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  1. Only 48 hours left to unlock the final stretch goals! Christian Af Bjärgö has been busy pushing putty and has completed the two kobolds which are now ready for moulding and casting. . There is also some news regarding the add ons. The sorcerer Panpholos has been unlocked and the bastard sword for Randolf is very close to being unlocked! Panpholos is a unlocked add on now!
  2. This version will not appear in any of my following kickstarters, I'm already working on the "standard" version of her with a wood staff instead the hammer or a multi component with both (staff and hammer). haven't decided yet :).
  3. Project is going on, passed the first Stretch Goal :) Here's the Kickstarter Exclusive miniature, Vissia Dothiel, the Rune Vestal, included in the "Ecstasy of Coins" pledges Vissia can be purchased individually as well choosing the €1 Pledge (A Fistful of Coins) and adding needed funds.
  4. Thank you, much appreciated. I hope to post painting versions of them soon, once I have the first pre-series minis here.
  5. First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Alessio Cisbani, and I'm an Italian miniature sculptor and painter. With this project I want to create a series of metal miniatures inspired by the classic ones of the 90s that I collected and painted. These miniatures will fit with your favourite wargames and can be cool PC or NPC for your pen&paper roleplaying games. The path this project will take is like the exploration of a dungeon: as our heroes delve deeper, they will face menacing creatures like Gargoyles or treacherous cultists and enchanters, but they may also find unexpected allies... Moreover Randolf the Ogre (see below) could find bits of armor, and weapons of his size! My project is live and yet funded in few hours, I would be glad if you can take a look. Here's the link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wolfbaneart/the-short-the-shortest-and-the-bulky
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