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  1. Fencig


    I should have made a note of it, but I am almost certain the bottom said Ral Partha 1988. If i Still had it I would pry the base off and look, but alas it's gone back to the owner. You're right though, style-wise it doesn't really look like any other RP or Gren , or even Citadel for that matter. The open mouth, crooked teeth, it's weird. I know it's old though, this guy is my age and he's had this since he played in college in the early 90's.
  2. Fencig

    Reaper 4 hill giant and female Minotaur

    the hill giant is cool, reminds me a lot of the art and sketches you would find in the old fantasy books. I think I'm going to have to try and do one up like this for my collection side note on model: He's kinda small no? Looks to be Ogre sized?
  3. Fencig


    a batch i painted for a friend. They won't win any contests (I'm really not that good painting this small ), but hopefully you find them interesting . These are Song of Blades Dwarves + 1 older Partha or Grenadier (can't remember which). I would have taken this further with both painting and basing but our game with this player has sadly come to and end, so for a freebie i think they're not half bad. They look a lot better in person, the shading on the skin i did, which IMO is subtle but well balanced, is totally wiped out here, but until i find the $250.i need for a decent camera .......................... This is Emerald Oathbreaker, a Dwarven Cleric of Moradin and Cagot who's quest is to restore honor to family name. The hammer is 100% metal, so pretty happy with how that came out . Shield straps are sculpted A berzerker i think, again, shading in hair obscured by cheap camera This guys shield was stolen by Emerald, who's kind of a bully an old RP or Grenadier, interesting comparison in style differences between then and now. Love the curled up, high heeled, Cowboy boots. Initially I was going to straighten out the eyes, but he really has this "drunk as a skunk" look about him so in a weird way the eyes fit the matriarch , who has to clean up after them , " Who Lefty these dirty dishes out" :) A fun little set, not something i would have bought or done on my own initiative, but i did wind up with 3 duplicates of most of them, (except for the RP and Emerald), so i got 3 for myself and gave some more to the DM cheers
  4. Fencig

    Sleeping Minotaur

    quick synopsis, how would you describe it? I'm new to this and still trying ot come up with something i could call a style, or even "unified approach" . Right now I'm just kinda flailing around, and it's n0ot terrible because i like my results but i think i could save a lot of time by being more methodical . One thing i learned from your pics is that Base-coat doesn't mean doing the whole model in 1 solid base color. Would you say you pick a base for the major complements first like Choose/apply Base for - skin/fur + clothing + weapons then proceed from there? or more to it than that ?
  5. Fencig

    Reapermini New Site Layout

    i seem to recall and area in the old site where you could paste in a JPG of a paint color and it would match it with an existing reaper paint, is that gone, never existed?
  6. Fencig

    44006 Garghuk, Orge Chieftain

    really like the unique take on the skin and the fur cloak, I've never seen those used before but they really work The bloody club is excellent
  7. Fencig

    Sleeping Minotaur

    yes, BUT, he broke his chains and exacted revenge. I like your take on this one, old dude taking a nap after some exhausting slaughter, Zealot shipping prices to US are actually excellent from UK, about $6.,
  8. Fencig

    Sleeping Minotaur

    never heard of Zealot Miniatures but they sell some WICKED Minotaurs. Can't wait to see how this one turns out! if you haven't already, check out Heresy Miniatures Minotaur, Manbane is a real monster and poor "Sir Roger the Lucky"
  9. Fencig


    the other 3 look very good, excellent really, but yeah, the one in purple looks like he just ate little Red riding hood and stole here dress. :) Normally i would do his tunic in a dirty Brown leather, but since the gnoll is a very similar shade of Brown, then that would all blurr together. I would consider Black Leather with shading , layering, of different Black intensities. Maybe even try some semi-gloss in really small high- areas to pop it. Use lighter shades on the rest of the model to balance it out Or if you want to stay with purple then go really Dark Purple, that could look really cool too. Maybe Black low spots shading out ot a Dark Purple in the high spots Currently your more into a Violet color and why it looks off in my amateur opinion not sure how far you want to go with this, but the 3 I would personally try blending in the Purple category would be Black + these 2 Will be interesting to hear what more experienced painters have to say
  10. I've bought hundreds of dollars of Reaper minis, some off the Reaper web-site, and some from Ebay seller pippd . I got free shipping from pippd on amounts over $35. , not sure if it applies to Canada though. It's Worth asking
  11. sorry about the blurry photos, it's midnight, tired, but hopefully good enough for a WIP pic Obviously a magic hammer that can only be lifted by the Dwarf who is cursed to carry it
  12. Fencig

    Citadel Contrast paints

    if it's more "talent in a bottle " then I'm totally on-board being almost entirely devoid of talent myself . Layering, wet-brusing, dry-brushing, etc , yeah it happens for me, but i never really know why it did or didn't and not 100% sure i could go back and reproduce any of my "successes" a second time. AFA cost, i see they're offering at 7. each = about the same as they're normal price for washes no?
  13. thanks for the Tip, this is one case where a pin probably really wasn't needed since the shield is really pinched between the arm and the fur cloak. not much chance of getting knocked off really I will try and post a WIP tonight, he's in primer and currently working on flesh tones and the cloak. Hammer looks good IMO at the final size, scale is good. I've actually taken to replacing quite a few of the wobbly/bent plastic swords and spears on Minis with metal rods since it's so easy to do.
  14. Fencig

    Ral Partha Witch Casting Spell by Dennis Mize

    Odd is in, conformity is out ;) Actually for an Evil Witch she's kinda hot, reminds of the witch in the first Conan movie.
  15. thanks for the kind comments , I finally have this guy in primer and so far so good. Still learning though, so hopefully if anyone reads this i can share my mistakes to prevent others from repeating 1) do NOT damage a hand. Hands are a real pain to re-sculpt. If your pinning a shield on, go in thru the wrist or crook of the elbow,= a low-spot in the model which will hide the pin and any tool marks you might wind up with from the drill bit, pliers, whatever. On this model, i had to re-sculpt the fingers on left-hand , huge PITA, all easily avoided if i had just moved the pin 1mm to the left 2) do not try to put Cyanoacrylate (super glue) on a tiny wire and then push it in, you will fight it, get frustrated, grab the pliers and maybe damage the model. What worked ok for me was push the pin(wire really) slightly thru past the side with less access, add a drop of glue, then pull it back flush. Add a drop to the other side. Let cure, then clip off the excess . you can carefully file down a pin high spot on a flat or mundane surface, shield, etc. as long, as it's not on a delicate /sculpted surface like a fur cloak, face, or fingers. i have the hand looking ok, added a little putty to the cloak to show it being pushed-up/bunching around the shield, will paint it by this weekend. I think the cloak is a Bear-Fur , so will be interesting to try and do that.