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  1. the buttons sound really interesting and YES, i really need shields, i will keep an eye peeled. Actually, been planning a trip to craft store fro some time and just haven't gotten to it. I need to learn how to look at things differently now, some things you guys talked about never even occurred to me. Before this hobby even the stones in my yard were "just rocks" , now they are priceless basing supplies :)
  2. thanks, i feel your fustration. i looked in the green stuff store and i could drop $300. in heartbeat . One problem i've been having is taking good pics, the lighting is really tricky. They have a little studio with controlled lighting for 17 bucks :O must ......STOP......... looking I'll try your search suggestions on flea bay
  3. thanks Wolf People for the helpful replies . I have been saving my extra stuff, but since i only started last summer it's meager. I have been looking at the Warhammer stuff, but like you mentioned , it's really random. Good to know the Warhammer size scale is at least in the ballpark. I was looking at Essex and you have to be careful, 15mm and 20mm would be way off. Based on what I've read scale is really subjective at best, the Frostgrave Gnolls are listed as 28mm but the actual figures are really small (based on what i read here), closer to 20mm. The Reaper packs are cool , i did check them out in another thread, but pretty pricey and really I need legs, heads, torsos, horses, etc. more than Weapons Convention is not in the cards for me but i will keep an eye peeled for next Box of Goodwill. Have a Zeeba Efreeti looking for a home cheers BTW, checked Greenstuff world, do not see bags of skulls or chains. Some "steampunk" gears however. Not really sure what that is? never mind, found it under Scenery accessories - Resin, and they have an E-bay store, yay!
  4. Just found this thread (slowly wandering outside of the showoff section:), and some really good conversions in here. Can you offer any advice for how to go about building the box above for someone new to the hobby? I know the obvious answer is " buy a bunch of models and cut them up", but is there a more affordable way? I am looking on E-bay and people sell partially picked Sprues or even a complete Sprue in some cases but are really asking a lot of money, around $15. for one, even before the shipping. My understanding is Reaper used to do a "bits and Odds" section , and are promising to bring it back, but nothing yet. At this point. From what i read it put a real drain on their manpower and time to do this. There has to be a solution to this problem for them, like just filling up bags of random pieces. . I would even be interested in buying a sandwich bag of random parts or miscasts for 5 bucks if Reaper would consider doing that to save time and labor on sorting and such. Any advice appreciated. thanks
  5. thanks guys for the suggestion, I'm not sure about 3d printing, I might look at it at some point for something larger or more complex, seems kinda overkill for 2 small minis and this project will take me weeks/months, so need to move on. Does anyone know what the turn around time is for 3d print is once you send the CAD file? I did look at Frostgrave , they're actually 28mm scale, so i would think they're bigger no? it's a cool set but $40. is more than i want to spend anyway, this is already becoming pretty pricey as i have to buy a minimum of 2 of each model. I wound up pulling my Reaper gnolls out of their blister packs and lo and behold, they are really perfect. They look big and intimidating in the package but once out are quite different. They're actually smaller than the Wizkids i was planning to use, and the Archer was absolutely perfect to modify for what i needed. Here's a sneak peek. One of the 2 Gnolls is done, he gets 2 poses (actually only needed one pose modified, but the knocked arrow was just too tempting so i did it. ) The left arm is separate piece from the factory, so easy to pop out and move , the 2 right arms is where all the time went. For the other Gnoll i will use Bloodmane , the one with the Axe. Still need to flatten the tip of the arrow out into a broadhead but it's pretty much ready for the Black base-coat) 5 minis down, 5 left to convert. Then paint all 19 , ugghg :) First chapter in Story line is 2 Gnolls, 2 Ogres, 5 mounted Knights, 4 Bugbears, + i need to build the terrain stage to photoshoot them in. These guys were pretty easy though , maybe 5 to 6 hours for both .
  6. Fencig

