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  1. really like what you did with the robe
  2. horrifically awesome, if that was ever a real Goat something went terribly wrong
  3. impressive and very clever . Really digging all the classic lead and pewter lately
  4. your boat is awesome , sorry i don't have any advice as i've never attempted anything like that but it's looks fantastic
  5. 1 is a very cool sculpt and sells for a lot on ebay, the one i just got came in a cheap lot of a dozen or so assorted. 4 is hard to get at a decent price too, not sure why. 5 is readily available from Iron Wind brand new and lead free I'm going ot have call it done at some point but a few more i still want , like the Cloud giant which is the largest one. There's some really strange ones too, what the heck is a Hecatron?
  6. the layering is good overall, I really like his Tunic and the face stands out nicely ,. I still struggle with layering on skin, for some reason i think it's the hardest. For me the breakthrough that helped was thinning the paint way down and using a final layer of a thinned down mix between the 2 primary colors. Then use this to blend over the darker and lighter zones. It's tedious but pays off I've also gotten burned out from working on a single mini, especially easy to do on a figure this large. Nothing that says you can't work on something else and come back to this guy if you feel the need. and congrats on owning this model. This sucker will set you back $50. on E-bay ;O
  7. nice elf, and he looks very Thalassian indeed (they're snobs you know ;) I've been buying up and painting the old RP and Gren stuff too. Stuff I could never afford as a kid, better to snatch em up now before they get even more pricey
  8. most excellent, i wouldn't believe it was plastic based on the amount of detail the paint brought out (or created) . Good job re-positioning the shield and you're right, it's correct now
  9. splurged this week and picked up some classics. Click to expand from left (smallest) to right (largest) 1) The classic Ral Partha Fire Giant 11-407. I posted a repaired and painted version few weeks ago, this one is intact but is crudely painted 2) At close to the same Size, the RAFM Iron Lords Series RAF3713 Forrest giant- not a bad little figure, but nothing special except for the two Raccoons hitching a ride on his back 3) Grenadier Forrest Giant 3504 from the Giant's club boxed sets. This is a really nice sculpt, the face is awesome and the clothes are finely detailed. alas i don't have the rest of the stuff that came with it , Dead boars and a stone pillar 4) at about the same size-Grenadier Fantasy Lords #103 Frost Giant in blister, comes with a little Treasure pile but there's nothing about this one that jumps out at me 5) Ral Partha Frost Giant, this one is a recast of 01-042, really nice sculpt, will need a base as it's a little tippy 6) , Grenaider Storm Giant #114, I prefer this one over the tiny Ral Partha version but that left arm is hard to get on 7) Last but not least, Grenadier Chaos Giant 3506 from the Giant's club boxed sets. This Giant has a Tail and Reptilian features, complete with cowering victim and small obelisk. It's one of my favorites now what did you buy this week?
  10. he's adorable, looks like a Teddy bear in a Red sweater and blue tights. I wish i still had some of the models i painted when i was a kid but alas no, .........good for you for saving them. don't repaint him, he is a time capsule now What I've come to realize is that i don't really care for the huge new models. For one, they take up a lot of space in a display case. The other is they don't match up with older minis if you collect those (like i do). I have some classic metal giants that range from 2 to 3 inches tall, and that's as big as an " mini" needs to be IMO
  11. excellent, thanks, so the plinth and figure in bottom right are a pair in looking at their website, the one next to it is RAF03953 with missing wings picture please :) aging well is something few of us do well
  12. the sword is excellent, looks like the class paid off any tips for the unwashed masses?
  13. wouldn't hurt to try it, 6 bucks for a big 2 ounce bottle. Says " spray on" can it be brushed on too?
  14. well i scraped off a flat area the size of a nickel or quarter, using just my fingernail it came off effortlessly. washed with soap and water, let dry, primed, waited overnight. Today the primer just comes off like before. An area i tested using straight up citadel Base paint and no primer had twice the adhesion. Not sure what happened to this stuff but it's terrible I'm done with it, went to a spray on Enamel, less work too than brushing on the Valejo. I know there have been mixed reports about it but it can't get too much worse than what i have now. A quick search shows that fully cured enamel will accept acrylic very well, just don't go the other way so here is my next attaempt, i'll report back after i start laying paint down . This ia big model and will take a lot of paint so fingers crossed
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