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  1. i think it looks really good as a wild boar, it's possible you perceived it as bland because the base is basically the same pallet, so they blend together which obfuscates the Boar?
  2. really like the translucent effect, a perfect rendition of Grub'bi Larva'ness
  3. the caveman is my fave, butthey are all soooo good. Not many people can post that file size and still look just as good blown up to full size if your using windows 10, the standard photo editor has downscaling. you can either choose from 3 sizes or scale down based on percentage of original file size
  4. very nicely painted. There's an almost complete set on the bay for 50 bucks OBO, elves, goblins, falcon, table, and mystic wardstone , complete except for the fountain and wolf I've gotten some pretty good deals there with the OBO's, although if it's a seller specializing in this stuff they won't come down too much
  5. that's pretty cool, ..........foam board home-made construction?
  6. really looking forward to it, i see blood on the spear, so i am sure it will be a very dynamic scene
  7. depends on the model, in this case the lighter background is more balanced IMHO. Beautiful horse BTW
  8. i think you guys are right, there's a 3 foot tall (900mm) PLA printed version for sale on Etsy, and they show it on the sidewalk, it's pretty huge. I think a 28mm scale Sauraman would look perfectly wicked standing on top. I'll keep the thread updated, the model is $300. so i will either buy it or build one
  9. Saw a scale model for sale recently from WETA for the 20th anniversary of the Two Towers. A model of Helms Deep sculpted by the original artist, just shy of $1K with limited production run and they are sold out. They don't list the scale , but it measures 21.65" wide x 10.62" high x 15.74" deep Trying to understand this and the possibility of building a scale mode of Orthanc. My understanding is fantasy miniatures are either 1/64th scale for the 25mm, or 1/58" scale for 28mm heroic. According to Tolkien, Orthanc stood 500 feet tall, (Is this correct? If so it makes the last confrontation with Sauruman in the movie rather silly since they would be shouting 500 feet up and down to each other) if the math is right, a 32mm scale model would stand about 8.6 feet tall? Has anyone done this before? Seems daunting. What if it was only 4 feet tall, still impressive but would the miniatures look ok sitting on it?
  10. very well done, love the earthy/dirty tones in their clothes and the 5'o-clokc shadow on the guy in the back do you also have the merchant from the set?
  11. Stunning, the contrasts and shading are really impressive how did you handle the Warg's broccoli base?
  12. I really like mounted Goblins and Orc's for some reason, Elves too, in metal. I realized that Orc's on wolves are fairly common, and i have a good assortment from Reaper, RP, and some of the old classic Nick Lunde designs originally sold by Grenadier. but not on Boars. Reaper has one, that's a Boar-ish beast but not really. GW released some but the sculpt is not my thing. Knightmare games has some really nice ones, but $75. for 5 + shipping from the UK, very pricey What's some of your favorites?
  13. impressive, turned an Ogre into a Super-villian, love the coat
  14. The cacti and aloe look good, but those are naturally thicker plants how do you like the Ferns? are they convincing or rather chunky?
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