    77008 Garrick the Bold AKA Sir Forscale

    i like the green enameled armor that has see many years of use and many battles, it's a cool effect for the yellow, thin it out so it flows out into the corners. I like Glaze medium for colors like yellow which are a little unstable and tend to fall out of suspension when watered down (pigment separates from paint base). It takes very little glaze to make a paint flow better, so one bottle will last forever
  7. The best conversions IMHO are the ones where 1) you can't tell the figure wasn't molded that way and 2) ones where the final result looks better or more interesting than the original. You have succeeded on both, congrats on a side note- they really should have called this one Wood Golem instead of "Tree man". does anyone know if these KS4's are even being sculpted by the known artists or starting life straight from some Plastic moulding factory in Asia?
  8. thanks, that's kind of the conclusion i'm coming to as well. It's counter intuitive but metal is more common and accessible to smaller companies like you said. Other-world is fantastic but I won't do metals except as last resort. I am taking a second look a the Reaper Gnoll Archer, I already have 2 at home. A little on the large side but i could reposition both arms easily enough and remove the mane to make hims appear less aggressive. Also found this guy on ebay, perfect pose and demeanor, but at $4. + $3. shipping it's a hard sell to justify for single game piece out of a box set .
  9. so i finally got started on my story line i plan to do here. Modified 2 minis over the weekend and really thrilled with results. 5 hours on one and 8+ hours for other to do a death in combat scene. Kinda stuck on 2 of the 7 i need for the first chapter of my story. Gnolls, looking for Gnolls that are not too big or too aggressive, need kinda weaselly looking . This rules out all the Reapers which sucks for me as the bones White material is a real joy to cut and move. These 2 are ok from Wiz-kids but darn the material is so hard I'll probably lose a finger cutting with a knife. I might try a Jewelers saw which someone here kindly suggested but the cuts i need to make are often not straight cuts, I'm cutting along body lines and doing some really tough poses. So far my results i couldn't be happier with, the first 2 look like they came that way from the factory. Bad part is i now have the same expectations for the rest in the same quality. :( These are perfect, (I'm guessing a resin?) A Ben Siens sculpt for $22. for the 5 + ship, but out of stock I need a soft plastic and arms outstretched, not molded into the body of the mini. Multi-packs are a plus too, since i need at least 2 of each type (4 total) Anyone got any idea's suggestions? thanks
  10. Fencig

    Gargantuan Orcz

    Thanks, i checked out Iron wind and they sell a couple that look similar in style, might have ot grab the set of 15 for $40. That will be enough ORc's to last a lifetime and pass down to grand kids LOL in case your interested, here's one they show close up, not painted as well as yours. Sculpted by Tom Meier , i think i see a resemblance to yours no? They definitely unique to anything else I've seen, and that appeals to me
  11. Fencig

    Umber Hulk (Wizkids)

    thanks, been playing with a version of green stuff from P3, love it. Will try the styrene rod, if i'm not mistaken it was a common plastic at one time, used in things like clear plastic drawers, ones for storing small bits and bobs. it's available now as raw stock, Color: Semi-Clear Off-White 1/8 inch diameter rods at 5 bucks a foot, a little pricey, if there is a place you get it for less, let us know
  12. sorry guys , forgot about this thread. The company is called Onlyhangers but others sell it, i bought mine off e-bay, search for Glass Countertop Tall Display Case with front lock at bottom page they will suggest other models, including the same company with the same construction type that's low and wide versus the narrow / tall i got. your choice of black or silver frame. $130. and free ship Really like mine, my desktop is not very large and i was completely out of space. now they are safe and seem to be staying fairly dust free as far as i can see.
  13. Fencig

    Gargantuan Orcz

    they look fantastic, really like the shading and the range of colors on the skin as well as the clothing and armor, excellent palette matching are these still available to purchase or are they OOP?
  14. Fencig

    Umber Hulk (Wizkids)

    very well done can you please share the technique for drool and mushrooms? mushrooms green stuff or ? this and the Griffon are 2 that i need to get ,
  15. Fencig

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    pretty sure the Wizkids model is straight out the original Monster Manual , at least the head and club, it's not bad overall. Those tiny Ballerina feet need re-sculpting with some putty though excellent point, the Silver Dragon is a bargain and i have it, it's really an excellent model with very good fit up. IT's rather odd for Wizkids since it came as multi-piece I will have to grab the Griffin and beholder too. Only reason I can think of why i haven't gotten them yet is because the slots are usually empty for those models, they just fly off as soon as as they arrive.