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  1. wonderful set and a wonderful cause
  2. very high " wow factor " on the OSL
  3. doesn't appear to be much mechanical engagement between the flight post and the heavy model. This will likely require pinning to make it really solid if you go with the flight stand. Don't push it, if it's not coming along there's nothing wrong with coming back to it later, even if it's months later. I've barely managed to start 1 paint since i finished my last diorama and have zero guilt. It's just not fun if i force myself to do it
  4. they're great! you can tell he's really confused about her, both revulsion and attraction
  5. wonderful paint , they really came to life these are actually sold separately as High Elf Female Champion 03-164 and High Elf Heavy Fighter 03-165, still available from Iron wind.
  6. simply stunning, the richness of the colors pop like crazy
  7. 03100 Thanis the Bonecaller by Bob Ridolfi. 03479 Murder of Crows and Bog skeletons by Julie Guthrie A cemetery Is normally a place of peace and quiet where the Dead could rest for Millenia, ............. but not tonight. As nightfalls, the ground buckles and heaves when Thanis the bonecaller invokes her wicked power. A murder of Crows scatter from their roost as the Earth vomits up it's rotting and putrid contents. Unholy beings claw, scratch, and clamber up out of the ground, lifting her up on their shoulders as they answer their new masters call.
  8. this is excellent. you've taken your work to a new level
  9. with features that tiny the surface tension of the liquid will be too much for it to enter holes that small, they're basically pin-pricks. Maybe try a black spray paint base-layer first? Might not matter though, even without paint the holes in the chain still look black Nicely painted though, the hair looks great
  10. I agree, very cool mini. A Tree Ent gone to the dark side
  11. Thanks for all the positive feedback. There's always that middle ground between the idea in your head and what actually happens on your work-bench. I'm Pretty happy the 2 aren't too far apart. LOL, that's hillarious. My wife said " what's she doing, getting kidnapped?" I said no she's summoning the undead. " Why does she have to do it in her underwear?" This one was an oddball for me. Typically you want your Dioama to be bright and Colorful, but it was too much for an undead scene. It's the first time I've used software to alter a scene but i used A simple glob
  12. most excellent, love the armor and red capes and especially the ghostly banner
  13. This is 03100 Thanis the Bonecaller by Bob Ridolfi. As soon as i saw this sculpt i knew it had to have a larger scene to to complement it. More pieces by Bob and Julie Guthrie round out the setting, including some Bog skeletons and 03479 Murder of Crows which is expanded to create a backdrop. Took 100 pics of this and threw away 95 before getting a few good ones. big thanks to folks on Shutterbug for the help. A cemetery Is normally a place of peace and quiet where the Dead could rest for Millenia, ............. but not tonight. As nightfalls, the ground buckles an
  14. awesome textures and depth of Green
  15. nice detail on the clothes and shading on the skin
  16. great use of metallics, especially the wings
  17. thanks so much for all the replies, I will try all those suggestions soon. The basic "portrait mode" did make a huge difference after i forced the flash off last night, but it deliberately blurs parts of the photo. I'm going to try candle light and sunset mode (ISO 100) next. I've probably taken 100 pictures so far of this silly little thing (and threw away 95 of them) , but they are slowly getting better, thank you
  18. Panasonic DMC-LS80. I don't think kit has any of those adjustments. https://www.panasonic.com/content/dam/Panasonic/support_manual/Digital_Still_Camera/English_02-vqt3-vqt9_other/DMC-LS80%20Operating%20Instructions.pdf
  19. color pallete is spot-on, absolutely love that skin tone, couldn't be any more appropriate for a Necro. What color is that if you don't mind me asking?
  20. very nicely painted, these 4 are my favorites, but the Harp really stands out. I think it's the best Harpy I've ever seen
  21. thanks, really happy with how that turned out Camera- inexpensive Panasonic point and shoot. I don't think it has F-stop , shutter or a light meter but i will check tonight. I tried a smart phone but it was not any better and harder to use /hold-steady. Played with this one last night, I did find out that by backing away the artificial light from the object by 16 inches and shoving it all the way into the blacked out photo box the glare was almost completely eliminated, probably 75% better. Does require image cropping but that's ok
  22. any suggestions on keeping white parts of an image from getting blown out? I'm to the point now of hating painting White things ( or even off white like bone), because i know it will photograph so badly. I have 2 photos, both use indirect light, the better one with natural light coming from the front on an overcast day . you can see the tops of the skeleton heads/faces washed out and the other, an artificial " pure white" light with a scrim to further soften it. Here the problem is much worse and depth of field/focus goes to heck too any advice greatly
  23. i hope to tackle something like this one day, it's 5X more ambitious than anything i've tried so far. You're scene looks totally organic, nothing out of place, killer conversion on the gnome, really well executed . Hopefully nice glass display case waiting for it🙂
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