! You Idiots!
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