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  1. I was just at the mall, they have a Muppet Monoply game now. Animal is one of the game peices you can play as. Not sure how good the quaility is thou. What I want to see: Trogdor the Burninator. :cool:
  2. So I pick up 2 boxes of 16 and could get ALL the commons in the set? ??? Sounds like great distribution. I thought the starters are 16 figs and boosters are 8 to a pack?
  3. I just found this, but no Trogdor. whats up with that? http://store.yahoo.com/homestarrunner/horufi.html
  4. Well here's some more links: From IronWind Metals (Formally Ral Partha) Pack Animals From my friends at Dragglestown: Multiple Horses, Mule, Horse, Camel, Multiple Mules, Multiple Camels. Hope this helps... Yes, the Squirrel is cute :) Harliquinn Thanks for the links, but I don't have a credit card and can't order online :(
  5. I've said beore and i will say again: pack horses, pack mules, ect.
  6. Trogdor will rule the world. i want a Reaper Trogdor mini.
  7. Reaper should make a dragon that will truly strike fear in the hearts of players, Trogdor the burninator. See my other thread.
  8. I'm starting this thread for people to sign in support of Reaper doing a " Trogdor the burninator" mini. For those of you you that do not know Trogdor, got to http://www.homestarrunner.com/sbemail.html scroll down the list and click on the dragon entry. KenM is the first person to sign the petition.
  9. I want some pack animals, mules and horses.
  10. you have to rember also these are the promo shots of the figs, I don't think the real figs you get out of the box will have that good paint jobs. Mage Knight was same way, looked good in a pic but paint was really bad.
  11. OK, if they discolor the minis, will the paint still be normal cor? it just discolors them, does not weaken them?
  12. What do you mean, "simple green?" I've never striped primer before.
  13. OK, what is the best way to strip primer? These are lead minis, not pewter.
  14. I'm trying to finish painting all my old figs befor I buy new ones. Some of my old figs have black primer, but I have since used white primer, the fig looks better. Can I just spray white primer over the black and it still have the same look?
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