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  1. Great, now i gotta get this one too. 🙂 It's just amazing how many different makers are out there, I never even heard of this company . Giants are often portrayed as wearing clothing that is a mishmash of fabrics, presumably plundered from their victims bodies or dwellings (fabric tent or pavilion). That's my best guess.
  2. The Firbolg looks fantastic, nice paint job. A classic Ral Partha piece. from this angle it looks even morel like a Dwarf, I mean who else braids their beard like that. with no marks at all on the bottom, it could also be a game piece, although hard to imagine a game piece that big.
  3. cool mini, but no idea what it is. I'm currently trying to collect all the metal giants ever made, so I've looked at close to all the ones listed on lost minis wiki, and i've never seen this one. I'm wondering if it's either A Dwarf cast in 50mm or 75mm scale ? A " Dwarven Giant" like the one released by Grenadier (and a few others i believe) any marks on the bottom?
  4. nicely done, very good looking diorama. I've never played the game but i have some of their mini's If you would be so inclined, post the final version in the show off section, with more photos and different angles , especially from down low , the " character perspective"
  5. I Like the metal, if it was on a Paladin it would be perfect. Maybe a little too neat and shiny for a war elephant, but it still looks good contrasting with the Browns and Yellows
  6. very nice, please let us know the manufacturer and model names
  7. 6 months is a long time, but you really have something special to show for it
  8. they're not actually easy to display once you get a lot of them. I bought a small rectangular glass case, like a mini carvana tower, and it's full. most glass door'd cabinets are too deep for display. if you know of a good source, for tall, shallow, glass fronted cabinets please share
  9. dam that's good, the paint job is SO clean and sharp, yet perfectly blended. From my skill level, this wizard looks is like a magic trick to me.
  10. at least they're in case where the dust won't ruin them. You could always do a video crawl of the entire display, one end to the other, zooming in and out to focus on this or that
  11. the green and White heads are especially impressive
  12. really dark and twisted scene, but in a bad-a** sort of way. is it a summoning, or is that his lair?
  13. The Wizard as he's getting lowered past the second level " DON'T STOP, DON'T STOP" Very cool scene, and nicely built, love all the textures on the stone, dirt floors, wood framing
  14. Wow, that is really good, wonderful take on a Harpy Eagle, the colors really work. I'm not a huge wizkids fan in general but sometimes what people do with their bigger monsters really surprises me
  15. he's great, love the blue eyes, the Stony skin, and the orange/gray contrasts.
  16. SO Good! what everyone else has said, ditto That pig though looks like he's in on a little secret, maybe he's not what's for Dinner after all?
  17. love the group photo, very nicely painted and a cohesive look to the color pallet are they all Otherworld? I just bought my first minis from them recently, such high quality. Thanks for sharing
  18. wicked, .........waiting for those flowers to wilt any second
  19. I like it just the way it is. The Purple skin is quite good, unique take on a storm giant. Overall, the whole model is well balanced and pleasing to look at. I think it might be some of your best work IMHO
  20. Really good, very "Oceany" vibe to them. love the bright colors and smooth Blending
  21. i like it better than the original by far, awesome glow effect
  22. that's awesome, looks great can't imagine how hard it was to get those beads in there, more like grains of sand!
  23. Stability/ability to stand didn't appear to be a priority in the very early stuff from the 80's. It's a cool little Dragon though
  24. Really nice, impressive you got that depth of color and contrast with washes. Typically something like this requires 20 coats of layering, which i refuse to do 🙂
  25. I wish so too, would love to see the full set together painted so well as this one. I love the old stuff best , (although some of the new metal is really nice too)
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