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  1. this ones a real treat to see, love seeing the old stuff painted to modern standards i almost had one for 15 bucks on e-bay and forgot to bid at the last minute ;(
  2. the face is amazing Enjoyed the WIP thread too, that's a pretty serious conversion
  3. this is very cool, but what is " the mix" , something you bought or invented? :)
  4. amazing and inspiring project
  5. cool set, i like the yellowing and shading on the bones
  6. very nice, i think they're better as Nightmares too
  7. Very nice set, they would be welcomed on any game table. Well, except for the fact that they're cut-throats and murderers : )
  8. My first serious attempt with blending/shading on Blues, first basing with Snow, and my 3rd post in my "classic Metal Giants" Series. The snow is a home made mix of baking soda, White glue, White paint, and some hard White foam run through a coffee grinder. You Struggle for what seems like hours thru waste deep snow. Nearing exhaustion , you finally enter an area leeward of the Mountain where the snow is shallow. Your relief quickly turns to an unpleasant surprise as a pair of red eyes and a low Growl greet you . A single Warg stands next to a pillar of blue Ice. Your surprise turns to horror as the pillar moves. An enormous Frost Giant roars his disapproval at your presence and lunges at your party. Couple of notes on the model. This figure is 2 piece and is typically posed with the torso and lower body parallel, which IMO gives an odd " Oooofff, just got punched in the stomach " kind of look. Also, there's a rather large gap at the waist. A slight rotation and some sculpting putty for the missing row of scale mail and i think it looks a lot more natural Good match for the bones Reaper Warg size wise cheers
  9. nice set the nightmare deserves it's own screenshot , love the shading and blending on it
  10. yeah but you know as soon as he/she finishes that coffee something incredible insight and creativity will happen nicely executed model
  11. I probably could have won this one for $40-$50., it looked complete but no guarantees. Alas, i chickened out at the last minute. At over 3 pounds and 8 inches tall I'm not it would even fit into my case. You guys should paint yours, there are none on this forum that i could find and your both more than qualified to paint this one up well
  12. Very nice, especially the subtle purple tones
  13. thanks for the info. Ultimately i didn't win the one one E-bay, and part of me was relieved. I've come a long way with this Hobby but still don't think I'm ready for something like this kit.
  14. The Kilt was cool, did it with some soft, formable Aluminum sheet stock. Unfortunately, i couldn't do the required paint to make it look convincing. So out comes the sculpting putty for some padded leather armor.
  15. love the conversion, especially the wine cup frozen in mid spill. 100 times more interesting than the stock model
  16. the Dwarf is my favorite, cool and unique skin tones and the flaming beard is killer. the Drow look great too as a set .
  17. A search did not show this ever posted here as a finished model. Anyone here ever build this one? or should i say any masochists here tackle this one? Glitterwolf i know you own it, still in the box? At well over $100. and probably 2 pounds of metal, it seems like the ultimate " oh Fook what i have done" type of project :)
  18. thanks for the replies, good suggestions. i like the idea of a half-kilt, will try it tonight, and I'll repaint the belt as-is in some Golds. I'll report back it's not a rare figure and still in production but i will try for an easily removable kilt, maybe a thin sheet of formed Aluminum , so the figure can be brought back to original
  19. Got this guy recently, and while I'm overall happy with it as a mini, the back is not good. Here is the front, nothing too special and a pretty basic mini but unique and not like anyone else's version that i know of Annnd, the back. To quote from another commentary, the Diaper butt and Batman tool belt are not great to put mildly. What would you do? 1) Re-sulpt the belt with beads or putty? 2) Try and paint the belt to look like Jade Stones 3)Re-sculpt the Onesy into more of a Kilt (square it off)? 3) skip all that, get some Cotton batting and cover up the bottom half / backside with fake clouds? 4) other solution?
  20. awesome freehand embroidery
  21. really like what you did with the robe
  22. horrifically awesome, if that was ever a real Goat something went terribly wrong
  23. impressive and very clever . Really digging all the classic lead and pewter lately
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